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  1. Correct. Traveling without covid coverage will keep many people at home, not just going on a cruise, but many other travel options.
  2. lienf

    MSC OBCs

    Off topic a little, but regarding OBC, can I use it to pay additional tips to butler, servers, etc. in the YC? Neil
  3. Spain including the Canary Islands, Italy, and The U.K. again. Neil
  4. We booked a cruise in Yacht Club a few weeks ago for November next year and my TA was told the deposit was non refundable. It’s $98 for the 2 of us so not the end of the world, but close. 😂 Neil
  5. I certainly hope they will be sailing from Miami in November 2021 when we do our first MSC cruise. Spoiling ourselves YC.
  6. Thanks for your help Pete. Booked deck 16 on the side. Neil
  7. Hi Pete, I’m not sure if you will see this, but if you do can recommend which deck in the YC would be best for a YC1 cabin. We are booked in Nov. 2021 on the Meraviglia and there are cabins available on each of the decks. Our first MSC cruise. Neil
  8. Can you take a drink out of the Diamond lounge?
  9. How is the shade and privacy from above for those cabins?
  10. I’ve been to Fort Lauderdale a number of times and had no idea there were private beaches. Where are they?
  11. Just to confirm. We are sailing on the Solstice in 2021 in Australia and I will probably use Choice Air. With payment now due with final cruise payment, can I book our seats at the time I book the airfare? Will book a refundable fare. Neil
  12. Thanks for the photos. We sail on her April 5th.
  13. You seem to be correct. We are in 1A cabin and our dinner reservations for each night show we are in Blue, based on the app. Neil
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