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  1. For me the 8, 9, and10 th days are like was getting a snow day years ago. I positively gloat in happiness! Still have to get off the 11 th day though
  2. Rented a scooter for my Mom on a Disney cruise and it was simply too big for ship corridors- This was years ago. She wasn't able to use it at all and it remained parked after the first night. Then I found her a used Travel scoot. It is much smaller. It can come apart in pieces to make it easy to carry. It can be used in a non HA cabin. It has been on several cruises and many WDW/ Universal/museum visits since. It may be sailing this January ! http://mytravelscoot.blogspot.com/2010/03/getting-on-carnival-ecstasy.html was where I learned about the Travel Scoot.
  3. I took a Carnival cruise and was happily surprised by it. It was out of NYC and went up to Canda. It was mostly 3 generation families cruising together. Table linens not as nice. Relaxed atmosphere but not party hard. Loved the music as it was mostly 60s! So cruise atmosphere depends a lot on what type of passengers that itinerary attracts. Too few HA cabins!
  4. When cruising restarts- I will absolutely go as long as I and travel party have had vaccine. Looking to book cruises next January and March. My mother has had both shots, I have had both Moderna shots, Husband has had one Moderna shot, daughter is waiting for her appointments.
  5. Husband and I booked March 2020 Anniversary cruise on Princess, which was Covid cancelled. We each got a FCC. I am booking a March 2022 cruise on Princess, using our FCC. But Husband not sure he is willing to ever cruise again. He was a reluctant cruiser even before Covid. What happens if he doesn't board?
  6. Never Again: HAL Did an Alaskan cruise with them. Room smelled horrible, then even worse after they treated it. Spent the first night on a couch in the library. Food wasn't to our taste, not even the updining restaurant. Always: Celebrity, Princess, Royal, Carnival, Norwegian, Disney (but only with a deal ) Try: any other line
  7. My Mom rented a scooter ~15 years ago and it was simply too large for her to maneuver on a cruise ship. She had only ever used a scooter in the Theme parks. I found a used Travel scoot for sale and she has used that for many cruise and Theme parks. It can go on Tenders, on Tour buses, (they store underneath), in taxis trunks, back seat if necessary. She can fit it in a non HA cabin pretty easily which is why I bought it for her.
  8. Wasn't Celebrity supposed to be the line for people who really enjoyed good food and wine? That was supposed to be its distinguishing characteristic. Sympathies to the poster. The food went downhill from our first celebrity cruise to our second a year later.Oh well! The entertainment/activities went down as well.Oh well! Will still cruise as it works so well for traveling with a young daughter and an elderly Mom.
  9. For when you are home again: I fractured my Fibula at the right ankle on Columbus Day. A knee scooter ordered from Amazon has been invaluable. I was too tippy on crutches. The knee scooter is foldable so can go in backseat or trunk when I take an Uber to work and home again, as I can't drive. https://www.amazon.com/NEW-KneeRover-Knee-Walker-Alternative/dp/B0743L5HW2/ref=sr_1_14?keywords=deluxe+knee+rover&qid=1574509994&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&sr=8-14
  10. Considering this Hawaii route for future cruising. Thanks for posting
  11. Hoping to do an ABC Islands cruise January 2021 Celebrity Constellation out of Tampa. So Thanks for posting your trip!
  12. Thank you for posting. Considering doing an ABC (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) cruise on the Connie next January out of Tampa and have only been on Silhouette & Equinox so wondered how older ship bearing up. Sounds Good!
  13. Fifteen years ago we rented a scooter for a cruise and it was so large and my mom was so not used piloting a scooter in a tight space that the rented scooter ended up parked for the whole week of cruise. Her previous scooter experience had been limited to renting and using at theme parks. I heartily second the recommendation to practice with a scooter before using on a cruise ship. With age she has added a Travel Scoot, a Rollator and a cane with a folding chair and she uses what she needs each day with wheelchair assist to board and debark.
  14. https://www.princesapr.com/ We ate here last February and enjoyed it It is a stop on some Food Tours https://sanjuanfoodtours.com/old-san-juan-food-tour/ We also visited "Senor Paleta" - artisan popsicles!
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