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  1. Sometimes you can have the partition opened, usually they won't. I like to have breakfast at a normal height table, have a couple of reclining chairs with foot stools, and a cover overhead providing shade on sea days when we spend most of our time on the balcony. That's why we spend the extra money on a Neptune.
  2. We did it last year and opted for the Premier seats. The seats were convenient to the entrance, you didn't climb hundreds of steps up, performers usually exited the area right underneath your seat, you had a great view of the other end of the castle ramparts (https://www.edintattoo.co.uk/the-venue), and it was well worth the additional cost. Purchasing the HAL package was also worth it for the transportation convenience. Buses dropped us off near the main entrance and picked us up about three blocks away at the end. Only issue for us was a torrential downpour at the very end of the tattoo, ev
  3. We were on the first NS Christmas cruise, had to book a NS guarantee, and ended up in 10006. Never again. No balcony space was the HUGE drawback. There were two chairs and a small table which left little space to even stand at the railing. Nice to have a front facing window, and the room was big enough to hold a yoga class. Other plus was being close to The Retreat. Glad we had booked a cabana as that was the only deck space we had.
  4. On March 31, we cancelled two cruises booked for 2021, one had a cabana reservation already paid for. Received refunds for the cabana and the deposits (booked on a $1 deposit promo so a grand total of $4) dated June 4 and posted to the credit cards on June 7.
  5. Did you look at the website that has "HAL" and the word "Facts" run together .com? Several photos there of aft wrap S Neptunes which show the chaise which appears to be a twin size bed. Not sure it would unfold or is just made up as a bed. Seems to me that the Signature Suites on the Pinnacle class have a murphy bed in a space between the main bed area and the bathroom with a wall separating the main area from the murphy bed. That would give some privacy, but is not a Neptune suite. Or just google the ship name and aft neptune which should suggest some picture sites.
  6. Just what I was going to write, fatcat04. I was able to cancel three cruises last week using the chat feature on the website--but I had booked directly with HAL, not through the big box store or a TA.
  7. This was a year ago, but I could purchase FCDs on-board for immediate family members when I was making a future cruise booking for ourselves plus them in a separate cabin.
  8. Can't hurt to call but don't expect to be given an exception to the rule.
  9. Clarifying my response above: Only the premium plan is available to purchase before boarding with about a 20% discount and paid for by credit card, not on-board credit.
  10. Can only buy the premium plan before the cruise and paid for by credit card, not on-board credit.
  11. I generally try to book the Neptune under the Canaletto--usually very quiet.
  12. Yes, whenever we have promo SBP package, we always max out on the bonus days.
  13. We have that promotion, and the 10% off select shore excursions shows up on the various shore excursion pages associated with your booking. Log in, go to already booked, manage your booking, select your booking if you have more than one booking, and shore excursions to see which shore excursions are 10% off and what the new price is. It will be printed in orange.
  14. This is the one we have used--https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TQEX8BO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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