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  1. ........take that cruise, and stay on for the TA. Save you a lot of money, and you can do as much shopping as you want....👍😁
  2. ....eight years ago my husband died on board Royal Princess, not once but twice, in the middle between Roma and Napoli! They managed to get him back to live both times. He stayed in er on the ship for around nine hours. It took two doctors and two nurses to keep him alive through the night. And one of the doctors told me that they emptied almost all their stock also. My husband died for the third time in the port of Napoli, and they got him to live again, and rushed him to a private heart clinic in Napoli. They fixed his heart and several parts to the heart, and he was in the hospital for more then a week. The bill from the ship was around 29 000 dollar. The bill from the clinic was around 250 000 dollar. The cost to get him home with medic personnel was only 15 000. And we didn’t have to pay any of it! Thats why we always have year around insurance that covers everything!
  3. Well, I was there last month, in may, and YES, I had all my souvenirs placed in bags in the shop, and sent back to the ship.
  4. The shops will deliver whatever you buy to one of the ships shops on board. Very easy!
  5. .....or do it the easy way...:D Sleep until it knocks on your door, and the breakfast is served......:D
  6. .......this pictures in this thread makes me wanting to scream @#%k#%@#%@#.....! I’m both sad/shocked to see that RCCL hasn’t done anything since 2010. RCCL had a lot of trouble with Vision of the desies around 2010 because of noro, and not cleaning the ship. Lack of routines are still in 2018 the same problem, and that’s scary. https://www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/vaknet-i-natt-av-at-det-var-spy-i-hele-lugaren/65104718 In here you can se picture of dust same place and also around the ship.
  7. ziptransfers.com has something new and exciting; It's a MINIVAN....:D They take 8 people and 8 very large suitcases. No need for more than one of that.
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