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  1. rhblake

    What is NCL known for?

    As of now, you will never see a slide or rock climbing wall on any Celebrity ship. Therefore no enticement for kids to cruise and very few do. to use some of your own words - "overall you WILL see more kids on NCL" no matter the cruise you take.
  2. rhblake

    What is NCL known for?

    Because of their pool slides and rock climbing walls, NCL has significantly more children on board than Celebrity. Also NCL allows smoking in their casinos and the smoke and smell escapes into other passenger areas.
  3. rhblake

    Denied OBC when using an Open Passage booking

    If your purchase date is correct it means your Open Passage booking is 6 1/2 years old. I have never seen any cruise company go longer than 4 years. Is it possible that it is too old? I hope you get your expected OBC.
  4. rhblake

    Is my Passport Card good enough?

    My concern would be whether Columbia will accept the passport card in lieu of a passport for entry into their country. I would also be concerned that Columbia may not be considered Caribbean but South American. Hope everything works out.
  5. You are aware that the shows aboard ships are copyrighted, which is why they tell you not to record. What you are showing is illegal unless you own the copyright. You might want to remove this video!
  6. rhblake

    What's Your Favorite Drink?

    You may or may not find this on the menu, but the "Chairman of the Board" martini is the best martini ever. Equal portions of Grey Goose Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin and Cointreau. We like it so much we usually custom order on other cruise lines. This is NOT a froo-froo drink with fruit floating in it or a tiny umbrella. The problem is when we tried to make it at home, it was a hundred dollar visit to the liquor store.
  7. rhblake

    What's the longest cruise you've taken?

    My longest HAL cruise was a 29-day transpacific (Japan, South Korea & North Pacific Crossing). However, my longest cruise ever was a 49-day circumnavigation of South America Ft. Lauderdale to San Francisco on Princess.
  8. OP - If you are looking at the Dec 4th sailing of the Emerald to Hawaii the final payment for that cruise is today Sept. 20th.
  9. rhblake

    Not happy with Norwegian Cruise Lines

    If these certificates were only for the Vancouver to Tokyo cruise why didn’t you just book the cruise when you bought the certificates?
  10. rhblake

    Beware future cruise deposits

    Based on today's (7/21/18) exchange rate your FCD which you paid $100 AUS is only worth about $75 USD. That would be good enough reason for Princess to reject it.
  11. My best deal was in 2011. We had booked an ocean-view cabin on the Grand Princess for a 15 day TA from Southampton to Ft Lauderdale. When we arrived at the port we had been upgraded to a window suite.
  12. My best was in 2012. It was a 13 day TA from Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale in a S4 2-Bedroom Family Villa with Balcony (Suite) in the Haven on the Epic for $1,731 pp.
  13. rhblake

    Lanai doors left open

    Are you saying that when people break the rules they deserve no consequences?
  14. rhblake

    NCL EPIC Fail

    Of my 45 cruises Epic has the worst layout I have yet to encounter and I actually had a suite in the Haven. I will never sail her again. However I love the Star.
  15. rhblake

    Non elite passengers

    I would hope the answer is NO. Each time I have been to an elite party or event there is someone outside checking your seapass card to verify that you are elite. That is because once inside everything is free and you must be elite to participate.