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  1. Another fine example of someone being promoted to their level of incompetence!!!!!
  2. ✋ (except for that March Madness madness)
  3. In my personal opinion and my personal opinion only Dine My Way is an even worse idea than adding the extra cabins and butchering they did to the Island Princess!!! Princess should cut their losses while they can and go with Steelers36 idea on how to use it. Technology and it's integration into our everyday lives can and does work on many levels, but currently and with whomever is the driving force or "tech expert" for it Dine My Way is so not fitting the bill. Again, just my personal opinion.
  4. Don't know if they are or not but be leery of the message maybe and don't provide any information to them; just wait and see if a package shows up. Maybe you could call FedEx yourself with a number you look up, not one provided in any type of message supposedly from them, and see if they have any info on a package for you. Fake FedEx "we have a package for you" messages are one way scammers get your info so I am always very leery of those types of messages.
  5. Limoncello and Gin Cocktail - Recipe below in case they don't know how to make it. Can be made without the fresh Thyme. Refreshing and oh so yummy!! 2 sprigs fresh thyme 50 ml Gin of choice (I prefer Tanqueray but that's me) 25 ml Limoncello Half lime (freshly squeezed lime juice to taste) tonic ice cubes INSTRUCTIONS - In a high ball glass lightly crush the sprigs the thyme in your hand and add to the glass. Top up with ice cubes. Add the Gin and Limoncello along with a fresh squeeze of lime to taste. Stir together. Top up with the tonic. Garnish with a lemon wedge and sprig of thyme and serve.
  6. While DH and I did not do this exact tour with Princess we did do the Europe's Imperial Treasures that covered Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin and ended with picking up a cruise in Copenhagen. At the time DH was 74 and I was 63 to give you context regarding ages on the tour - we were not the oldest nor were we the youngest. The positives: hotels were all four star by US standards (Intercontinental and similar), luggage was loaded and off-loaded from bus for you and delivered to and from hotel room, breakfast (generally buffet style but huge selection and very good) and most dinners were included, tour guides all spoke excellent English and were incredibly knowledgeable about not only each city we visited and each attraction but also each country in general. We were fortunate to have two buses and two guides for 50 people so everyone was very comfortable and there was lots of room and no fighting over who had the better seats which can often happen on bus tours. There were extra tours offered for additional cost as well as extra dinners which if you take advantage of them does cut down on the amount of free time you would have to explore on your own. The negatives: It was an awful lot of on and off the bus as well as a fair amount of driving time between the various countries but that may not be the case for your tour if you are staying in just Italy. Also, for my DH and one or two other members of the group it was a bit too much walking on very uneven, cobblestoned streets and they found it very difficult to keep up with the group. However, our guides were terrific and when DH and the other two members simply could not go any further the guides arranged accommodations for them to wait for us or to return to the bus. It is early starts every day - luggage outside the hotel room door NLT 0700 and everyone on the bus NLT 0800 which means up, showered, and down for breakfast by 0600 or so. The coffee and espresso in Europe is excellent though so that really helped!! It is quite a structured and time intensive tour which is not normally something DH and I like, however, that being said it is still something we would possibly consider doing again. Hope this information about our experience helps.
  7. If that is the case, then why of why do I have to go thru the torture of this frigging app???
  8. If you have the drinks package can you only order your drinks thru the app on your phone or is it that you chose to do it that way?
  9. So looking forward to following along and cruising vicariously through you.
  10. Apologizing in advance for not reading thru the previous 23 pages of this thread or the numerous pages on the other thread(s) on this topic and also if this question has been asked but is there one central place I can go to that has a User Guide for the Medallion App or is there a Medallion App For Dummies out there somewhere I can download? We aren't booked to cruise until 1/2022 but it seems inevitable that we are going to have to have and use the Medallion App and whilst I have downloaded it to my phone I freely admit I find it a tad confusing and mostly intimidating at this point and would just like to have something I could read that explains the damn thing and talks me through the steps of what needs doing with it. Thanks
  11. Like I said, it was just a general sense I got when I was searching for cabins and comparing pricing between the two fare schemes. I looked at a specific cabin under the Plus pricing and then backed out and tried looking at the same cabin under the Saver pricing and on several occasions the exact same cabin was not available under the Saver pricing within minutes of searching but was still available under the Plus pricing. Didn't happen every time, just enough that it makes me a bit suspicious. Of course, that is my nature as a general rule so I am probably reading more into it than there is. No harm, no foul.
  12. Must admit since they started offering it we have chosen Plus over the Saver even though we were elite and rcvd the "free" internet minutes. Plus still ended up being a better, or at least equal, deal cost wise when I did the math and compared bar/wine bills; coffee card costs; and gratuities from previous cruises of same duration to plus pricing. Also, I personally think under the Plus pricing you have a different and possibly better selection of cabin locations than under the Saver pricing. No specific study done just a general sense when looking at cabins under both offerings.
  13. Thank you to all who replied, I've figured it out. Turns out you have to actually sign up/create an account on the app in order for it to work; just downloading the dang thing doesn't miraculously give you access to it. Once you sign up/create an account with the app you can use the same e-mail/user id login info and password as when you log in on the computer to the Princess site. Duh!! I really hate that the smarter technology gets the stupider I seem to feel 😠. I eventually get it but boy the learning curve is painful sometimes. Again, thanks.
  14. Do I have to use different log in credentials for the app than I would use to access my Princess account on my computer? I tried logging in on the app with the same user information and password I use on the computer and it didn't work so I'm guessing maybe I do but I'm not sure. I can log in to the app using a booking number but would prefer to log in with user information and password as often have more than one booking on record at a time. Thanks for any assistance.
  15. Not really bothered about the discontinuing of the pins, never wore ours anyway. I will miss the stamps though as I have one from every cruise we have been on with Princess; 32 so far, and I did enjoy collecting them and annotating the dates of travel and who the Captain was when I put them in the passport book. Had to write the Cpt's name in as you couldn't always read their signatures on the stamps 🙂 Oh well, life goes on and nothing ever stays the same.
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