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  1. Sorry, I should have been more clear... I would not expect to get 125% of my original booking as a cash refund, just the amount I originally paid...
  2. I feel this will inevitably lead me to cancel my B2B sailing on May 7th 2021. I re-booked from May 2020 using my 125% credit. My friends who were going to do one way don't want to do it now next year, and I being so close to the proposed end of the "Pause in Operations" does not fill me with hope that it will take place at all, and if it does that it will be a particularly enjoyable experience. Had my friends been onboard it might have been OK, but I imagine there will be social distancing and a lot of changes to the way people interact, and as a solo for 2 weeks, I just don't think it is something I want to spend £4,000 doing. Does anyone know if I am still able to claim a cash refund for the booking? Even though it was booked using FCC from a cancelled booking? T5 🙁
  3. The Cunard rep confirmed what? That the sailings YOU were looking at had gone up in price? Or ALL transatlantic sailings had gone up by a "big" increase.
  4. If it were me... Apart from a few select World Cruise sectors... Southampton - New York - Canada - New York - Southampton. About 3 weeks with just a handful of ports to get off at, and lots of time on the ship. Perfect. Or if I were in the US... New York - Southampton - Fjords - Southampton - New York. Not a fan of hot climates, so going north over south will win out every time. 🙂
  5. I have re-booked for next year and the price was almost the same. I think less than £100 difference, I can't remember now. I have heard rumour of some changes to the service onboard, passenger number capping and other restrictions on types of passengers onboard, and if any of it comes to fruition, I will look to cancel.
  6. I transferred my May 2020 to May 2021, and if there is something that takes my fancy before then and I happen to be able to afford it and off work, then sooner than then if I can.
  7. Very sad to read, but as said, not unexpected... The whole of the leisure and travel sector is in its boots at the moment... Along with BA's proposed 12,000 job losses and massive changes to Ts and Cs, and other airlines either headed for total collapse or similar reductions, its a worrying time for all in the sector.
  8. Noticed the same with pricing... Definitely going up. When I re-booked a week or two ago, the agent said that the ship was getting very full for May 2021 and it took quite a while to find a decent location of cabin in the category I wanted. Pressure of new bookings and changed bookings... I honestly think that cruising and crossings will come back sooner than people seem to think in terms of demand and passenger numbers.
  9. Or just, whomever puts the super reliable and never incorrect information on Wikipedia has just gone along with the popular narrative and put it on there? 🤷‍♂️
  10. Thats perfect, thank you! 🙂 Mine is a sheltered balcony on deck 5, so will be a little more "enclosed"
  11. Fascinating info... Thank you very much! I love learning things like this. Hopefully I will manage to get on the behind the scenes tour on the trip and see some of this. 🙂
  12. Thank you... I thought it would be, but wanted to check... 🙂 Balcony I just booked has one, so hopefully will be nice.
  13. I hope the title makes sense... Looking at the QM2 deck plans, at a few points down the length of the ship, for example between 6294 and 6928, there is a thick white line. Does this indicate a bulkhead location? Or a "block join" during construction? A solid "wall" between balconies etc? I am just curious as to its meaning. Many thanks for any info on that. 🙂
  14. Yes, I did discuss that with him, and did ask about the lady who was my PCS previously. He confirmed that she no longer worked for Cunard, although they were friends outside of work, so would pass on my best wishes for her new venture. I did ask about a new PCS, and himself being just that. However, he did advise me that it is no longer something that they do not offer any longer, and although he would be very happy to deal with me in the future, he can't become anyones "PCS" any longer. But, I have his name, his extension and he said please ask for me any time you need something.
  15. Well... Managed to get through to a lovely chap today who was super helpful and have it all sorted now... Booked on 7th May back to back crossing next year, so very happy. Sadly, no cabins left where I was for this years back to back, so have gone to a different end of the ship on deck 5, but I don't mind the motion of the ocean, so should be fun!
  16. I may try calling tomorrow... I did not want to add to the pressure, however, I would prefer to have my chosen sailing booked again so I at least have something to look forward to. This one in May was for my 40th, so will just have to celebrate 12 months later instead. 🙂
  17. Ok... Thanks. My PCS appears not to work there any more. I got an undeliverable message back from trying to contact her when it all started, and since then not been able to speak with anyone. 😕
  18. No, it does not... You can use it to book more than one sailing. I am not sure about the expiry situation or any remaining credit that is left thought. I know what I want to book, and its slightly less than my original trip, so I will have the extra 25% plus a little more to use on something else at a later date.
  19. Sorry... But how are people re-booking and changing their trips? I have not called Cunard so as not to add pressure to the phone lines... So how are other people doing it? Travel Agents?
  20. I had the email informing me I would get the cancelation invoice, and to ignore the cancelation charges stated. I then got another email WITH the cancelation invoice. What happens next? I am happy taking the FCC... Do I then get another email with a FCC reference number or something?
  21. Yep... Not being allowed in for fuel and provisions by all accounts.
  22. I didn't. I am, sorry was, on the 6th May back to back from Southampton. So, fell into the new round of cancelations. I did email when this all started, asking what my options were in terms of cancelation, for the cash or what level of FCC as there were a few different versions at the time, but never got a reply. This one looks to have been triggered by the new round of Cunard cancelations as it states: " **Important information - Cancellation of your booking** As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, Cunard has made the decision to take the preventative measure of extending the suspension of all voyages an additional month from April 11 up to and including May 15, 2020. This has meant that your upcoming voyage has unfortunately been cancelled. We wanted to make you aware that the cancellation confirmation email you will receive shortly will show that there are cancellation fees that are owed. Please disregard this as no cancellation fees will be incurred."
  23. Already had notice of my cancelation by email this morning. Informing me I will get a further cancelation email and to disregard any cancelation fees on the email to follow as they are not applied.
  24. I don't have anything else booked so its a bit different for me... But, I completely see why your train of thought is what it is. Its hard to try and cram it all in, time is limited.
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