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  1. We were on the SKY in Dec 2019. The medallion has no interface, therefore it is nothing but a tracking devise that could only be used to open your cabin door and make purchases. Anything else had to be done with the Princess App on a cell phone or tablet.
  2. Only if the cruise line follows each guest for 10 - 14 days after disembarking the cruise. Otherwise it is just another individual getting the virus. There won't be any way to trace it to the cruise.
  3. Okay, but that still leaves 5 days in which a person can become infected.
  4. Be aware that changes in final payment dates may not change the the day to cancel without penalty.
  5. This requirement: "Passengers should be tested for COVID-19 five days to 24 hours before boarding and share a negative result with the cruise operator." I would have expected that the tests would be the newer tests where the results are available in 15 minutes and be done right in the terminal. Five days before the cruise leaves to much time to get infected.
  6. It is about the amount of time you spend in that indoor space. I going shopping once a week but I am only in the store or an hour or less, then back home. If I go to a restaurant I am there for an hour or so, then back home. In a ship you will eat, sleep, play and lounge together for 168 (24 hours x 7 days) hours. I think it is all about the potential amount exposure time.
  7. rhblake


    Try to explain that to the American seamen who work on ships plying the US coastal waters.
  8. This is an Italian cruise line, available only to Italians, sailing only to Italian ports. My guess is that their protocols and /or information were written in Italian and maybe our English translation, which is what we are discussing, is the problem.
  9. Please be careful. I have read that while final payment dates have moved, your right to cancel without penalty remains at the original final payment date.
  10. Hear are videos of our window suite F307 on the Grand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzHwFRg0abM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_Tu-gcJrd8
  11. How did this post get so far off the original statement of a family being removed from the cruise. I think this post needs to end and if everyone wants to debate face masks vs. shields start a new post.
  12. TeeRick - That is where I found the 900 figure I put in my second response at #22
  13. Upon your return home are you going to have to quarantine for 14 days?
  14. Can you show me a statistic for that number? The numbers I can find show 900 deaths for noro in the USA.
  15. I have not heard of anyone who has died from noro but at least 150,000 have died for covid in the USA alone. HUGE difference.
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