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  1. I'm sure you are correct and that's understandable. I was frustrated with the wait time on the phone and the rep's account of why I couldn't get the OBC. She just kept saying that it wasn't available because I didn't book through MLife....and in about four years of being platinum with them I've only gotten one offer for a cruise. I get BCC offers pretty often. In any case I'm really looking forward to my cruise and I'm very happy with the final cost. Happy (and healthy) sailing to all!
  2. Hi all! After reading this thread I decided to give BCC a call last night to ask if my husband and I were eligible for OBC (one of us is MLife gold, the other platinum). I was waiting for a rep for well over an hour and once speaking with a rep was told no OBC due to booking with BCC and not MLife. Despite my sharing with her that there are reports of folks being granted OBC recently she stated that they received a memo two days ago forbidding this. I asked her to send me the memo...the answer was no. I asked for a supervisor. Another hold time of close to an hour. Yup....I gave up. I shared with her that my concern was that the response from BCC when asked for OBC based on MLife status appears to be inconsistent and this is where the frustration comes in (as well as ridiculous wait times on hold). I've booked with BCC many times in the past and have never had such a frustrating experience as last nights' call. I hope it was a fluke....
  3. Hi all... OP here... I just got off the phone with Blue Chip. The rep was very nice, professional etc. but seemed surprised (?) that our email says that a communication with a new stateroom number will be forthcoming. She stated that she hopes that all available suites are only guarantee right now because they are holding suites already booked, but it was a guess. I know it won't make any difference, but I asked her to note my account that I want my chosen and paid for cabin. I also realized that, of course, Celebrity did this after final payment so canceling isn't really a viable option. Very disappointed in this seemingly underhanded tactic. I will continue to monitor the website; the rep said it could take several weeks for all the bookings to move over to the new ship. Honestly, I find it difficult to believe it's that difficult to just migrate all bookings between the sister ships, but I'm also not a computer savvy person! I hope all this ends well for all of us affected by the change in ship.
  4. I caved and did a mock booking. Yes...only Sky suite guarantees available. So how do people trying to book know what they might be getting? Are they getting my room if they aren't booking with Blue Chip? Ugh. Like I said...I'll call tomorrow.
  5. I have not done a mock booking and quite honestly I don't think I should have to. I booked a specific cabin...paid to upgrade into that specific cabin and I've done my research. If the ships weren't identical I'd feel differently because you can't compare apple staterooms to orange staterooms. There is no reason that Celebrity shouldn't honor original staterooms in my (and others' I'm sure) situation. BTW...website still says my 'voyage is canceled' on the website tonight.
  6. I'm calling tomorrow to check on my cabin assignment. If they don't honor my original cabin (which again, I paid to upgrade into) then I cancel and just do a land vacation in St. Maarten. I will not be happy at all if they sold my cabin out from under me. These ships are sister (identical) ships...there is no excuse for them to change my cabin assignment. I will update here tomorrow.... Fingers crossed!
  7. Thank you for your experience and your good luck wishes! I'll follow up here with my results!
  8. Thank you again for this.... I booked a specific room (at an upgrade price through Blue Chip) and would not like to be moved to a different room. I'll call as soon as the department is open to inquire about my 'new' stateroom. I have to say that when I read the email from Celebrity about the ships changing and it only said that the stateroom category would be the same but that I would get a separate email with the new stateroom number I was concerned. I hope Celebrity honors the actual stateroom...especially as the ships are identical. It's all a little bit exhausting. I miss the days when planning cruise was a pleasure and not so stressful. It will happen....
  9. Time will tell! And Monday is soon enough to see what happens! Fingers crossed.....
  10. Hi all, As usual, I logged on to my Celebrity account tonight to check dates, payment etc. for my two upcoming cruises. What a surprise! The website states clearly that my upcoming cruise out of St. Maartin in August has been cancelled. I know they changed ships as per the email received in the last day or two, but is the whole thing now CANCELLED? If so, I lose out on airfare and three nights hotel (two before the cruise and one after.) The website only says that there will be an email which hasn't arrived yet, or a link for more information, which leads to nothing helpful. Has anyone else seen this? I hope it only has to do with the switch in ships from the Millie to the Summit but it's jarring to see " Voyage Canceled" Any ideas out there? Thanks all!
  11. Hi all... My refund requested on 4/22 for an October, 2020 cruise landed on my CC today! It took two phone calls and two emails but it finally made it. So relieved.... Good luck to everyone still waiting.
  12. Oh! One more thing I was told. My refund for the cruise itself should show up between 30 and 60 days. Days...not business days. He was very clear about that. I'm keeping an eye on my credit card! Fingers crossed.
  13. Hi all. Hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy. I just wanted to share my experience cancelling an October cruise out of NYC that was partially comped by a land based casino before final payment. I spoke with a rep from the casino department at MSC to cancel. I got an immediate and full refund to my credit card for prepaid things such as laundry, a cabana etc. I have proof of cancellation and the rep. told me that I would be refunded in full to my credit card for the entire cost of the cruise. I was paid in full. And possibly most importantly, the rep. said that my certificate for the discount was being extended through December, 2020 at least. He advised to call in every so often as the company appears to want to be very flexible about continuing to extend the comp certificates. It seems like this is very different than what the OP is being told. The details of my certificate and cruise are: I was comped a balcony for 7 nights. I upgraded to YC for a 12 night (I think) cruise from NYC to Miami. We only had to pay the differential between a balcony and YC for 7 nights and full YC fare for the rest of the nights. It was an amazing bargain and I was very sad to cancel. But I'm very happy with the information from the rep that the comp certificate is extended and may be again. He said that MSC is trying to be flexible with casino passengers so I would think perhaps another call to a casino rep couldn't hurt. Hope this helps! Stay safe and well!
  14. Hi all, So...with a heavy heart I finally gave into my uncertainty about the future and cancelled a 10 night October cruise on Meraviglia. I was comped by a land based casino for 7 nights in a balcony. I upgraded to YC and paid the differential between the cabins for the seven nights and full cost for the three extra nights. So I ended up paying a relatively very low price for 10 nights in the YC. I really struggled with cancelling but I didn't want to lose any money and I fear for the future value of a FCC if this shutdown remains in place for an extended time. I called the casino department today and the rep picked up after one ring! He was able to cancel the booking and refund all my pre paid purchases. He then informed me that the original certificate from the casino has been extended until the end of December, 2020. The extension of the certificate is to book and sail but he added that there is a very good chance that MSC will continue to extend casino certificates as appropriate depending on covid-19. He encouraged me to call every now and then to ask about the end date of my certificate. The entire transaction took no more than 15 minutes. He was very helpful and said my refund for the cruise should hit my credit card between 30-60 calendar (not business) days. I had no idea that the certificate was extended or that it may be again so I wanted to pass this information along. Safety and health to all!
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