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  1. Could it be that many of those booking cruises have FCC’s that have an expiration date? For example, booking a cruise a year out from now.
  2. It was a fabulous cruise which we may do again sometime. We spent a few days post cruise in Buenos Aries and loved it. Neil
  3. How well has that been working for them? Neil
  4. We did this cruise in 2018 but I didn’t notice a date on your posting. It seems like the same cruise and it brings back memories. Thanks for posing. Neil
  5. I’ll be following as I did for your MSC cruise which was a great thread. Looking forward to it and thanks for taking the time. This time next year we hope to be on our TA from Rome to Fort Lauderdale after we spend four great days in Rome. Neil
  6. Thanks for the info. Our first cruise is in the YC and we also have a TA who gives us very good extra OBC, so that does sound very civilized. We will be getting off a Celebrity TA next November and then transferring to Miami to hop on the Meraviglia. Only a year away. 🛳😀 Neil
  7. Is there a deposit discount for booking on board and is that booking then transferable to a TA?
  8. We booked a YC suite on the Meraviglia for November next year with a $98 deposit. Apparently it is non refundable because it is YC. I’m confident we will be doing that cruise. Our first on MSC. 👍
  9. We will be using our FCC on a TA in October and the day we arrive in Fort Lauderdale we will transfer to Miami for our 1st MSC Cruise on the Meraviglia. We are spoiling ourselves in the YC.
  10. My FCC from Celebrity has to be used by December 31, 2021.
  11. Thank you Petra for taking us along. We are doing our first MSC cruise in November 2021 on the Meraviglia so I am following various MSC sites, and your posts are very informative. Neil
  12. On the ones we have done from the Mediterranean in October we have had great pool weather on most days, particularly as you get closer to Florida.
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