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  1. Yes Del Mar has available vaccine but only Pfizer and I’m stuck with moderna.
  2. I know what you’re going through. Mcrcruiser! My second shot was cancelled two weeks ago due to no moderna available. I’ve been checking all sites 10 times a day at least with no luck. I’m now two weeks late getting it and weary of the tedious process to try and book an appointment. Just a thought for you—Try calling 211 for help. Laurie
  3. Here’s the link https://book.appointment-plus.com/ctbdj1vy/#/ for tri city
  4. For the posters who live in San Diego county, Tri City Hospital in Oceanside is taking appointments for the moderna vaccine. I live in East county and will be driving 45 miles for my appointment and grateful. It was very easy to make appointment. Laurie
  5. So different here in Southern California. I can’t get an appointment for my 97 year old father. Only medical personnel to date.
  6. I have an April 3, 2021 San Diego to Mexico cruise booked. Sure don’t want to be on the first test cruise so thinking I need to cancel. So bummed. Laurie
  7. Ditto. I have April 2021 cruise booked. I will cancel before final payment in January if masks are required. If I can’t breathe the ocean air I don’t want to cruise badly enough I guess. Laurie
  8. Having mostly sailed in inside cabins I will now look at the larger ships with more affordable balconies. I shudder to think of getting quarantined in an inside cabin. Laurie
  9. Just an FYI. I cancelled my July 4th koningsdam Cruise. Even though Canada ports will allegedly open July 1, I’m not convinced they will and I don’t want to be quarantined on a ship. Not thinking Alaska cruises will be running this year. Hoping I’m wrong! Best of luck to all Laurie
  10. True it may fade by June, but I’ll have paid I full by then so in my mind, still iffy
  11. My July 4 Alaska cruise out of Vancouver is looking iffy to me. Wish I knew...
  12. lstrong

    Boots? Shoes?

    I always have two pair of comfy walking shoes in Alaska. They can get soaked in the rain/mud and take days to dry out.
  13. We have a 6am flight out of Vancouver the day after our cruise. What time do we need to be at airport? Thanks
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