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  1. Thanks, Philob! That is exactly what I needed to know 🙂
  2. Is there somewhere to store luggage at the Pier? We would love to explore SF a bit (hopefully Alcatraz) prior to our late afternoon flight. Thanks!
  3. Hello! Is there somewhere convenient to store luggage? Our flight is late afternoon and we would love to explore a bit before heading to the airport.
  4. Same as the original offer ($179 pp) The message specifically says that they will not negotiate the price (which may or may not be true but I didn't want to try.) I am pretty sure we will get $25/day of enjoyment from the balcony and I am not sure that I could have expected a better deal.
  5. Upsell was still available 🙂 I had checked several times and there was one balcony left on Caribe (I knew the balcony would be a bit larger.) I am so excited to stare at the ocean from my very own chair. Thank you all for your thoughts and input, Erin
  6. My update (or lack of an update.....) I called yesterday and left a voice mail. Sherrie was out of the office. Fingers crossed for a call back with good news today.
  7. Thanks everyone, I will give them a call on Monday. Worst case, I will still be sailing the Caribbean in 8 weeks 🙂
  8. We do have flights (and work schedules) but that would have been awesome!
  9. Thanks! It is actually for the May 18 cruise (so keep her in tip top shape for me flgojo 🙂 ) We book thru a TA, would all upgrades/upsell offers need to go thru him? If not, I will give Princess a call today. Regardless, we will be very happy to be on the ship and will enjoy every minute whether from our own private balcony or from a public deck. Nothing beats staring at the ocean!!
  10. We are eagerly watching the countdown for our May 2018 CB Cruise and have noticed there are still a LOT of open cabins. We turned down an upsell offer a few weeks ago ($179 each for an inside to a balcony) and, while I know it was not an awesome deal, I have been kicking myself every since. In your experience, how likely are upsell offers to come a second time if there is still inventory available? Does the Upgrade Fairy still exist, could we be surprised at the pier? Erin PS- apologies if this has been covered lots of times before.....I do not love the new search feature.
  11. Can you go thru security more than two hours ahead of time if not checking in baggage? Thanks, we have a later flight and this will definitely impact how we choose to spend our day.
  12. So excited to get to use this for the first time, thank you for sharing the information! Are you able to use the offer more than once? Can I buy OBC and pay down a cruise? Can it be used on more than one cruise? Will be happy with any credit but want to make sure I don't leave any on the table. Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!
  13. Thank you, Missymerv! Found it and am excited to use it for our final payment next week!
  14. New to AmEx, where would I find the offer (if I am one of the lucky ones?) Thanks, Erin
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