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  1. Mike was the CD on our 1st ever cruise on Explorer in October 2003. We are on Allure next year, so lets hope we get the chance to meet up with him again, now we have cruised many times and can compare him with others. We were "wowed" with the entire experience that 1st time
  2. It's more than frustrating though. THEY instigated the cancellation because there were bigger bucks to be made elsewhere, and yet they can't show the common decency of treating their displaced and disappointed customers with an ounce of respect and ensure they at least got their money back pronto. Shocking customer service.
  3. My this IS fun. Travels agents blame Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity Cruise blame the travel agent and piggy in the middle here still doesn't get his deposit refunded 😡😡 If people from Celebrity read these boards, be aware that my wonderful Hawaian island cruise 15 years ago will now be the first and last time I cruise on your ships. A shame, but your entire conduct regards Constellation and the switch is nothing short of shameful.
  4. We booked Royal Caribbean ovation of the Seas Tokyo to Seattle for £1800pp instead of the £2500 we were paying for Constellation. Pleased in the end
  5. Anyone having problems with their refund for a cancelled Dubai cruise? We were booked on the Dubai to Singapore cruise with a deposit of £300 paid. Nearly 3 weeks later and my TA informs me that they can't refund the deposit because Celebrity haven't paid them yet. I suspect this is a TA issue because my contract was with them, but before I unleash the big guns (😁) it would be interesting to know if this is a general thing from Celebrity.
  6. We watched The Quest in Studio B on Indy. After 10 minutes a woman got over excited, leapt over the rail at the front, landed on her back on the boarding covering the ice rink and ended up stretchered off to the sick bay with the ships doctor in tow. Some people really took it seriously 😁
  7. If anyone wants a tip, a sock already has a hole in it 😁
  8. I just get my Chauffer to drop me off at the Suite entrance and let my staff deal with trifling things like luggage 😎 😀
  9. This cruise already has a Monster thread here
  10. Well that's changed then. We have done 3 P&O cruises and there was certainly no music after announcements. Only the odd Sailaway and you could avoid that by going inside
  11. Same here. I spoke to my TA who blamed Royal Caribbean. He said the FCC did not apply for the Transatlantic cruise because it was already at a subsidised rate. I suspect because the TA has grouped us all together, Royal Caribbean had no idea who had booked - we certainly hadn't received an RC booking reference. Basically we are being shrugged off by both Cruise 1st and RCI. Another nail in the coffin of Royal Caribbean in the UK in my opinion. We have worked hard to get to Diamond Status but I can't foresee many more trips after the ones already booked next year are sailed and done with. Shame. We enjoyed their product before it's hard nosed dollar driven side took over everything else 😞
  12. Gold Bar at the top of the Burj al Arab- sipping cocktails and Gins. No outside drinking but all the major hotels cater for all tastes. Show respect for local customs and you'll be fine
  13. Are there any Cruise 1st customers out there who booked the Halloween Transatlantic cruise on Indy? This was booked as a group booking so we hadn't had our RC reference number yet. I've asked about the future cruise credit and they gave a "yeah, sure" response but I've still not heard a word from Royal Caribbean or seen confirmation of my FCC. Anyone else in the same boat?
  14. Thanks They have already cancelled a scheduled call at Halifax Nova Scotia, citing the need for an extra sea day so as to allow for a due more southerly route across the Atlantic, so the potential weather is obviously already in their thoughts
  15. As someone on Anthem on the TA next April for the first time that's cheered me up no end 😮
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