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  1. Glad you had a great time! 🙂 And gosh, a Penthouse all to yourself, what a dream that is!
  2. T5LHR

    Book or Wait

    I would book it. My friends who want to come on either the full back to back crossing next year for my birthday, or part of it, have found no availability for the grades they want. I booked a while ago and got the exact accommodation and room number I want. You just never know when things will sell out, and I would not want to be disappointed by not being able to travel how I wish to, just for the sake of possibly saving a couple of hundred dollars. Book it and don't look at the prices again. Just be content with your choice! 🙂
  3. T5LHR

    Thomas Cook

    As someone, and I am sure there are plenty on here, who work in travel/aviation, its another sad blow to the UK travel industry. And, with such a long and stable history, it is sad to see such a company like this having gone under. Very sad day for all of those effected.
  4. I agree... I adore the art collection onboard... This is one of my favourites: It used to be on the forward stair well, about deck 7, possibly between 6 and 7 or 7 and 8... Would go to look at it most days. Not sure if it is still there.
  5. Part of the reason I also book, is that there are no climbing walls, water parks, roller coasters, monorails and all the other stuff which seem to be quite popular on the majority of ships with other lines. I quite like the sedate nature of many of the activities that are on offer, and the relaxed experience of crossing, with the ability to do the odd thing here and there if I want to. I think the big thing to remember is that, Cunard and especially a Transatlantic Crossing is NOT for everyone, and it might be the case that this really is not something that your husband would enjoy, and if that is the case, it might be best to avoid it. Not for the fact that I think there is anything wrong with the line or the ship, quite the opposite, but just for the fact that I have been on trips before that have left me disappointed and really not that keen to ever return to doing it or anything similar. So might be best to give it a wide berth, for want of keeping the peace 🙂 If you do manage to convince him, approach with an open mind as to what is available 🙂
  6. T5LHR

    Flowers Onboard

    This sounds perfect...! Thank you for showing what the single rose looks like... 🙂
  7. I am not a big drinker, at all... But after the World Club drinks reception and then some bubbles in a friends suite, and the 3 Kir Royals I ordered from the sommelier, I had to excuse myself from the dining table... Not my finest hour... 😕 With that OBC, you can order a whole barrel of port? 😉
  8. Which other space would be preferable? Just curious as to where people feel would be a more useful location without taking away another more used venue on the ship?
  9. Wowsers! 😮 That is pretty impressive... 🙂 That would buy me more Champagne afternoon teas than I would know what to do with! 😄
  10. I believe your wife fears may be true... From previous discussions about "transit" passengers in NY, they seem to disembark the ship as usual, as if everyone were getting off (just minus your belongings if you are in "transit") and if you are getting back on, you have to go through the rigmarole of customs and immigration, to then go and sit in a separate sitting area in the terminal to get back on the ship... So, it may be a case of having to entertain yourself for a couple of hours minimum, before your tour begins. Not ideal... But, maybe there is a cafe or something near by, or maybe jump on the water taxi over to Manhattan for a couple of hours then come back for the tour before you have to re-board etc.
  11. It seems very odd, the 19 day thing... Never heard of anything like that before... Sorry to hear of your experience.
  12. As next year is a special sailing for me... And, I love having fresh flowers about the place... I would like to have some in my stateroom onboard. However, as much as I like them, I don't like the onboard cost! Has anyone taken flowers onboard? Easy enough to do? Any challenge to taking them on? Ta muchly. 🙂
  13. I think, as with most things in life... 99% of people are happy, info more so with the food and service they receive onboard... And, as such, get off the ship and get on with their lives having had a great time on their holiday or sailing... But, you always get the 1% who pick fault with everything and think that everything is getting worse and cost cutting is abound, and come on forums like this one and pour their bleeding hearts all over the keyboard about how they perceived something to be lesser than previously experienced, when, in fact, it likely was not, but they feel they need to put some form of negative spin on everything. You were happy previously with the service and food, so, go with the same open mind that it is what you will get when you board ship again, and enjoy your trip. Don't let keyboard warriors cause you worry before you even get on the ship.
  14. I was on a crossing with Celia Imrie a few years ago, and ended up sat next to her in the Golden Lion one evening... Absolutely lovely lady and I had the most wonderful time chatting nonsense with her... Completely not what I was expecting. I knew a little of her, but not a lot, and having met her, when I got home, I watched more of her things and it always brings a smile to my face to see her in something now... 🙂 I have met many a celebrity whilst working onboard aircraft, and its all a bit old hat most of the time, but I am sure there will continue to be one or two who will steal the show!
  15. Coming from airline land... It will be a very similar procedure on arrival in London as it is in New York. Just let the wheelchair assistance person know you are with Cunard, and they will assist with the collection of your luggage, and take you out to the arrivals area, then take you to where you want to be, so that will be with the Cunard representative meeting guests in the arrivals area. They can then coordinate getting you to, and onto your transfer coach. Just double check with the crew on your flight to make sure that your assistance is booked in Heathrow, as although it is booked one end, it is not unheard of that it is not booked the other end. If it is not listed, they can message ahead to London to get it arranged for your arrival. I hope you have a wonderful trip.
  16. T5LHR

