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  1. Maybe they can add a little Yacht Club with the dry-dock. I know... that is probably wishful thinking!
  2. I respect your opinion. I am trying to help others (who may be nervous about their upcoming cruises) by letting them know that not everyone agrees with the negative (or mediocre) reviews of the YC restaurant. Also, the YC restaurant does indeed compare with many fine dining restaurants in my opinion.
  3. I consider myself a "foodie" and really enjoy fine dining. My experience in the YC restaurants (both on Divina twice and Seaside twice) have been excellent. The food in these restaurants has been the highlight of my cruise for the last 4 cruises. As I have said before in an earlier post, if you are looking for traditional American food, you will be disappointed. If you enjoy fresh, homemade pastas, risottos, seafood dishes, etc. then you are in for a real treat. I have had some of the best pasta dishes ever (and I come from an Italian area and an Italian family) on MSC. The sauces they prepare are often times very unique (excellent pestos, squid ink sauce, etc.). Now, if you are someone that looked at "squid ink" and said "GROSS" then MSC might not be the right fit for you. However, in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, these dishes and ingredients are common. Desserts on MSC are also excellent. I have been on all of the major cruise lines and I believe MSC has not only the best gelato at sea, but the best homemade pastries and desserts. Is MSC perfect? No. But no cruise line is. We have had slow dinners in the YC restaurant (slower than 2.5 hours) which is too slow. We have also had 1 or 2 bad dishes that we had to send back. However, on the whole (after 60+ cruises) I can honestly say I look forward to the food on MSC more than any other cruise line.
  4. Love the food on MSC. The fresh pastas and fish dishes cannot be beat. Also, the desserts are a step above other cruise lines. If you are looking for American food (big steaks, chops, etc.), then definitely not the cruise line for you. If you want to immerse yourself in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, then you will be in heaven.
  5. Just curious, any idea where the Virtuosa would be going?
  6. I have several friends who just got off of the same sailing. They have cruised in the YC several times before. They said the food in the YC restaurant was the best they have had to date. The mentioned numerous menu improvements including better quality ingredients. They also mentioned there was plenty of lobster, shrimp, and other premium items at the YC grill. As always, food is subjective. However, I think it is important to note that not everyone feels the same way about the YC restaurant and the new (more like modified) menus.
  7. I have reviewed the two "new" menus that were posted here, and I recognize many of those dishes from my last YC cruise in December. Therefore, I do not the think the menus are brand new. Perhaps they have just been tweaked a bit? As I said before, I can't imagine they would get completely new menus after they did a complete menu change just 6 months ago.
  8. I'm not sure I understand your point. Blu has been around for 8+ years. And the Luminae menu has barely changed since it debuted in 2015. The YC menus had changed in December right before our cruise, and now again 6 months later. So clearly, MSC changes menus MUCH more than Celebrity.
  9. I'm not sure I understand your point. Blu has been around for 8+ years. And the Luminae menu has barely changed since it debuted in 2015. The YC menus had changed in December right before our cruise, and now again 6 months later. So clearly, MSC changes menus MUCH more than Celebrity.
  10. The food in the YC restaurant in December was very good to excellent. It was actually an improvement from our cruise previous to that one so I felt the quality had increased not decreased. I would find it hard to believe that MSC would make drastic changes to the YC menus both in quality and quantity. YC is one of their most successful offerings and they continue to make investments to grow and expand it (and even build new, smaller ships completely based the concept). I will say that I really do appreciate that MSC is constantly changing the YC menus. We used to cruise Celebrity and dined in Blu and Luminae (aqua class restaurant and suite class restaurant) and they have barely changed those menus in probably 8+ years. We could recite the menu every night just by knowing what day of the cruise it was. That gets incredibly boring and is one of the main reasons we stopped cruising on Celebrity. On MSC, I feel like I am constantly being presented with new dishes to try and while all of them aren't "hits", I do appreciate the variety and the experience of trying new things every night.
  11. Can you please post the menus you saw here so we can see? Thanks!
  12. A bit surprised to hear your feedback about the food in the YC restaurant. Having sailed somewhat recently, I will say that the pastas and fish dishes were absolutely spectacular. If you are a meat eater only, the options were a bit more limited. Looking forward to reading your complete review!
  13. While I don't think MSC is being overly generous, I do think they are being reasonable considering the ship is only scheduled to be in Cuba for 1 day. If the ONLY reason you went on this cruise was to see Cuba, and you didn't care about the other "boring" Caribbean ports then this may not have been the best cruise/itinerary choice available. There were cruises scheduled on other lines that visited multiple Cuban ports. Some 7 day cruises spent almost the entire time in Cuban ports. Now, if I was on one of those cruises and then this happened, I would expect a refund because the cruise was truly a Cuban cruise. In this case, it was a cruise to the Caribbean that included a stop in Cuba. Also, I do not agree that MSC is a "budget cruise line." While they may have low fares in some categories, MSC is a mass market cruise line just like RCL, NCL, Carnival, Costa, etc.
  14. Ships are usually in command of the local pilots while docking and leaving port. I am not saying this excuses any kind of mechanical issues, but the local pilot is always on the bridge during these times and is actually the person in charge.
  15. How sad is it that these suites are ranging from 3K to 6K+ per person for a week, and Celebrity can't manage to provide a decent cut of meat in Luminae? I know it is about profit in the end, but ca'mon.. for the price the steaks in Luminae should all be USDA Prime. If I can get a USDA Prime strip steak at Sams Club for $10 a steak, you can't tell me that Celebrity can't do the same.
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