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  1. Here is a link: https://crew-center.com/female-cruise-ship-captains Scroll down to see all nine with pictures
  2. I guess I should have read the letter a little closer. Thanks for the correction.
  3. There are no pool slides, flow riders or climbing walls if that is what they like.
  4. I don't understand. OP's letter indicated that the only cruise that was price protected was the 11/30/21 cruise. Everything else would be at the going rate. Did I miss something?
  5. I think if you read the POA's history, it got an exemption and was considered a US built ship so it could sail exclusively to US ports (Hawaii) without having to go to a foreign port. If that is incorrect, I stand corrected.
  6. There already is a 1,000 passenger US cruise ship - Pride of America sailing around Hawaii. I guess the waiver ends before it starts.
  7. If the test is to be administered or done by a medical professional, how do you prove to the cruise line that person on the other side of your computer screen was a medical professional (doctor, pharmacist or nurse)?
  8. You might try YouTube. In the search area type in Holland America and the name of the ship. Look through listings that comes up to see if there are videos of the particular suites you are interested in.
  9. Take a look at Don's rant about Carnival. Princess is part of the same corporate group. Just be forewarned.
  10. I am transferring my 14 day cruise in Dec 2021 to the same cruise in Dec 2022. To much hassle and to much unknown.
  11. Unless you have health issues, would it not make more sense to get the free vaccinations before November and enjoy your star class suite?
  12. Maybe I running ahead of your review but I have to ask did your daughter get to meet Captain Kate?
  13. While it was 9 years ago we used SPB Tours for Berlin and St. Petersburg. For Berlin they provided a bus form the port into Berlin and where you transfered to your appropriate tour. The 4 of us took a private tour with SPB because one of our group was 92 years old. SPB made sure we saw all the major attractions without making our oldest member tired. If I recall correctly the bus ride into Berlin was only 2 hours.
  14. By all means. YES YES YES Absolutely!
  15. While you may have already sen these, the 2 short videos are from our stay in F307 on the Grand Princess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_Tu-gcJrd8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzHwFRg0abM We had no problem with either smoke or noise.
  16. I have an Android (Samsung) phone. Every time I try to download the Medallion App for our Sept 2022 cruise it say "Something went wrong. Try again." Does anyone know if it is my phone or the app that has the problem?
  17. My guess at the moment is the the cruise lines have not yet provided their port agreements to the CDC for approval.
  18. Who is "they?" Can they governor clarify those definitions on his own or is it the legislature?
  19. What is being discussed is a "LAW" and can only be changed by the legislature or the courts. The governor can not change state law. All of the discussions with the governor will go no where unless the governor gets the legislature to rescind the "LAW." Is the Florida legislature still in session?
  20. That is great news. I understand they are sailing for Ft. Lauderdale. Does anyone know how Celebrity is planning to prove 98% of guests are vaccinated?
  21. I wrote this on another board: I hate to be a stick in the mud BUT the CDC has yet to approve any ship for sailing. Even if the law is passed so they do not need to stop in a foreign port, they still need CDC approval to sail. Am I missing something?
  22. I hate to be a stick in the mud BUT the CDC has yet to approve any ship for sailing. Even if the law is passed so they do not need to stop in a foreign port, they still need CDC approval to sail. Am I missing something?
  23. Does anyone have the answer to this question: Is the ban on asking for proof of vaccination an “executive order” or a “law”? If it is an executive order the governor can simply resend it, problem solved. But if it is a law the legislature will need to amend or repeal it and that might take some time. Is the Florida legislature currently in session to take up such a measure?
  24. Can anyone tell me why CLIA has not stepped in to do the port agreements and provider contracts. Then have each cruise line could sign into the agreements. Centralizing the agreements for all cruise lines seems to make sense.
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