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  1. We've been on the Zaandam in april 2019. Well kept ship, we enjoyed her a lot.
  2. I know there is a topic on the medaillon levels and I don't want to go into the discussion wether it's silly or nice, I just want to know the levels. I got the bronze one at 100 days, how many days for silver etc. ? Thanks.
  3. When I was on the Rotterdam last june with my two sons , we had a NS and thus breakfast in the PG. Sheer heaven ! After the first day the Maitre d’ started to get espresso as soon as he saw us coming . Igor, one of the waiters was outstanding . When I came back in august with my wife we had a Vista so no starting the day in the PG but everytime we walked by the PG and either the Maitre d’ or Igor had a moment they would take the time for a chat. They even remembered what my sons ordered everyday. Oh and eventhough the menu is the same as in the MDR, the presentation is different and served much faster.
  4. Maybe it was posted before, but before you buy the SBP isn’t wise to see what you are buying. In other words what drinks are covered. The barmenu is easily found online using your search engine. We’ve had a SBP with the booking a few times and my favorite Pinot Grigio was not covered by it, so I got to try a different one. We wouldn’t normally buy the package as we are not big drinkers, but getting it as a freebee is nice. After all , you’re on holiday , so relax and don’t get so worked up about everything. Agewise we are at the lower rungs of the HAL clientele ladder , but we do enjoy meeting elderly people , with or without canes or strollers , and enjoy picking up some life lessons along the way.
  5. Let's just hope " Seattle" reads this post as well.... I would also suggest writing directly to HAL with concerns, the questionnaire after the cruise seems to serve only statistical purposes. If Mr. Ashford is receiving s(t)acks of (e)mail everyday with lots of concerns from passengers , he would at least know that a lot of people are not too happy with the direction he is taking. Maybe a cc. or copy Mr. Arnold of CCL would help too 😉
  6. A question, if you cancel before final payment, is the deposit paid at booking returned ? So far all 18 bookings with HAL were a "go" , but right now I'm looking at one in 2020 which we would like to do but we're not sure about the vacation schedule at work yet. But the perks on this booking are rather attractive.....
  7. Was the plane player by any chance, Hyperion Knight ? He was on our team on a Norway cruise in 2016. Especially having him on the team with Music Trivia was not exactly fair to the other teams 😉
  8. I didn't go thru the whole post , but Holland Amerika Lijn was founded in Rotterdam on april 18 1873 ( Not 1853) as Nederlandsch-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart Maatschappij ( NASM). From 1896 onwards Holland Amerika Lijn was added to the name because non-Dutch speakers had a hard time pronouncing the original name. The original colors were green-white-green( being the colors of Rotterdam) in horizontal bands with the name NASM in black letters on the white. And more on topic , we love Trivia ! On our Zaandam cruise last april the evening trivia was done by the Ass.CD who did a great job of getting questions together. He used Trivial Pursuit question sets, newspapers , encyclopedias etc. to get his 15 questions. Others use the " Seattle" set , with some wrong answers in it, but i found most are willing to listen to arguments if something is really wrong. But after all, it's just a game !!
  9. I usually get an answer the same day or the next. But that's from the Dutch office, probably less questions. I'm happy with the response time. On a few occasions I've sent an email directly to Seattle and received a reply within 3 days.
  10. On our Rotterdam cruise (june 8 ) , fixed seating was 530 pm and 8pm . MDR opened at 530 for open seating.
  11. I'm not a fan of amsterdamn as you can judge from my avatar, but I do know a great spot . Like the previous poster mentioned, take a ferry to the other side of the river. Take the ferry that takes you to the NDSM area, a former shipyard that is being redeveloped with housing etc. If you get off the ferry , take a left until you reach a pier called NDSM pier ( about 125 meters) , you will also see some old ships there, at the end of this pier you have a great view of the river.
  12. I never mentioned that I rated the cruise on wether or not Surf and Turf was served or not. I just want to know if it is fleet wide or not.
  13. I should have mentioned a 7 day cruise, so the second night.
  14. Just got back from the Rotterdam . Being in a Neptune ( first time loved it 😉) , we had breakfast in the PG. Menu is the same as in the MDR, it is just served a bit faster and all in due course. We never had the experience the OP had in the MDR with everything being served at the same time. Waiting staff in MDR for dinner was outstanding as was the food imo.
  15. Second Gala Night is alway Surf and Turf in the MDR. Last april on the Zaandam we had dinner in the PG on 2nd Gala Night so I can't say for sure if it was on the menu or not, but last week on the Rotterdam it was gone.... The 20 dollar lobster option was offered instead . I took that one and in all honesty I must say it tasted better than the tiny tail offered with the filet mignon. On the other hand, it was probably the smallest lobster they could find, not really worth the 20 dollars . Just wondering if Surf and Turf is gone across the fleet.
  16. We just got back from the Rotterdam, 7 day Norway RT Rotterdam. Cruise was great as usual . Different from previous cruises were the showtimes on the MainStage .It used to be 8 and 10 PM, this time it was 7 and 9 PM . Are the times changed across the fleet ? On our april 2019 Zaandam cruise times were still 8 and 10 pm. I regret to say that the offered entertainment on the stage was way below par. Some lame comedians and singers. Lincoln Center Stage on the other hand was awesome !
  17. Just got back from the Rotterdam: PG dinner was 35 usd and PG Lunch 15 usd. Both dinner and lunch absolutely worth every penny imo.
  18. His name is Thijs , Dutch as can be... ( could even be spelled Tijs) but the pronunciation is the same. He seems to live in the PG, always there and doing a great job !
  19. We were on the Zaandam april 24 till may 4th, Fort Lauderdale to Montreal . The ship looked very well ! Inside and out. I think the last dry dock and refurbishment was either end of 2017 or early 2018. We had an OV ( 1908) on this cruise and no complaints whatsoever . Fyi : the mattresses very wonderful ! Of course the bathroom still looks the same as it has always looked , but clean and everything worked.
  20. You're right ! I meant the stern thrusters ☺️. They do make a lot a vibrations, just sit in in the MDR while docking and all the glasses etc. rattle like crazy .
  21. We' ve had several OV' s on Dolphin deck. We prefer to be midships. The further you go aft the more chance you will have of being closer to the bow thrusters which can cause some noise and vibrations during docking . Also take in consideration that he cabins towards the front ,especially near the stairway to A-deck , can have some noise ( people going down the stairs or congregating in the stairwell ) and cold ( if sailing in colder weather of course 😉 ) when the gangway is located on A-deck forward or when tendering. Other than that they are great cabins, looking out the windows and seeing the waves close by.
  22. Thanks for your review ! We've got 2 cruises booked on the Rotterdam ( june and august) . Always re-assuring to read that the ship in is good shape. On most of our past 7 cruises on the Rotterdam we had issues with either the ac or hot/cold water. Always solved within a day, but annoying nevertheless .
  23. It wouldn't surprise me if HAL would order a ship like the Viking ships from Ficantieri. The shipyard has the designs, they could modify it to HAL tastes ( probably less luxurious than the Viking ships) and HAL doesn't have to go through the whole designing proces.
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