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  1. NCL has already said they were positioned to go 18 months with no sailing.
  2. Their plan looks a lot less invasive than what Costa put out yesterday. It does talk about their hope for rapid Covid-19 testing at the pier. I have said from the beginning that that would be a way the cruise industry could get up and running sooner. In my opinion, if you get that in place, you may be able to relax some of the social distancing policies. It does seem like masks may be required from what they have put out.
  3. I disagree with that. They assume these losses and they are all capable of surviving into early 2021 with no cruise revenue.
  4. This was expected, obviously. A cruise company that can't operate cruises is definitely not going to have a good quarter!
  5. The CDC has had a bone to pick with the cruise industry for a long time. They seem to be singling out the industry (as the article mentions). There has to be some reason for the friction, as it seems there is just a bad working relationship between the industry and the CDC. I really hope that the administration steps in at some point and encourages the CDC to work with the industry. My major fear is that when the CDC is ready to work with cruise lines, the guidelines they will implement will be so far reaching and extreme that the cruise lines won't even be able to operate feasibly. As we
  6. Why is there an outrage when the F word is mentioned? The flu is our best comparison because it is a contagious virus that causes between 30,000 and 80,000 deaths in the US each year depending on the season. As I mentioned, the flu has a higher fatality rate for children and young adults while COVID-19 has a higher fatality rate for the elderly. I am not sure how stating these facts translates to an "I don't care" attitude. You can care about COVID-19 while also not panicking about it. If you choose to do the later, that is of course completely up to you. As far as other viru
  7. Funny you mention children. Children have a better chance of getting struck my lightening than dying of Covid-19. The flu is far more deadly to Children than Covid-19. See, we have an issue understanding risk. There are risks in many of the things we do every day and we do not even think about them. We accept the risks of getting the flu. Why? Because we have been conditioned to do so. For some portions of our population, Covid-19 is far more deadly than the flu. Those portions of the population need to weigh their individual risk and decide if they want to participate in society at th
  8. There are no major setbacks. The panicking and fear mongering has to stop. Death toll continues to slow. The virus is highly contagious and thankfully it is usually mild. Everyone just needs to take a deep breath. The sky is NOT falling.
  9. The interesting thing is in some European countries, masks are not being worn at all. So if anything I would have thought the requirements for masks, at least, would be less strict in Europe than in the US. I think the CDC is going to be quite tight with restrictions when cruising resumes.
  10. Agreed. It is really sad to see this. I would think that other Carnival Corp. brands will be implementing similar procedures. I find it hard to believe that different brands would have drastically different protocols. The most surprising aspects to me are the mandatory face masks in public places, not being able to go to a bar to get a drink, not being able to dance(!!!!), and not being able to go to a casual all-you-care-to-eat restaurant (even if it is served to guests by crew). I can't imagine a vacation with these restrictions would appeal to a broad demographic. Honestly, it is pret
  11. Not interested in wearing a mask on-board the ship. I guess I'll be waiting...
  12. If this is the future of cruising.. I am going to have to re-think my favorite vacation choice. 😞 http://www.sailcosta.com/8115_Safety/8115.03_FAQs.pdf
  13. People are assessing their own risks and acting accordingly. Socially distancing and wearing masks are not sustainable for long periods of time (more than a few months). From what I am seeing, people are ready to go back to enjoying their lives.
  14. That list is kind of turning out to be accurate... at least for the moment. The first two ships on that list have dates in Sept. that have now been canceled. But the reason for that seems due to the fact they are both Canada itineraries (on Encore and Insignia). It looks like now Sky will be the first ship to start on October 5th. It will be interesting to see how it plays out...
  15. Well since no one knows if this list is 100% true, you may still want to take it with a grain of salt. It is still possible that things start moving quicker than anticipated for the cruise lines as we move through the summer and perhaps some ships could come back on-line faster. Or of course, it could go the other way too. So many unknowns right now. I would say that list is probably accurate, as it stood whenever it was created.
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