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  1. Well, here is a rare occasion where we disagree. Accepting or offering a currency ought not to be considered neither rude nor polite. If a person offering products or services in Canada does not wish to deal in US currency, they do not need to accept it. They do it because they benefit from the exchange, Otherwise, why do it?
  2. Fishywood, From my view, the last refit improved the ship. We sailed her before and after the refit and found that the changes were very beneficial. The propulsion issue was no issue at all for last January's circle Caribbean. Enjoy the May cruise if you decide to go.
  3. I noticed it was available last October on the Emerald. I found it to be menza menza.
  4. It seems OK for me. No discernible difference in the format.
  5. There are lots of areas to quietly enjoy the sea. Aft of the Horizon Court, the entire deck of the Promenade, Skywalker's which is not used as a bar until later at night, your own balcony if you choose to book one, Sun Terrace and Pirates View and The Sanctuary to name a few. I do like the layout and offering on Caribbean Princess.
  6. And therein lies the problem. The packages offered are in minutes of the same service. My most recent experience on the Emerald in October and November found that the service was adequate for my purposes of pulling emails. Streaming, I believe, requires additional bandwidth that is not currently available on this ship.
  7. Yep, they use the wood and coal to propel the ship.
  8. I have found that Princess and the other cruise line are very good in getting access to major sporting events. After all, they can sell some serious amounts of alcohol to the passengers (I do not mean that to be a negative). Over the years, we have been on cruises that included the Superbowl, NCAA basketball final four/ finals, baseball World Series, FIFA championships and other events. Nothing on Curling, presumably because it takes too many personnel to wake the passengers. If you are on a cruise during the BCS championship, bank on it being shown on the MUTS and perhaps, other venues if in range of a satellite.
  9. A curious thing happened to us this fall on the Emerald. We typically do not book guarantee cabins, preferring to know where we will be located. We booked late through a travel agent who only had guarantee cabins. We were later assigned a handicap cabin. As we don't need one and didn't ask for one, I told my wife to expect a cabin change sometime before boarding. No change was made and the ship was chock full of handicapped folks in regular cabins. I can only assume that Princess had not received requests for that type of cabin before making their guarantee assignments.
  10. Nuke, they may have been trying to be considerate. The treadmills don't open until about 8, so they figure they are OK up there at dawn and over balconies, not cabins. I am just assuming the better behavior from your fellow passengers
  11. Mine did. They were notifies on November 12th.
  12. It is becoming a race to the bottom. Princess has taken the effort to clearly outline what type of clothing they would prefer people to wear at their dining venues. It is written in literature on their site, in the patters and sometimes on placards in front of the dining rooms. To take advantage of the crew's aversion to confrontation just because one can, seems foreign to me. Why on earth would one decide that there is a need to be forced to adhere to what is expected? But then, there are those that believe that the smoking rules, the tender queuing rules, the theater seat saving rules, the pool lounge hogging rules, alcohol restriction rules (IE smuggling), and emergency drill attendance on the ship are for others, not themselves. It is just the stuff to observe and muse while aboard a ship.
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