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  1. There are 7 of us in our party. My sister says the tables only accommodate 6 (I'm not sure where/how she heard this). Is this true? Before I call to see if they can squeeze in a 7th person (an 8yo), I thought I would ask here! Also, do they have a Hibachi type set up?
  2. We were on the same cruise! Thanks for the review...it's fun reliving it. We were in room 11031 and 11033 (spa balconies). Our room was so cold that sometimes I had a jacket on in there (hubby likes it cold). I was worried about the temp. because of what I had read prior to the trip. I'm sorry you had issue!
  3. I plan on going to LFK next week. We are sailing the a Sunshine. I have heard such awesome things I am willing to risk it!
  4. I booked the Dolphin Encounter online. They never asked about a cruise line...:confused:
  5. I'm dancing that dance with you! We will be on the same cruise!
  6. Where are you? I'm anxiously awaiting your return!:D Thanks for taking the time to review!
  7. We will reach gold status on the 6th day of our 7 day cruise. Will we receive a gold S&S card and be eligible for the past guest party?? We sail in 12 days!!!:D
  8. anxiously awaiting more! We go on Sunshine in 19 days!
  9. Can't wait! We sail her in 21 days. Enjoy! Thanks for the review!
  10. We leave in 40 days! Can't wait to hear the rest of your review!
  11. We will be going on September 13, so if for some reason you still need the message relayed, I can do it!
  12. Thanks! We are going on the Sunshine in September. Can't wait!
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