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  1. I am in shock. We received our refund to our credit card today from Costa on our cancelled Costa Pacifica cruise from April. I originally received a FCC. Then I found out we could request a full cash refund which I did in May by completing the form at the bottom of the notice about the FCC. It said we would get notified no sooner than 90 days. Well, that was too long to wait, as far as I was concerned, so at the end of June, I also filed a complaint/dispute with our credit card company and sent all the details. The credit was applied today. I have one more disputed charge for airfare that I proved in writing was paid to the booking agency but never credited to us. However, the bank is asking for more of the same information. I don´t get it. I want the money back, so I will do what is asked, but I am losing patience.
  2. Our cruise on the Costa Pacifica was due to depart April 17th as a piggy back from another cruise (not Costa). We cancelled in March. So happy about that! All we received was an FCC and a small incentive to be used within a year. I don´t think so. Would have preferred the cash. I do not have much confidence that Costa will be around next year. I love cruising and I am one of the ones who hope to sail again one day. A lot has to change before then.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Anne. I hope you enjoyed your cruise.
  4. Question for Anne.. Besides the Gold and Spice souks, what other souks are open in the evening in Dubai? Karama? Deira? I read that Deira is supposed to be the largest night market (is this the right word?), but I can´t confirm that it is open. Thank you. I appreciate all information that you have previously posted. It has been very helpful in planning.
  5. Didn´t plan on it...but happy that we are on this cruise. Chocolate...yum! We´re getting off the Celebrity Constellation the same day and instead of flying home, we are extending our vacation!
  6. Yes, we live in Puerto Vallarta. But, we built a house at Lake Chapala and we spent our first summer there last year. At 5,000 feet elevation, it was very pleasant during the summer. Smart move on our part. I have not been to Mexico City in 50 years.
  7. Thanks for the practical advice. I will keep it in mind when it is time to pack. About 10 years ago, or so, we were walking around the mall in Dubai. The women were covered head to toe with only their eyes showing...but oh, how beautiful were their eyes. Made up like Cleopatra. They had sparkles on thir sleeves and carried designer purses...then they went in to Victoria´s Secret. We got a kick out of that. They also went into the high end jewelry stores and the sales people took them in to the back room and brought out the special jewelry from the vault.
  8. We´ll be in Dubai in early April where I anticipate hot and humid temperatures. How should a woman dress to be mindful of the conservative culture, but comfortable in the heat. Suggestions? P.S. I do know heat and humidity. We live in Mexico. The summers...ugh! Thanks.
  9. I just saw this post. Many thanks for taking the time to reply.
  10. Any problem spending the day at the beach at one of the hotels on Platys Gialos Beach while we are in port for the day? Can we rent a lounger and an umbrella and buy drinks and snacks? Any hotels friendlier than others to cruisers using their property? Your suggestions would be appreciated! Lauri
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