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  1. We were in H6 on deck 14 and it was totally quiet. Never even knew we had neighbors (our cabin was a connecting room, and we never even heard a door, conversation or anything!) Sure didn't hear the go carts. 14 is good!!
  2. Definitely CAN be upgraded or buy outright from H6 to DOS on the Joy! Son and wife did it for May 18 cruise on Joy. She bid on it but noticed that her bid was higher than the lowered price so she cancelled her bid and called and booked at the lowered price. Watch continually, because if it doesn't sell, they keep lowering the price. It was wonderful!!! They got it for $7,000.00 less than original price.
  3. We had H6 cabins on our 5/18 Joy cruise. After security there was a Haven sign to the embarkation/sign in area and it was definitely separate. There were drinks and cookies and fruit all along a wall. There were about 4 people signing people in and it wasn't crowded at the time we got there; probably 10:30 or so. They had butlers escorting groups as they were checked in and ready! Definitely a separate area. I can't say it was definitely for Haven only or for Haven/concierge rooms.
  4. Someone else will have to chime in on the ports. We had been to Alaska, and somewhat disabled, in that I couldn't walk too long, so we just didn't do much.
  5. Well you get an invitation to bid, as I understand it, and different amounts to bid, and as your budget allows you can bid the extra PP for the cabin. My DIL was watching daily, as was I, for the prices to go down, and they did! I think in her particular case, the price dropped to lower than her bid and she called her TA and rebooked the DOS, paying immediately for the difference. BTW it was about $7,000. less than the original asking price! And what a wonderful time they had and we got to enjoy it with them!
  6. I got it, I got it! 😂. I thought so but wanted to make sure! Our first time in Haven but hopefully not the last!! Thanks!
  7. Our son flew out at 1:30 and had plenty of time.
  8. Yes, we were all Haven....I highly recommend The Haven!!!!!
  9. Actually we did try the Nachos and they were huge as I recall.
  10. We ate complimentary on our first day at the American Diner, burgers were big, juicy and delicious, fries were good too! Excellent service! We were among first on the ship but it seemed very underused the few times I walked by. We would haven eaten there again if it had been complimentary.
  11. Does anyone know definitively if we’re allowed to take the Haven house slippers? I know the comfortable robes are not given but what about the slippers?
  12. We DID spend some time on our balcony, even napped out there. We were primarily with a large family group so spent less time than we would have otherwise. The room is gorgeous, roomy and SO modern and upscale! The balcony is huge. Room for 2 chairs and a table and 2 loungers with the soft Haven covers. I just can't say enough about our room!!! Go for it! I don't know which side would be best, others will chime in!
  13. YES!!!!! My sentiments exactly!!! The only negative is that it doesn't stay hot long, but the servers are so gracious to make us another pot if it does cool down!
  14. Just got off of the comparable to Bliss, Joy! The Haven aft cabins are terrific! The children’s activities kept our grandkids happy and occupied! They didn’t want to leave! The walk is problematic for elders like us, 73 & 77 but younger people would enjoy the exercise! The Haven amenities are worth every penny, IMO.
  15. I’m sorry, I don’t, but I’m sure someone will come by and answer your question.
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