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  1. I love Viking cruises. We decided to try Azamara . The embarkation is in San Juan. When we did Windstar out of San Juan we were able to walk our luggage to the ship from the hotel to start the cruise.. That was nice. Will be a taxi to Pan America pier.
  2. Thank you. I was hoping it was the port in old San Juan. Windstar uses old San Juan port and j have been there to embark ship.
  3. mittenscat23

    Puerto Rico

    Does anyone know where the Azamara Journey docks in San Juan? Is it in the old town area? I checked cruise mapper but could not find the Azamara's docking location for a December 14th cruise. Thank you
  4. We may be on the same cruise and hotel...which cruise week are you sailing? We are June 1.
  5. Their steak is my first choice and I found out on my last cruise I could ask for a small cut so I did not have this giant piece of meat on my plate. The bread basket selection is also really good.
  6. Hello We are on the TA 2/28 with you so I have been following this discussion and joining the Facebook group. Looking forward to the cruise and hope NORO gone and ship all repaired.
  7. Check out Iceland ProCruises. We did the 10 day around Iceland with them on the Ocean Diamond. Really enjoyed it.
  8. Thank you for the information.
  9. How are Windstar excursions? Are they worth the cost? Or do most people do private tours?
  10. Thank you. I asked because on some of Crystal ships the bedside tables are attached to the wall and you can not move them. I have not been on Windstar before so thought I better ask before I book.
  11. Can a bed side table be put between beds in the twin bed arrangment?
  12. This is exactly what we found. We took advantage of an air promotion (actually I think everything winds up as a promotion) and we paid in full 6 months in advance.
  13. I agree with you. And for further informational purposes when I booked I was informed by my Viking rep that I was locked in at my booking price. But if the prices increased in the future and I wanted to upgrade to a higher category cabin, I would get it at the lower price that the upgraded cabin was when I originally booked. I would be ahead in that case. If I wanted to take advantage of future possible lower fares I needed to cancel the booking and rebook at the new rate. Also when the fares decrease they are considered promotional fares. I asked about that too.
  14. I believe you can cancel (pay cancellation fee $100 pp) and rebook your cruise at the lower price. Then ask to have your insurance transfered to your new booking. Other cruiselines have made us cancel our existing cruise booking and rebook at the lower price as a new booking , but could not guarantee I would get the same cabin I previously held.
  15. Our viking rep allowed us to change our cruise by keeping the same booking number but transfered the cruise change and all monies. No administration charge. We are in Canada, but I understand there are different rules for different countries.
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