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  1. We got off at 1220. We ate...had mimosas while we played backgammon on the awesome tables in the living room. Waiter service...snacks,,, all very comfortable and efficient
  2. Yes Aaron was awesome. He introduced me to Aquavit and my favorite drink became the Viking Royal. Everyone was just so incredibly friendly
  3. Safe travels Patti. We are in Newark reading to head out
  4. We are awaiting our travel authorization.....
  5. I am interested to see how all that worked with the travel authorization and COVID testing times
  6. Have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to your reports
  7. Here’ s a novel thought to those of you complaining about what’s going on.. if you aren’t comfortable, don’t go. We all have a choice!
  8. This page has the six steps for immunized travelers https://www.gov.bm/are-you-immunised seems like they are trying to make the process clearer for all to understand
  9. Just saw this updated if arriving after June 20th... https://www.gov.bm/applying-bermuda-travel-authorisation
  10. Thank you.....that sounds better... my husband is ready to pull the plug LOL. Thanks for responding. I jus saw you on the other board...sorry for putting it two places.
  11. So do you have to wear masks all the time? Sitting by the pool? In the bars?
  12. From the board of the the people who got on Viking Venus in Portsmouth today
  13. Yes that’s exactly what they are doing for us. it ended up working out better for us too.. hope there are no More changes.
  14. To be clear ... one Viking rep told our TA cancelled. When we got on with them again they told us bumped....our first experience with VA. We will enjoy the cruise credit etc we got for our inconvenience lol
  15. The first Viking rep told us cancelled....the second said bumped
  16. July 20th 584 Atlanta to Bermuda. Delta bumped us, so we now they are flying us to Newark the night before and we will fly direct to Bermuda from there
  17. Several of us got bumped from 584 on June 20th out of Atlanta.
  18. Delta just cancelled the direct flight to Bermuda on July 20 and our TA is now working with Viking air for our reroute. Appears they will fly us to Newark the day before and pay our hotel overnight
  19. Yes we go on July 20 with Arlene and Ralph. I was the red haired Brit married to the American lol
  20. https://www.portbermudawebcam.com check out what you can see on the webcam!
  21. I just resubmitted and immediately got the email confirmation in my spam folder
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