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  1. The first cruise we ever took was on the Millennium. It was in 2008, from Vancouver (?) to Alaska. We liked it so much we decided to cruise back rather than fly. The return cruise was on a Princess ship. The difference was amazing. Compared to the Millennium, the Princess ship was shabby.
  2. The fares on our January 2022 B2B Panama canal cruises went up another 9% today. In total, they have gone up 28% since we booked in February.
  3. The prices of our January 2022 B2B Panama Canal cruises have gone up about 18% since we booked them in February. That's over $1,300 each way for the two of us.
  4. You can find photos of many ocean view cabins on this site: https://halfacts.com/vista-class/ Or, for a few dollars you can join this site and see photos and videos of quite a few main deck cabins: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/decks.php?ship=Zuiderdam
  5. Fact based media--I love it! I'll start referring to the FBM in response to folks who parrot the MSM meme. I'll follow it with a "©whogo", of course.
  6. Take a look here: Cruisedeckplans Using their "Cabin Guru", you can even see what is immediately above and below any particular cabin.
  7. I canceled our return cruise from Alaska after HAL canceled the cruise we were taking to get there in May of this year. We received refunds of our deposits for both cruises in 2-3 weeks.
  8. We found the same thing on the cruises that we currently have booked. The price with the refundable deposit was $400 each more than the nonrefundable fare, due to the inclusion of free drinks and a couple meals. Since we are taking two cruises back-to-back, that would have meant an additional $1,600 for us. We contacted our travel agent and got a refundable fare for $72 each more than HAL's nonrefundable fare. So we are paying a premium of $288 to get refundable fares. (Note that the refundable deposits we are paying are twice what HAL would have charged us for their refundable deposits.)
  9. I wouldn't stay in 6091. Folks in the glass elevator next to that cabin can see into the balcony of that cabin.
  10. I can see how this happened in our area. Our county has the highest per-person virus case count and test positivity rate of any county in the state, and this weekend locals are holding demonstrations demanding that the governor remove all restrictions on restaurants and other public establishments. On the local Facebook page residents are "sick and tired of wearing masks and the government telling me what to do". This is Trump country. An NPR/PBS/Marist poll released Thursday shows that 47% of Trump supporters nationally will refuse any vaccine. As Pogo said 50 years ago
  11. The fare for the January 2022 Panama Canal back-to-back that we are scheduled on went up significantly the day before yesterday.
  12. We will be on the same cruise, on the Zuiderdam. We are doing the Canal both ways--a round trip from San Diego. We did the same back-to-back about 10 years ago. The only advice I have to add to the great tips already provided is to not bother trying to view entering the locks from the Crows Nest. People crowd in there hours ahead of time, many of them, like the ass-hats around the pools, "reserving" spots while they go off and do other things. The interactions among these passengers gets pretty unpleasant. The transit takes so long that there is plenty of time to see e
  13. We have taken the 28-night round trip Panama Canal cruise (actually it's two back-to-back cruises), and we are booked on it again next year. The east- and westbound cruises will have the same shows, activities, entertainment, and ports. We like the at-sea days, and we never go to the shows. We like the long days of leisure.
  14. Don't they require that the TV have Bluetooth or be on the same Wi-Fi network as the phone? Do you think the cabin TVs are connected via Wi-Fi?
  15. I guess I better bring along a universal remote, then. Thanks.
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