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  1. I’m going to arrive from the airport and head on over, taking a deep breath as I wave to the porters, but ultimately decide to carry my own luggage. We’re going to stop at the bar and grab a glass of bubbly before walking around for a bit to get the lay off the land. Once my room is ready I’ll head there to unpack. We’ll put on on swim suits and hit the pool for a bit, maybe relaxing, maybe swimming, definitely with another glass of bubbly from a passing employee. Once we’re a little golden we’ll head back to the room and see what’s on the menu for dinner. There are so many choices! Dinner decided, we’ll continue to look around at all the things we’ve missed, and we’ll chat up the other folks we pass along the way. Dinner will consist of all my favorite things. Dessert will be a must have. After that we’ll take a walk outside to let our food settle, oohing and aaahing at the scenery surrounding us. It’s getting later, time to gamble! I only bring a set amount of money with me so I don’t break the bank, but I never come home with winnings, ever. 😀 My friends at the next machine cheer when I win and commiserate when I lose. I don’t know them, but it doesn’t matter, we’re all friends here! After gambling in the casino it’s time to see a show! Even if we’ve seen it before, we’ll see it again! We’ll laugh and cheer along with the crowd, letting the buzzing joy permeate our souls. We might gamble a little more on the way back to the room, but we’ll crash out when we get back there, ready to start the next day early! We just know it's going to be awesome, seeing new things, and meeting exotic people from exotic places. Yes! it’s going to be an amazing week when we go back to Vegas, and absolutely no one will get tested for Covid or require proof of vaccination.
  2. This is why the requirement to be vaccinated on a ship is so ridiculous. They had a captive audience, of course the outbreak looked terrible. Let them test and track all the Disney goers, casino players, etc. There is zero reason to test and track only one business. So many hundreds of thousands of people touching ride rails and gaming machines each day, but let’s treat cruises differently because there’s just one way out and we love to flex our governmental might. 😂
  3. I want to believe it, but...I just don't. Apps aren't secure, and I think a lot of times it's willfully not secure and willfully taking information it says it won't take. This happens all the time.
  4. I bet it'll be like the sky dive thing on RCL, free for the first time, then after that something like $10 or $15.
  5. It would be very easy to screenshot a QR code or proof of vaccine text. That's how I check in to my flights all the time, screenshot. You never know what an app is going to do inside an airport as far as working or not, I don't risk actually having to pull it up in real time.
  6. Same for people with fake support animals. We need to check their cards as well. Prison if that vest on your dog isn't legit. 🙂 I'm half joking about this after having a dog at an airport go after one of my kids.
  7. I can't see people actually releasing medical records to a cruise line. I could see them giving a copy of a vaccine card, but a release of medical records....that sounds weird. Hopefully it'll just be a question about whether or not the person sailing has been vaccinated or has had COVID. If you're at risk for COVID and you choose to spend thousands on a trip knowing you could be ejected from the ship if you have COVID, that would be a big deterrent to lie. But then again, vaccines aren't 100%, so for sure there is going to be COVID on ships. I'm very interested to see how this all gets handled in the end. Aren't we all. 🙂
  8. This. When they start locking down Magic Kingdom to PCR test everyone who's touched the stuff in ride queues each day, THEN I can see them PCR testing and requiring all this nonsense for cruises. It's ridiculous.
  9. I knew someone would say this, and yet I do not care. There is never, ever a bad or wrong day to honor heroes. If someone finds it offensive, I think that's their problem.
  10. It's a good day! The UK govt has scrapped its vaccine passport plans. Science is showing that vaccinated antibodies and infection based antibodies can be long lasting (decades or longer), and it all feels like the world is getting back to normal! Happy Memorial Day. Thank every one of you who served for your service (I know it's not the day to thank, but it's just so important) and a greater thanks to those you have loved who have been lost.
  11. Oh sorry, Disney World, not land. 😀
  12. I thought I had read that, good to know!
  13. I went to Disney in September of last year, it was brutal. Hard to breathe, and my lips got so chapped from the humidity that I had blisters on them for a week after getting home, despite copious use of chap stick.
  14. Time to start planning a side trip pre cruise! Universal has updated their mask policy: Face coverings are no longer required for fully vaccinated guests We do not require proof of vaccinations Guests who are not fully vaccinated are still expected to wear face coverings while indoors We encourage all guests to keep a safe distance between travel parties We remain focused on maintaining the highest cleanliness and sanitization standards SeaWorld has done the same, taking on this policy right off the bat. I bet Disney won't be far behind. 🙂
  15. I also can't see shutting down airlines, but man, if you're going to require a vaccine, wouldn't that be the place to start? Seems like if it was really that important then it would have happened in that industry months ago.
  16. There is literally no other thing being treated like the cruise industry. It's ridiculous. Such a gross overreach.
  17. Exactly. I would bet dollars that a vaccinated cruise will have an outbreak (even if it's just a small portion), and it's going to be a PR nightmare.
  18. I really dislike the term anti-vaxxer. Most of these people do in fact believe vaccinations work, have kids who are fully vaccinated, are fully vaccinated themselves, but simply want more time to pass and the trials to be over for this particular vaccine. It's really upsetting to see the level of vitriol aimed at folks who just want what they want out of any vaccine, for it to be out of trials. And, what happens if a vaccinated cruise has an outbreak? Will anyone apologize for the hate? Or will it be like the backlash Texas got when ending the mask mandate, with no apologies months later when our numbers continued to decline. We're not anti-vaxxers. We just want more data, and there's nothing wrong with that.
  19. Ma'am, I need to tell you, your COVID test is pregnant. 🙂
  20. Why would the terminate early? Quarantine people just like they do with Noro. This really isn't uncharted waters (pun intended).
  21. We're agreeing on the outcome, just not the cause. It's something. 🙂
  22. I'm all for vaccines if you want them, but I'm actually really glad someone is standing up for our rights on this. It will creep into other areas, it always does.
  23. I am pretty sure Texas joined the lawsuit against the CDC, so I don't think they are going to let it happen here.
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