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  1. Just off Epic (19th to 26th Sept from Barcelona). Great trip. Italy is only country imposing bubble. Not sure why when EU citizens can travel freely with vaccine pass, why it's different getting off the ship. But anyway, Florence Pisa trip was great, we were allowed walk around freely for 20 mins. Cagliari was a bit more of a bubble. Didn't do Naples. Majorca totally free to wander.
  2. Yes. But you said a PCR test was all you could really do to feel better. I'd imagine most people would consider a negative antigen test sufficient to feel better about another antigen test. Simpler where I am anyway.
  3. Taking an antigen test in advance is what most people would do to feel better about getting a negative (antigen) test at the pier.
  4. Yes, well spoken toddw2u, I will adopt that position!
  5. Really? I stated that you can't even set foot off the ship (even on the pier) for the Italian countries, that there would be a day at sea, and then back at Barcelona. I stated that it was a shame that you CAN'T just step off the ship. Tell me where I did a good job of suggesting I didn't know whether it was my choice to stay at home or to do an excursion! Quite happy on checking at your suggestion that I might not have realised what I was saying, that I did indeed. But thanks for chipping in!
  6. Thanks for that. I had no idea that it was my choice if I stayed at home or went on the cruise. Neither did I realise it was up to me whether to do an excursion, or what attitude I should have. There was me thinking I was being forced to go. Thanks for explaining!
  7. Ahh you're correct of course, but this particular cruise is not with my wife, but with a mate, and will likely be a booze filled cruise, rather than sightseeing. So it's really just that it won't be worth going on an excursion, but would be nice to think you could get off the ship even if just around the pier.
  8. So on Epic, after leaving Barcelona and seeing Majorca, you can't even set foot off the ship (even on the pier) for Sardinia (?), Civitavechia, Naples, or Livorno. Then a day at sea, and back at Barcelona. Awful shame you can't just step off the ship for a few minutes, not particularly interested in excursions as been there before, but stuck on ship as a result. Aggh!
  9. I would be just a tad worried about that - are you sure? Is this UK related, or are you referring to the 72 hour antigen test that ensures you are covered for quarantine costs if you test positive at the pier? It seems unlikely they'd take home tests, it would seem akin to taking your word. Just be sure! I have organised a booking with a local Boots chemist. (Ireland)
  10. Holland America are a bit clearer on their requirements: We strongly encourage guests wear face masks when in public spaces indoors. ALL guests will be required to wear a face mask – with no exceptions – in elevators and in designated indoor entertainment areas, all retail shops, and in the casino except when eating or drinking. Guests will also be required to wear face masks prior to being seated in our main dining rooms and in the buffet area, and occasionally in other designated areas where larger number of guests may congregate. As a reminder, masks are required during embark and debark in the terminal, and masks should also be worn during the debarkation process on board. This currently applies to sailings through December 31, 2021, however, guidance will be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis.
  11. Rather than derail the "just off Epic" thread, which is for another discussion, just wondering what the experiences of people is with regard to NCL and wearing masks onboard - both inside and outdoors. A poster on another thread just off Epic said it was mandated outdoors too. However, NCL's own communications and website state: "Guests will be required to wear masks outdoors when social distancing is not possible." (attached) So, for those of you who have just got off Europe sailings, what was your experience on this? (There's always people ignoring rules, but I am not asking about that. What did NCL actually required people to do?) Norwegian Epic Embarkation Information.pdf
  12. Well there is a balance. You appear to have experienced blatant ignoring of masks indoor rules, wheras others appear to be experiencing forced mask outdoors. Were these different cruises? 🙂
  13. And in the EPIC specific letter emailed to me a few days ago, which quotes Europe specifically as well, it says "Guests will be required to wear masks outdoors when social distancing is not possible." Having said that, the original poster on this thread seemed to suggest it was mandated outdoors. That would seem absolutely crazy. Strongly suggest people print this off (dated 9th September) and have to hand if any enthusiastic NCL personnel tell you to wear a mask while in a corner enjoying the breeze! Norwegian Epic Embarkation Information.pdf
  14. Where are you getting this rule from? Not where I'm from either. If you mean that NCL is applying this rule, rather than it being "an EU rule", it seems to contradict their own documentation on this.
  15. QUOTE: "Mask is mandatory when you go around the ship also outside." I thought that you didn't have to wear a mask outside once you could maintain social distancing?
  16. I don't get the logic of these Italian rules. There is an EU covid passport, so you can fly in and wander around freely, so what is the issue with letting fully vaccinated passengers wander around freely. What is the difference? I seem to recall when another poster posted the Italian rule, it was vaguely worded about having proceses in place to ensure they knew where people were (could be wrong, have to look at it again), but maybe the cruiselines are taking this to too much limit - perhaps mobile numbers would have been sufficient. Again, it doesn't make sense to worry about 100% vaccinated people off a ship and not anyone else.
  17. You're doing this just to know before you fly that you are clear, rather than because you have to get an antigen test done in advance, correct?
  18. I am Platinum with a single occupancy booking coming up. I have a friend coming with their own separate cabin, who is not Plat. Am I right in saying I can bring them to the 2 Plat. meals with me?
  19. Don't know about this sailing, but I can tell you that 19th Sept. EPIC disappeared for all of yesterday and returned today.
  20. Thanks Eileeshb. The problem was that, as in final payment, it required the full amount in one form, and wouldn't allow me do what you said. Even when I rang, NCL couldn't do it. Good news though, after talking to a second agent, they made a call to another dept. and it was agreed to apply the part cruise cert towards the balance, which then reduced and I was able to pay the balance by card. Thanks for all your opinions and assistance.
  21. Thanks guys. This cruise is in 12 days, so the system requires full final payment at this point, and their website does not appear to allow part cert/part card to pay for it. So I was trying to get NCL assistants to apply the cert, then make the final payment afterwards on the website... (@trivimp, yes, it does appear on dropdown but as said, can't be used as it is looking for 100% final payment).
  22. I have a cruisenext voucher that wasn't available to me when I had made a booking. I tried to apply it with an NCL agent today and they said it can only be applied as a deposit, not as a part payment of final payment. Just wondering did anyone ever manage to do this? Or are they always strictly for deposit only? Thanks.
  23. Are there any live bands in the Cavern?
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