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  1. I do not believe that Regent or any other US based cruise line will adopt these strict protocols. If there are no advances in treatment by early Fall (personally, I believe there will be), then our best shot for a more "normal" cruise experience will be an accurate, rapid test that will be given before boarding. I have no doubts the cruise lines are working with some top medical technology companies to deliver this product as soon as possible. Once this is in place, you should theoretically be able to relax some of the more strict social distancing measures (mask wearing, for example) on board. Who would want to pay to go on a ship where you had to wear a mask, couldn't go to a spa or the casino, couldn't use a restroom, etc.
  2. Disney does NOT make you sign any kind of a waver. There is a notice at the entrance of Disney Springs, but there is no requirement to sign anything. People seem to forget that just 60 days ago, our lockdowns were JUST beginning. Look how much has changed in just 60 days! Things may feel like they are crawling, but when you look back we are actually moving quite fast. Lots will change between now and August.
  3. Public perception of COVID-19 is rapidly changing and that will ignite demand for travel within the next month to 2 months. Southwest Airlines came out today and said for the first time since the beginning of the Pandemic, new bookings are surpassing cancellations. While I do believe cruise lines will be the last part of the travel industry to recover, I do not think it is as far away as it may seem now. "The new normal" will transition to the "old normal" as we go through the summer and Fall.
  4. As mentioned in the article, Tuesdays are usually a data dump from previous deaths occurring over the weekend. While the media would love to tie this to Florida's re-opening, we all obviously know that opening the state yesterday had nothing to do with deaths from over the weekend. This is why 3 day daily averages are much more reliable figures than only looking at daily death toll numbers.
  5. How come reading is getting so hard for people these days? I said the deaths on MAY 3rd (that is not today, that is not yesterday, that is the day before) were 20. The article you are quoting has the deaths from TODAY. As you may know, today and May 3rd are two different days. As far as obscure site, worldometers.info is not obscure and is one of the main tracking sites for all Coronavirus data. Florida currently is doing about 22,700 tests per 1 million people which beats CA, TX, PA, OH and many others.
  6. You posted an article from over a month ago that says by May 3, 174 Floridians would be dying daily of COVID-19. On May 3, 20 people died. Sorry to let you know, but Florida is not a "hot spot" and as much as the media has predicted it would be, it hasn't become one.
  7. Florida is a hot spot? In which country?
  8. Masks for guests on cruise ships are not practical, in my opinion. I do think when cruises start up again, some people will choose to wear them at certain times and I think that is completely fine. I think it is far more likely that some crew (depending on their job) or perhaps even all crew will be mandated to wear masks. I am not against this idea, but I do think it would serve as a constant reminder to guests about the virus. Since people usually go on vacation to relax and not worry about things like that, it might make it a bit unnerving to see all crew members wearing masks all day. Can you imagine the captain strolling the ship and greeting guests wearing a surgical mask? I, for one, would rather just see COVID-19 testing/screening at embarkation in exchange for a more "normal" cruising experience.
  9. Not quite sure where it says anything about being tested there. Also, those quarantines are not enforced so they might as well be useless. Once again, there is no logic to the CDC requirements. The CDC needs a major overhaul and they need to follow science and not their own biases. When air travel has to follow the same CDC guidelines as cruise ship travel then maybe I will have some faith in their policies. I see no reason why we cant just these crew members a test before they disembark. If they are negative, allow them to go home. Why is this so complicated?
  10. Meanwhile someone from NYC (the hottest of hot zones in the world right now) can hop on a flight and travel to Florida, with no test needed. Give me a break, CDC. Once again, they are showing their ignorance and bias.
  11. International travel is a tough one... first we need to get domestic travel to resume. I would say international travel (from certain countries) may start picking up by the end of the summer (Aug or Sept.).. but that is just my guess.
  12. Thank you for your response. You can easily google recent serology testing information in New York State, Santa Clara, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and Boston, MA. There is plenty of information about how each of these tests were conducted along with the margins of error involved. Governor Cuomo released data on Saturday that suggests about 20% of people living in NYC have had COVID-19. As far as "we are getting indications that there are serious morbidity issues, even for the young", that is simply not what the data says. While there have been deaths in every age group, the vast majority of deaths are those with underlying health conditions and those who are over the age of 60. If you take a look at the morbidity data from any country, including Italy, the US, China, etc. you will find the same results. This virus is not changing who it kills. Viruses just don't decide one day that they are going to act differently. With that said, it is true that everyone can be affected from this virus, including the young. This is why everyone should continue to take necessary precautions.
  13. Many tests are not reliable, but the FDA approved ones are reliable. All current studies have included a margin of error based on independent review of testing. Basically, they test a whole bunch of blood samples from before the COVID-19 outbreak and then see how many false positives there are. In the recent CA study, out of about 400 samples, there were 2 false positives. They they use that as their margin of error rate. Testing a population only gives you the number of current cases. That isn't really that useful since you have no idea how many people have had it in the past. Knowing how many people have had it is good for 2 reasons: you know how much of your population may have antibodies and you also get a better idea of the fatality rate.
  14. All of these reports of tourism not returning for 12 to 18 months are getting ridiculous. As always, we humans will adapt to the new circumstances we find ourselves in. COVID-19 isn't going anywhere for a while (probably for years). Even if there is a vaccine, not everyone on the planet will take it. As time goes on, we will learn how to better treat people with severe cases and the case mortality rate for this will drop. We may need to keep older/high-risk populations protected until they can be given a vaccine. As better serology testing data is released, we will also understand just how many people around the world have already had it (many people not even knowing they had it in the past). Initial indications point to many more cases (at least 10 and up to 50 times more) than have been reported. The point is, things will change and science and technology will offer us solutions in the coming months.
  15. Nothing on the horizon, medically speaking, in the next 8 to 12 months? This is perhaps the most ill-advised opinion I have seen on here recently. There are over 70 clinical trials currently going on with many new therapies being developed. Every day, science comes closer to learning how to successfully treat this virus. By the summer, we will have results from many clinical studies from researchers around the planet. This will become treatable in the near future. Even by late Fall, vaccines may start to be available for health care workers.
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