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  1. HAL cancelled our June Alaska cruise on April 16th. Today the FCC showed up on our account, but we still haven't received a refund for taxes and port fees.
  2. One of the cruises we had booked that was canceled this year had "Have it all" as an optional fare. I calculated that the difference between the two fares worked out to almost exactly the prices of the drink package, gratuities, etc. Since we can't drink half as much as it would cost to buy them without the package, I selected the cheaper fare. Something to watch for.
  3. We had a deposit on an Oct 2020 cruise that we canceled on June 11. Our deposit was credited back to our credit card on June 12. We had booked it through the Big Box travel agent. On the other hand, we are still waiting for a refund of the taxes and port fees for our June 7 cruise that HAL canceled on April 16.
  4. Back in May we received emails telling us that we had almost $3,000 in FCC between us. When I booked another cruise for 2021 the Big Box travel agent called HAL about our FCC and was told that it had been miscalculated and they would send us an updated email when they fixed it. That was some weeks ago. We haven't heard anything since. We have only a small refundable deposit on the 2021 cruse and final payment is not due for months, so I'm not fretting about it yet.
  5. I received a new confirmation today, and it no longer says "non-refundable deposit". I checked online at the agent's site, and it has been corrected as well.
  6. We received an email that our FCC is available from the June 7 cruise on May 7. (HAL had canceled the cruise on April 16.) We are still waiting for a refund for taxes and port fees on that cruise.
  7. I don't know. From what HAL told the Big Box agent, it is merely a problem with the notice appearing on the online site, not with the deposit actually becoming non-refundable.
  8. If it shows up as non-refundable when you look at your account at the Big Box travel site, it would look like this. It apparently is an error in their system that causes a refundable deposit to show as non-refundable on the online site.
  9. If it was really a non-refundable deposit it would show up on your confirmation like this:
  10. Thanks for posting this. I checked, and the same thing had happened to the deposit for my booking with the same agency. I called them, and they called HAL who said it was a system glitch. They are correcting my account and will send me a corrected invoice (although the original invoice was correct). It isn't clear whether they are fixing the system glitch or only my booking. When I asked about the FCC, the agent called HAL again and was told the the FCC that I was notified about on May 7 was "built incorrectly". The HAL supervisor will email me directly when they fix it (they don't know when that will happen), then I will need to call the agent back again to have the FCC applied to this particular cruise. The agent was savvy enough to leave a note in my file reminding the next agent that the Big Box Shop Card will need to be manually brought back up to its original value after the FCC is applied. Fortunately for me, the cruise in question is not until next June.
  11. This may not be a complete answer, but when we received a refund it showed up on our credit card account with a date four days earlier. I.e., the transaction was dated four days before it appeared on our account.
  12. Even when we have to pay for it, we get the $7/day unlimited laundry. It means we only need to pack a few changes of clothes, since we get our laundry back the next day, sometimes even the same day. When you are paying hundreds of dollars a day for a cabin, the $7 is just not a significant, less than the cost of a drink.
  13. When was you cruise scheduled and when was it cancelled? We are still waiting for the taxes and port charges for our June 7 cruise that HAL cancelled on 4/16.
  14. The last time I priced pre-cruise pricing vs onboard pricing, it was about 10% cheaper to buy it ahead of time. BUT...they only sell the most expensive level pre-cruise. Once aboard you can buy a lower level and if you want to upgrade during the cruise you are charged at the higher level only for the remaining days of the cruise.
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