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  1. We did the tech savvy thing with a mobile hotspot last month and it worked great--except it had a limited range so was really only useful by two people in close proximity, but that was fine for us sitting in the cabin/cabana. About $25 for the hotspot and $15 for a case. We have it now connected in our house as a signal booster. TP-Link N300 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router - WiFi Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, Mobile in Pocket(TL-WR802N)
  2. They give "assigned times" but almost all of our cruises debarks have started early and called the colors earlier than the assigned times. I believe the issue is that colors are called as luggage is staged in the customs area. Go early and your luggage might not be there. Go later and it is really, really easy to find your lonely suitcases in their color area.
  3. Another example of inconsistencies between ships. It worked on the Rotterdam last month for us. The prepaid gratuities showed up on the final statement as "Hotel Service Charge Day xx" with matching debit and credit. The donation of excess non-refundable OBC to the gratuities pool was entered on the final statement as "Hotel Service Charge--GRA1-SU".
  4. Since no one else has observed paper laundry bags on a regular basis, are you sure the person on the roll call has the correct information? Perhaps they are remembering a different cruise line?
  5. Yes, it was the form to remove HSC but the box to remove existing HSC was not checked and the night auditors figured out how much non-refundable was and included it as a deduction on the final statement. I wrote "Please calculate non-refundable OBC and add it as additional payment to the gratuities pool." And there is no space to indicate exactly who you want to receive the additional gratuity. I always plan to bring extra cash for extra gratuities. If I don't have enough cash, I get a cash advance at the front office and give it to those who provide extra service to us--cabin stewards, concierges, MDR stewards and wine steward.
  6. We also did a Rotterdam to Boston via Iceland and Greenland in 2017. Best cruise ever as it was the almost perfect blend of sea days and port days. Only disappointment was too much ice in Prins Christian Sund so we missed it--but a good excuse to go again!
  7. On the Rotterdam last month, we had a lot of non-refundable OBC from HAL as well as refundable OBC from the big box store. We had promo pre-paid gratuities from HAL and didn't spend all the non-refundable OBC. The last day, I went to the concierge, filled out the form to "remove" gratuities BUT wrote on the form that I wanted to have the remaining non-refundable OBC put into the gratuities pool and have the refundable OBC returned to my credit card. Worked perfectly.
  8. Update--noticed the on-line premium internet package for our 9/2020 14 night cruise is $6 more than the on-board 14 night Surf package. Who knows if the price will go up between now and then, so I went ahead and bought it now. Can always cancel until 3 days before the cruise leaves...
  9. Internet--buy on-board since you don't need premium which is the only one available for pre-purchase. You will want the middle package. Beverage--yes, they will hold your bottle for you. Dining--you save a little by buying the package ahead of time and end up with the ship assigning you the dates and times (which may or may not be changeable) OR you can purchase individual evenings in the various locations on the dates you prefer by buying on-line ahead of time.
  10. I booked two cruises in early May 2019--Alaska 9/20 and Panama Canal 4/21, both with the Early Booking Bonus as well. $1 pp deposit.
  11. I haven't noticed any differences between what promotions are advertised on the website and what promotions are offered on-board other than the Future Cruise Deposit option.
  12. Our flights, even when booked after final payment, have shown up as Holland America on our credit card statement, not FlightEase.
  13. Just used FlightEase to Europe and the charge did not show up as a separate entry on my credit card statement. It was embedded in my final payment to HAL and listed as HAL. (ditto RocketMan reply) Interestingly enough, when I went to my Delta booking after the payment was made and printed a receipt, it showed the cost paid by FlightEase.
  14. Remember, big box store OBC is refundable OBC. Just off the Rotterdam, clothing selection in the shops was pathetic. And the TP-Link router worked great for us. Just had to remember to log in each time we took the phones/ipad out of the room.
  15. Daughters reported only two outlets in an A cabin. Think we had more in a Neptune. Plus a couple of USB ports in lamp bases.
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