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  1. I just got an email saying that my refund has been made. But, when I log into my credit card account online, I see that I have been shorted $1000. There are 2 transactions per stateroom: 1 for the deposit, and 1 for the cruise fare. The cruise fare refunds for our 2 staterooms are both $500 less than they should be based on the charges to my credit card and my final payment confirmations from Royal. The credits appeared on my credit card on May 3rd. So, I guess it is human error due to the transaction being done manually? Oh goody, I get to make another long, frustrating call to custome
  2. I called Royal on March 24 when our Symphony of the Seas cruise, departing April 12th, was cancelled due to the pandemic. I requested a refund instead of a FCC and, like yourself, I was told that the refund to my credit card would be processed manually. I called Royal today to follow up and was told that Royal initiated the refund process on April 14th (two days after the cruise would have departed) and that it will take up to 30 days from then (May 14th) for me to see the refund back to my credit card.
  3. For those who had their cruises cancelled due to the pandemic, Royal offered a 125% credit for cancelled onboard expenses over a full refund. Many people took advantage of that, thinking they would come out ahead on their rebooked cruise. Now, lo and behold, we see that the drink package has been jacked up rather exorbitantly for many cruises that are departing before December 2021. So, many people who chose the additional 25% credit end up breaking even, at best. And everyone else will just pay have to pay the additional price if they want a drink package. Plus, as others have comm
  4. Me either. I'm double booked for that week, trying to decide between a 7-nighter on the Symphony or an 8-nighter on the Carnival Horizon. While Royal is charging $89/day for their drink package, I received an email a couple of days ago from Carnival offering 20% off their Cheers package price of $52/day. Total cost for Cheers was $392.33 after gratuities and taxes. And, this for an 8-day package. Throw in the fact that the Horizon cruise costs $1000 less than the Symphony cruise and Royal is making which cruise to select clearer by the day.
  5. Yep. I have a booking on the Symphony, departing April 3, 2021 (Easter weekend). Deluxe package is $89/day. Outrageous pricing (for us). But, someone will pay it.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if you get told something different than I did. I called a day or two after Royal made the announcement, through a press release, that they were suspending operations for 30 days. However, Royal's website posted a shorter time line of March 15 through April 10, with a goal of resuming operations on April 11. I'm not sure that the customer service agents really knew what was going on when I called. Though I was told, by two different people, that my request for a refund was pending and would be processed (by hand) in up to 30 days.
  7. Me too. I'm scheduled to sail on the Symphony on April 11th. Royal could really push the issue if it waits to cancel the April 11th sailing until the the cruise is within the 48 hour window period for canceling and taking advantage of the 100% FCC. That would give people like me -- whose kids' school has already announced that school won't be starting back up until April 20, at the earliest -- something to contemplate if it is Tuesday, April 7th and no announcement has been made. I don't think that is likely to happen, especially if the airlines are still restricting travel. Then again, R
  8. I imagine part of it is wishful thinking, part of it is following what Carnival is doing, and part of it is Royal’s preference to have you cancel and settle for a FCC.
  9. I’m booked on a 4/11 sailing on the Symphony. I called in a week ago to complain when I noticed that Royal had changed its “30 day suspension” to something like 27 days, which left our Easter weekend sailing on the calendar. I spoke with a Royal customer service agent who assured me our cruise was going to be canceled, and she gave me the option of asking for a 100% refund instead of the 125% FCC. I hard a hard time believing her information was accurate, so I called back and confirmed with a different customer service agent that our 4/11 sailing had been canceled and that our request for
  10. I agree with you completely. I’ll be waiting until the 48 hours (more like 72?) before our April 11 sailing to cancel for this precise reason. In the meantime, I will make a likely fruitless effort to hold Royal to their “30 day” press release which is still on their website and try to get a refund now.
  11. Royal can’t count to 30 apparently. They made it very clear on their website that, “beginning at midnight tonight, we are pausing the fleet’s US sailings for 30 days.” NOT
  12. March 14th to April 10th is 27 days. So my April 11th sailing is not cancelled. Rats. I’m stuck with a future cruise credit that I don’t want now ... unless the suspension is extended again. Which would be a bad sign.
  13. So, it’s not a 30 day suspension after all. The Saturday April 11th sailing is not included.
  14. Walt Disney World in Orlando is open through the close of business on Sunday, March 15th. Go for it! https://www.wdwmagic.com/other/walt-disney-company/news/13mar2020-walt-disney-world-to-close-theme-parks-march-15-through-the-end-of-march.htm
  15. There is no section 6i. If you are referring to section 6(e)(i), that gives passengers a refund if the cruise is cancelled due to a mechanical failure. The provision reads: e. In the event that a Cruise (or the cruise component of a CruiseTour) is canceled or terminated early due to mechanical failures: i) Passenger shall have a right to a full refund of the Cruise Fare if the Cruise is canceled in full, or a partial refund if the cruise is terminated early; Note that section 6(d) provides: d. Carrier shall have the right to comply with any ord
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