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  1. Yes in the past we have been asked what we would like sod, mulch Astro turf etc. We were originally told that they would provide a "litter " type of filler. We had a bad experience years ago with a different dog and "litter". It appears that we can request Astro turf or sod and are waiting for a confirmation. I don't mind placing a deposit on the cruise however if we cancel there would be a $300 penalty. I really want some assurance before I'm at risk for even the $300.
  2. I see your buddy is a Black Lab so is Daisie. So your box was big enough for the dog and there was also plenty of room on your balcony? We were on a cruise many years ago and they had two fairly small steel pans attached to each other. I would describe them as two large jelly roll pans. They were filled with pellets which may be dog litter?? The pans with the pellets were slippery and the first time Vicki got inthem she slipped and fell. She did not want to go back.
  3. WOW I didnt realize this subject has been around so long. My wife and I are planning a cruise with our son and his new guide dog on Regent Splendor. My wife and I sailed on the Splendor on its Maiden Voyage and loved it and wanted to share the "Splendor" experience with our son. However I heard from our TA that Regent supplies a "litter box" with dog litter?? and a small piece of carpet for the dogs feet. The "litter box" would be kept on our balcony. We don't find this too desirable. We have been on approximately eight cruises on various cruise lines with his prior guide dogs and have never had this type of relief area. In the past the cruise lines would set up a relief area on an obsolete deck (such as a rope deck) where passangers are not allowed. One time Holland America set up a relief area in a remote area of a public deck. They went all out. There were two potted palms and sod. They had those red velvet ropes with pictures of fire hydrents and a sign saying "Service Animal" relief area. Mary Jo felt like royalty. Typically the cruise line would ask what type of relief area we would like sod, Astro Turff, mulch etc. I would like to hear if other guide dog users have sailed on Regent and their experiences. Also has any one used litter boxes on their balconies, how their dogs fared with a litter box, how cean up and sanitation was handled.
  4. Thank you appreciate that. We have had a guide dog on several different cruise lines but hope to talk to others regarding their experiences with guide dogs on Regent.
  5. Thank you for you input. We are pretty familiar with federal laws regarding service animals ( in our case it is a guide dog for our blind son) we have been on multiple cruises on different cruise lines with his dogs. But he has never sailed with us on Regent. We are a little concerned with information sent to our TA regarding a relief area. My wife and I have been on Regent multiple times and wanted to take our son. So I was hoping to get input from past Regent passengers that have had service dogs along.
  6. Curious on the experience of guide dog users on Regent Ships. Acceptance, relief areas etc.
  7. I'm pondering the same thing. We are booked in February. Feel the same way you do about the vaccine. My question is I don't need the cancellation insurance but would like to have medical/evacuation insurance. I know that trip cancellation along with medical has to be purchased at the time of full payment. I'm wondering if I want only medical can that be purchased at a closer time to sail date?
  8. I have had the TA order and I have also called the cruise line direct.
  9. I order it prior to the cruise and it is in the cabin when we arrive. I have been on a couple of other lines and did the same and there was an additional charge on those cruise lines
  10. We were able to have a guest visit us on the Explorer 2 years ago. Contact the cruise line. They were very nice and had no problem. Our friend was issued a "visitor" I'd. We took him to lunch in the French Restaurant and paid a minimal charge. By the way it was at a tendered port.
  11. We are disappointed. We have never been to Bermuda and have been to San Juan too many times to count.
  12. On our last several cruis s with Regent the liquor that we have had before was in our suite when we arrived. Our last cruise last month, I did ask to change out one bottle for a different choice. That was taken care of the first evening.
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