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  1. Over the years I've been lucky enough to go on 20+ cruises, and love to collect the memorabilia from each trip. Unfortunately on two of my Cunard cruises they kept the cruise card as we left the ship at the end of the trip, and for my 1st cruise with RCI , I appear to have mislaid the card. Is there anywhere / any business who would replicate the.cruise card to complete my collection again. I wrote to Cunard with no response unfortunately.
  2. Don't get me wrong, we aren't big drinkers, and 4 drinks per day is more than we would normally enjoy anyway. The thought of packing into a room downing watered down drinks doesn't appeal either. Just wanted a detailed list of what is available. I suspect they'll get used before and after dinner,as we have a soft drinks package purchased for cokes/coffee's during the day Yes we are on Anthem ( 1st time Quantum class)
  3. Thanks. My plans to become a Friend of Bill W as a diamond member might need to be put on hold 😁
  4. To clarify, the happy hour has gone now, then? I thought the 4 vouchers was as well as the open bar in the DL, not instead of. We are newly qualified Diamond so we've not tried any of this yet. Our 1st Cruise as a Diamond member is tomorrow so would appreciate a detailed list of what we get. The Web site is a bit vague to be honest.
  5. Best of luck with that. 😂 We are still waiting from March for our cancelled cruise refund
  6. I'll take that. 85 days and counting and not a hint of a refund from Royal.
  7. Well the doctor in Love Boat did it to meet ladies 😁
  8. Don't know if it's still there but the BEST meal we've ever had at sea was at the SS United States on Celebrity Infinity
  9. 😁 Best I drag my pinko subversive snowflake butt outa here 🤠
  10. Hope he doesn't need insurance whilst he's away. Or repatriation. Or medical treatment. Once you ignore a state advisory, you might still be able to go, but you're on your own
  11. Compare those prices to the charges on Indy when it was first "amplified" last year. Good to see Royal showing a bit of common sense
  12. Any one aware who will be CD on Anthem for the TA in early April?
  13. I vowed to hate anyone who ended every message with Bing bong. We surprisingly found him warm, funny, enthusiastic and professional and overall enjoyed his efforts
  14. Mike was the CD on our 1st ever cruise on Explorer in October 2003. We are on Allure next year, so lets hope we get the chance to meet up with him again, now we have cruised many times and can compare him with others. We were "wowed" with the entire experience that 1st time
  15. It's more than frustrating though. THEY instigated the cancellation because there were bigger bucks to be made elsewhere, and yet they can't show the common decency of treating their displaced and disappointed customers with an ounce of respect and ensure they at least got their money back pronto. Shocking customer service.
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