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  1. I use squaremouth.com as it provides, in the plan description, summaries of 1) whether the medical coverage you are purchasing is primary or secondary and 2) the amount of evacuation coverage that is included. No need to go searching for the info.
  2. Assuming it takes 2 towels per animal it also reduces the quantity of towels each ship must keep in inventory and the laundry's time in washing them. My guess is that is about 3000 (2 towels x 1500 cabins) towels per day.
  3. In today's world, most if not all, cruise lines require that you retrieve your own luggage.
  4. You just walk in. But because they are very popular you may need to get there 20 - 30 minutes early if you want a seat. To get the seat I preferred I got there 45 minutes early.
  5. If you have booked with a TA, the TA will most likely get the email notices not you.
  6. I do not know where you live but here in the USA 9 times out of 10 they serve jail time, especially in Florida.
  7. If a parent is careless and leaves a child in a hot car and the child dies that parent will normally be convicted and serve time in jail. I think that it is only equitable that the grandfather should serve jail time for his careless actions.
  8. I think maybe you (1 person) have set your individual expectations to high for a ship which must feed 3300+ passengers, 3 times a day.
  9. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-the-suites-program This link should show you all the suite perks by class of suite
  10. The problem is there is no sandwich station in the buffet so there are no people to make any kind of sandwich for you. If you want a sandwich you must gather the ingredients (no peanut butter is out and available at lunch) and the rolls or baked bread (no regular loaf bread) and take it to your table and make it yourself. This comment pertains to the Sky Princess.
  11. I saw people doing laps early in the morning before the pool filled up.
  12. We were just on the Sky in December and never saw pre-made sandwiches. The only time one could find "regular" slices of bread and peanut butter and jelly was at breakfast. the bread was problematic because it was behind the counter so it could be toasted. You might be able to ask for some plain slices at breakfast but not at lunch. All the breakfast food is put away during lunch service. If your child is a picky eater I'm not sure what you could do. They did serve mac 'n cheese and chicken nuggets at lunch most of the time. They do have some pre-made sandwiches at the International Cafe but they were on rolls or specialty baked breads and were mostly salad type sandwiches (tuna, chicken and egg).
  13. I was on the Sky in December and to the best of my recollection none of the pools has steps, only ladders.
  14. How much more do you want? I think the cruise line has been more than fair already.
  15. I can not answer your question but I would guess that Princess has a policy for people trying to game the system.
  16. Again I am only guessing but I would think that Minimum Connection Time (MCT) is for domestic or Euro zone flights not international.
  17. At this time be careful of purchasing insurance as most companies have 60 or 90 day look-back periods, which prevents people from buying insurance after they know something is wrong.
  18. If you are required to clear customs and /or immigration in Amsterdam I would doubt that you can make a 50 minute connection.
  19. MIT72 - I know you are disappointed but would you prefer that NCL cancel the entire cruise and disappoint 2000+ guests?
  20. I don't where I have been but I have never heard such an announcement, ever. Do they do this on every ship?
  21. I have never heard of this 3 stage process before. Is it announced during the drill and if not when?
  22. My calculation is based on the numbers you provided in your post #129. You said you had 679 GB on board credit and the total price was 4500 GB. My math is correct based on your post #129. I think there is a disconnect between what you are reporting here and what actually happened.
  23. Another way to figure the amount due is: 4500 divided by 14 days = 321.43 per day times 2 lost days = 642.86. I think you indicated you got slightly more than this which is probably the port fees being refunded. I think the cruise line's math is correct.
  24. The total price you paid includes commissions to the TA. The basic fare is what the cruise line gets to keep of the total amount you paid (excluding taxes and fees). You should not expect to get back any portion of the commissions that the cruise line paid to your TA. You should also get refunded the port charges for the ports you missed but then charged for any new port which was substituted.
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