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  1. Yes, that is my understanding too. We put my military benefit on my folio and my wife gets our jointly owed stock benefit on hers. It has worked quite nicely at balancing the accounts for our excursions.
  2. Good luck with that. Finding a specific waiter is a difficult task.
  3. There was no proposal in my post; just a musing about the multiple threads about limiting the use of single use plastics, vinyl and rubber products.There seems to be a conflict in the suggestion for passengers to bring their own food handling gloves. If you want to propose what you suggested of my innocuous post, by all means propose it. I happen to be comfortable in washing my hands thoroughly. Regards, Tom
  4. Yeah, landfills always look like landfills. Remediation can not take place like these https://www.golfadvisor.com/articles/7-reclaimed-golf-courses-you-need-to-see
  5. Please see the threads on the balloon drop and plastic water bottles.
  6. Yeah I was. But that was the point of the remark. I have found that Canadians are quite capable of consuming large quantities of their fine product.
  7. Or beer. Check that. Beer would be consumed Canadian food product.
  8. I know we are a bit off topic, but may I assume that the Aqua Velva gift set I got you for Christmas is out of the question?
  9. Yep. It would be very easy to put it on the Princess at Sea application. The staff does not make up the menus the night before service. Having the menu(s) there would certainly help one decide when to reserve specialty dining, decide to eat at Horizon Court or eat in the main dining room. And, it might have the added benefit of letting those at traditional dining let their wait staff know what there plans are ahead of time.
  10. Close enough Elliair. That's a bunch of unsold inventory.
  11. Well, maybe not 1/2 but I have not seen that many open cabins this close to departure. I wonder what is keeping it from selling? look for the TAs that specialize in putting together last minute deals to gobble up some of that inventory at deeply discounted rates.
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