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  1. Just got back from the Eurodam. Some changes : no towel animals ( really don't care), more can be done with the navigator app like having tour laundry picked up, ask for extra pillows etc. But asking the room stewards works just as well. I noticed far less stuff on paper. No shop " offers" or future cruises on paper. Service and food were absolutely great. Everything on the Lido is handed to you, just point and it is put on your plate. Just as getting a drink, a steward operates the coffee and iceboater/tea/lemonade machines. As far as entertainment goes :A presentation/movie on HAL's history ( very nice), Ruben Villagrand (twice) and the dancers (three times). And of course BB King, Billboard on Board and the fabulous artists of the Lincoln Center Stage. Everyone wears a mask ( except when actively eating or drinking), a pcr or antigen test two days before disembarkation, two stations to do a DIY temperature check, all surface are being cleaned even more than usual. So I would say Covid proof ! No complaints on anything, except that I had to leave after a week....
  2. exactly ! I saw people walking from the cruiseterminal with their suitcases to (probably) another destination than the airport.
  3. No private transportation allowed . Bus takes you to Venezia Cruise Terminal. From there you can go however you please. But on our cruise no private tours were allowed by Italian authorities, only HAL shore excursions.
  4. I just got off the Eurodam. Great cruise . So much staff for 800 passengers… No complaints! Tip for Dubrovnik : the Red History Museum in the UI. Svetog Kriza . About 10 minute walk from the ship in the direction of town. Tells you about how Yugoslavia came to be, what daily life was like ( a living room, kitchen , bedrooms etc. are “ rebuilt” ) with lots of hands on stuff. And lots of info on how it all fell apart.
  5. I was on the Eurodam last sunday when we docked in Marghera. It went very smoothly, I slept right thru it all….. 😉 Seriously, Marghera is is a huge industrial complex , nothing to see there except refineries, containers etc.
  6. I arrive on the Eurodam at Marghera on sep 12. It’s the industrial port of Venice. The HAL has notified us that those with a transfer to Venice Airport will be transported directly to the airport. All others will be bused to the Venice cruise terminal . No private transportation is allowed in the Marghera port . I guess embarkation for the sep 12 cruise will take place at the Venice Cruise Terminal and then they will bus you to Marghera.
  7. I think Crow’s Nest , 11:30 on sep 6. Nobody really organized it I think , but it’s mentioned in several posts.
  8. Thanks ! I guess I have to spend more time in the casino. Could be a good investment. But then again, my old man always taught me “ that the casino always wins” …..🧐
  9. Thanks, but I don’t use FB. Never have, never will. I’ll probably see him onboard or not 😉
  10. In part because a lot of Canadians are vaccinated with Astrazeneca , as are people in 87 other countries. In the Netherlands for instance healthcare workers and ages 60-64. The FDA has not approved Astra ( Astra hasn’t applied for emergency approval as Pfizer did ), so those with Astra are not allowed into the US….. Astra is approved by the EMA in Europe and by the WHO. Astra is probably going to apply for full approval in the US which might take months. Hopefully all us jabbed with AZ will be then allowed into the US.
  11. Are you still onboard for the sept5 -12 cruise ? I will be joining and if you got room on your trivia team, let me know !
  12. I’m pretty sure HAL does not offer this in the Netherlands. How exactly does it work ? Do you have to play a minimum amount in the casino?
  13. I booked the transfer thru the Rotterdam office, I think you can also book online , go to your booking and look for “ flights and transport “ ( translated from Dutch, it’ s in between shore excursions and dinner reservations). private cars etc are not allowed in the Marghera port. Those without a HAL transfer will be transported to the Venezia Cruise Terminal from where you can take a taxi or vaporetto ( motorised boat used for public transport in Venice) to the airport. They dock at the airport. Take the blueline , more on www.alilaguna.it .
  14. I have a flight out of Venice at 1140 . I already got a transfer with HAL . From Marghera to Venice airport is about 20 minutes. Expect no problems there.
  15. No , not so much. In a week’s time it will dock in Athens for embarkation, where we will disembark remains a bit foggy. But it will be somewhere on the North Adriatic coast 😉
  16. I'm on the sep 5 -12 sailing on the Eurodam. According to the itinerary on the Navigator app, wel will dock at Marghera ,the industrial port of Venice , close to the airport. I talked to somebody at HAL this afternoon about something else and asked him why the data in the app differs from what's on the website. He said that the data in the app , is being fed by data directly from the ship... If this is true , I don't know. But he told me people at the office are often frustrated by the lack of up to date information .
  17. Dan from Louisiana !! He was on our Baltic cruise on the Rotterdam and Trans Pacific on the Volendam. Absolutely the best we had.Nice , friendly interaction with crowd. Stryker by far the most annoying.
  18. We’ve had several free upgrades from OV to Vista. I guess we just got lucky .... and they they were in good locations as well . Midships on the Rotterdam. Also some upsells from OV to Neptune, with an upsell you can choose the cabin. Always hoping one comes along.
  19. Same here. Spreadsheet, colorcoded all the received FCC and OBC when applied to next (cancelled) cruise . Easy to follow , haven’t been shortchanged at all.
  20. The Westerdam is currently at Damen Shipyard Verolme in the Rotterdam Botlek area . She will possibly leave this coming friday. According to several websites in the Netherlands they are "CDC-proofing" the Westerdam . Her European season starts in april 21 with Mediterranean cruises. Pictures are courtesy of Jan and Bert.
  21. Almost at the end , the “ Groote Beer” , a former Victory ship ( ss Costa Rica Victory) which was rebuild into a passenger ship . Mainly for carrying immigrants . It was managed by the HAL. In 1963 , a Rotterdam newspaper called Het Vrije Volk, chartered the Groote Beer and the Waterman , another converted Victory, to transport football fans from Feyenoord Rotterdam to Lissabon for the semifinal of the European Cup against Benfica. An epic journey for several thousand fans. Too bad we have take airplanes today to go to European away matches....
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