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  1. Hi all, Got a response from my PCC today. He emailed that although they are changing some categories around, my forward facing penthouse will still have all the perks that were offered when I booked. I am relieved.
  2. One more question... If they get rid of concierge and/or butler service for suites like mine (forward penthouse on Gem) does that also mean no priority embarkation/disembarkation? That has been such a nice perk for past NCL cruises and it was the concierge who facilitated those things if I recall correctly. In other words, it feels like my 'suite' just becomes a deluxe room as noted in the post above. We also benefited from help with seating at the shows and reservations at restaurants from the concierge. Without the perks included when I booked, I think I will look elsewhere or swap my stateroom for a very much less expensive cabin on NCL (for probably the last time). I have plenty of time to cancel but I also have two cruise next certs tied up in this upcoming cruise and won't be able to use them again as they were already beyond their time when I booked this cruise. ( Like I said above...I'm beyond happy with my PCC as he figured out how I could use them for this cruise). Let's hope NCL grandfathers in those of us who booked with certain terms. Ugh.
  3. Thank you for your response. I think I'll reach out to my PCC (who I've been with for years and have absolutely nothing but great things to say about) and see if he will tell me the real deal. And I'll tell him MY real deal as far as how I don't want to pay for something that I won't be getting at the time of my cruise after I booked it under a different understanding. Thanks again!
  4. I'm booked in a cruise September, 2020 in a forward facing suite on the Gem. I booked a long time ago. Do you think they will honor the terms under which I decided to book that type of stateroom? In my experience, the butler and concierge really do add value to the NCL experience and I will be sorely tempted to cancel if they devalue the price I'm (working on) paying with reduced services/amenities. As with the recent Haven dining episode, I just wish NCL would deliver what they advertise to their passengers. I know they backtracked about the Haven, but they should just leave well enough alone for people already booked. Make changes to services etc. as new itineraries/booking dates are released so no one is surprised. JMHO.....
  5. No dream...a waking nightmare! I was so disappointed and the concierge was the same one that I had on my very first cruise (on the Dawn many years ago) so I was even more unhappy with his response. On my first cruise the concierge was magic. On the BA, he was nowhere and no good. I know the ship is bigger but his job should be the same...to ensure guests are cared for and feel listened to.
  6. There were a couple of posts (page 2 maybe) about NCL using this invitation as bait for non-Haven passengers to book the Haven in the future. I sailed on the BA twice in the Haven and both times there were tours in the last couple of days where staff brought probably 15 or so people into the area. They saw the restaurant, the pool complex, the deck etc. I sailed the BA on her third sailing and a few years later. It was clear why they offered the tour...to get folks to be excited about the area and book it for their next cruise. NCL always wants to make the bucks...and it was not a nuisance or disturbance to see the tours coming through. In my opinion, the tours were very different than having non-Haven passengers actually use the amenities. BTW...my first Haven experience was perfect and my second was a total disaster only because there was a huge family party that totally took over the courtyard for the duration of the cruise. No pool available, no tables in the courtyard, flying nerf balls, screaming kids and never an available hot tub. And no support from staff to stop the nonsense. It was in no way a "haven". So no more Haven bookings for me!! It's a crapshoot even if you pay full price! But opening it up for more people cannot make it more enjoyable for those that paid the price to be there.
  7. IMHO, I'd rather have the OP's experience in the Haven than mine the second and last time I've sailed there. I endured a huge family (probably more than 20 people of all ages) take over the BA Haven . Nerf balls flying, no tables available ever (even when the folks were in the pool forever but left their stuff on the tables), no hot tubs available ever and a concierge who told me that "when there's a large group on board there's really nothing we can do" in response to my comment/complaint to him. That is code for "we cannot give you a good experience in the Haven because this group owns more rooms than you do for this week." I loved my first Haven experience (on the 3rd sailing of the Breakaway) but I'll never do it again after the second time. The Haven is a total crap shoot in my experience. It all depends on who else is booked during your cruise.
  8. Thank you! I'll give it a try!
  9. Hi all, I have done a search on both CC and on Google but came up empty. Is there a 'special' phone number for the status match 5% discount? I status matched to Gold and my husband matched to Silver. Our first MSC cruise in coming up in July but we haven't reached out to obtain the discount yet. We have two staterooms as we were both 'comped' by a US casino but upgraded to better cabins/drink packages. So both rooms should be able to receive a discount as I understand the program. I just am unsure how to get it. Do I just call the regular number and have our reservation number available or is there a different number I should call? Thank you!
  10. I'm on the same sailing and am paid in full as well. I seriously considered switching to the Seaside out of Miami on the 20th but it didn't work with my flights. There are lots of considerations. Do you have flights and/or hotels? How was your price to begin with? Can you be okay with the cruise not stopping at Havana? Can you afford a different cruise? (I ask because it would be costly for us to consider any port other than Miami). Plus, there's never a guarantee that prices will drop and I'm not sure what MSC's policy is about that in any case. Do they give a discount? I'm honestly unsure about that as this is my first MSC cruise. Has MSC said anything about those of us on upcoming cruises in terms of when we have to decide what we choose? That would play into your decision as well. Good luck. I'm choosing to stay on the 7/22 cruise and if you're there, I hope our paths cross!
  11. Quick question for all those pondering keeping the cruise. I'm assuming that /anyall the perks we got "included" (drinks, etc.) will remain the same. Should I be worried that there might be changes to any of that in light of the OBC? My Armonia cruise was partially comped by a USA casino but I upgraded both stateroom and drink package. I just worry that MSC will say that due to the OBC 'bonus' I'll no longer get the other perks. Thoughts? Opinions?
  12. $400 OBC definitely takes some of the sting out of the disappointment of missing Havana. I'm relieved to let go of some of the negativity about this upcoming cruise.
  13. I'd be happy to cancel the whole thing at this point, but not without a refund. I also have air (with insurance) and hotels. I looked at the dates that Seaside sails from Miami, but it doesn't work with our flights. Any chance they will revise their response?
  14. The US MSC website homepage has a link for Cuba Update that states future cruisers to Cuba will be given the option to cancel and cancellation policies will be suspended. All $ paid will be transferred to new booking. So....no OBC, no partial refund. Only the 'opportunity' to change ship etc. Very disappointed. Will be my first and last experience with MSC.
  15. Thank you both about the politics. There are plenty of boards to discuss politics. This isn't one of them. I'm way past final payment on an MSC cruise to Cuba in July. I cannot even describe my disappointment in having to miss this port. The cruise is now kind of nothing to me as the other ports aren't anything that sparked my interest. I'm waiting to see what (if anything ) MSC does to soften the blow but my expectations are low. I've sailed NCL a bunch of times and never been disappointed but this is my first MSC cruise. And I could go on and on about the politics, but this is not the place! 🙂
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