    QV in Newcastle

    ABSOLUTELY! When I worked for BA and did NCL shuttles, if I had time to chat to tourists I would tell them all about the Northumberland coast, Seahouses, Holy Island and all the different things about the area, and a lot had no idea of anything outside the city... Although I don't live in the NE, I am still a massive champion for it... 🙂
  17. T5LHR

    QV in Newcastle

    My mum messaged me saying there was a "bloody big ship" in and she thought it looked like a Cunard one... Bless her cottons. I would have loved to have been home visiting to see her arrival! Beamish is certainly worth a trip if anyone ever sails into Newcastle... And, even just the city of Newcastle its self is great to spend some time wandering around the centre. Nice small compact city with some of the most amazing architecture in the UK, Grey Street was labeled, at some point, one of the most architecturally significant streets in the UK by someone for something, or something like that 😄
  18. My gosh! You do like to keep busy! 🙂 I would love to do something like the Southampton to Cape Town voyage, but doubt I would be able to afford it even if I could get the time off! Single occupancy really adds to the price 😕 I think you will like the sheltered balcony state rooms on QM2, the size of the balcony area really adds to the feeling of space, and I used mine a lot, even on the January crossing I did a few years ago. A heck of a lot more than the normal glass balcony I had on another crossing. Felt nice and secluded and, as the name would suggest, sheltered that I felt very happy being out there even when it was blowing a gale. Nice cup of tea and a sit outside in the cool air, perfect! I love walking around the deck of the QM2 at night, after dinner, nothing but black night all around and the sound of the ocean rushing past... Love love love it! Glad you are flying the flag home after the Europe sailing... Although I don't work for them any more, I do still fly them too and from work and collect Avios to redeem for holidays etc... 🙂 Do you work in travel? To get the time to do all these trips? T5 🙂
  19. I have booked anything from 18 months to 3 months before sailing, just depends on the situation and my work schedule. My next crossing I booked 14 months out, and there was limited availability in the cabin grade I wanted, which is sheltered balcony on deck 5. Yes, they appear to sell quickly, however, I have also been upgraded to a balcony twice, so I don't think they always sell as quickly as others, talking about balconies here. However, on my back to back in May, QG is sold out both ways and as a whole voyage already, so there are obviously some crossings where it does happen. I am afraid I am a Mary through and through. Not been on the Victoria or Elizabeth yet. I am not sure I am a cruise sort of person really. I like the feeling of being away from the world on a crossing, and being "cut off" for a week... Don't really like the idea of getting on and off ship etc. but also never really looked at many of the itineraries, so maybe I will find one some day that will appeal... Other than a word cruise that is... 😄 Have you booked balcony for your crossing? Who else have you sailed with?
  20. May 6th 2020... Queens is sold out both ways though, so you will have to slum it in Princess! 😉
  21. Brilliant replies, thank you! Its settled, I will be asking for Cunard gift cards for Christmas and my birthday!
  22. I feel maybe, you have missed the point made in my previous post... No one has any idea of how many people are going to form the cast and crew. This number of 30 has suddenly appeared, and is now being treat as gospel with scare mongering from others that there is going to be mass disruption onboard with people being ordered about and whole sections of the ship out of bounds and cordoned off to allow for filming... For all anyone knows, it could be Jane MacDonald with her camera man and sound guy, and a producer. That would be all... But, sadly, in the age of keyboard warriors, it has to be more dramatic than that with little or no information to go on.
  23. Exactly... For all anyone knows, they could be filming a "behind the scenes" documentary and will be 90% of the time in the galleys, engine room, crew areas that passengers won't even see. Personally, I am hoping it is Jane MacDonald for Ch5! 🙂
  24. I leave autograts on and then tip a few extra people if they do that little bit more than expected 🙂
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