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  1. I didn't try to add anything on the app when I was onboard. I will next time. Gotta love cruisecritic........ I didn't mention in my review any not so nice things I observed so I will mention them now. The biggest complaint about this ship is that all major activities and games are done in the atrium. Yes this is the center of the ship, but it does not have enough space to accommodate all the people who want to see it. Since, this is a design flaw and probably won't change. My tip would be to find a seat on deck 7, across from the Local overlooking the activity. I call this Premium seating because you can eat/snack/drink while watching at a higher vantage point. Now, in order to get this Premium seating you will have to watch both activities for that night. There is usually some type of competition and then the major show, so if you think you are just going to watch the major show, there will be no seats left. I also want to mention a not so politically correct point regarding size. I am a size 12, coca cola shape . I felt that the shower capsule in the rooms was much smaller than usual and the go cart seats were snug. Maybe I like a lot of space around me, but I thought it was worth noting so you won't be surprised. Did I mention elevators? If you know this is a problem doing peak times, then you have three options: 1) take the stairs; 2) wait; or 3) press the opposite direction on both elevator banks that you and everyone else want, and get on and press you desired floor. You will get there faster. (REMEMBER THIS TIP IF YOU ARE DOING SELF ASSIST WITH YOUR LUGGAGE ON THE LAST DAY OR WHEN GOING TO PORT) So overall, I really loved the Bliss. I tried to provide information that I would want to know for an upcoming cruise.
  2. You can book the Comedy Shows in the Social as well. That line is shorter because they will only allow you to pick one show time.
  3. You can book in the Social and/or on the screens by the elevators. By the time I got on the ship it was a group around the screen trying to figure it out. I thought I would have a better chance of getting what I wanted with staff. The line wasn't that bad, but make sure you know your availability so the times to conflict with dinner or shows.
  4. The Vibe was sold out when we got there. Priority boarding goes first- Haveners, High latituders, handicapped or people with trouble walking or getting around. So if you fall under one of those categories you may have a chance.
  5. Hello all, just got off the Bliss and it was fantastic! I went with my husband, son (16), and two nephews 15 and 17 years old. My perspective is from young 40ish year olds, who have have cruised Symphony of the Seas, Allure, Harmony, Oasis on RCCL and Getaway and Escape plus others on NCL. We also cruised Disney and Carnval Breeze a couple of years ago as well. I will insert several tips for future cruisers as well. Embarkation - Super easy. I had my two nephews and thought that it would be a hassle with the consent form but when I provided their passports they asked for the consent forms with the parents driver's license and that's it. We got there at 10:15am and were in boarding group 3. My mission was to get there early so I could get to the Social to sign up for the race cars and lazer tags for the kids. I was successful. Sign-ups/registration for Race Track/Lazer tag and Comedy- Ok, Day 1, hour 1 was the most hectic experience I have ever had on a cruise ship ever. Rushing downstairs to get to the Social to register was nerve recking. They kept telling us that only one person need to be in line to register, but I have 3 teens. Also, you need to coordinate the times with your other reservations for dining and shows. If you have another adult with you, have one person register for the cars/lazer tag and have the other stand in line for the Comedy. Take a deep breath and know that planning in the beginning will pay off for the rest of the cruise. Do not explore ship or eat first, you have all week for that. Wifi/NCL App- We paid beforehand for the Social Media package for the boys, for I think $87 each, and it was all that was needed for them. We also bought on the first day the text option for the NCL app so we could communicate while on board. It's $9.95 a person an worth it. You should visit the Wifi area after registering for the GC/LT, the connection is poor in the interior of the ship with your regular service. Dining- I love, love, love all of NCL food options, We ate at the Hibachi restaurant that was superb, Cagneys was excellent and Q. By the time we ate at Q, we were so full from the delicious food from everywhere else we could barely it. I had the Salmon at Q and it was great. Just too full.... I rate the food overall as a 9 and I was on Symphony of the Seas on RCCL in November. I ate at Taste and Savor for breakfast and dinner and was super satisfied with the service and quality of food. Casino- This ship really delivered. Within the first 10 minutes of the Casino opening someone won $22,000 on a slot. Holy Crap.. I didn't believe it then I met a person who sat next to the guy who won, and they were pissed at themselves. I saw multiple handpays (wins over $1200) and both my husband and I won big (over a thousand) on multiple nights playing only a $1.20 bet. I think the more people complained about the machines being tight the more they adjusted the machines. Temperature of the Ship- This is for packing purposes, I didn't need a jacket but some nights it was breezy. Go Carts/Lazer tag- The go carts are so worth it. I understand the nominal fee. If you have something that fun, I would want to go over and over again. That fee and reserving slots regulates that. The cars are faster than I thought and be aware of sharp curves. Super fun. The boys did lazer tag twice as well and had fun both nights. If your kids are into Fortnite they will love this. Teen Entourage- Like I said earlier, I brought 15,16 and 17 years on this cruise. They enjoyed having somewhere to go and hang out and explore. I think they ate at the Local 3-4 times a day. Shows- Did not do, to busy winning in the casino... LOL! Thermal Spa- Worth the money to get away and relax and get in a therapy pool and go to the sauna, steam and snow room. Comedy Show- Reserved the 18+ show, it was sooo funny. Worth it! Let me know if this is helpful. I'll continue tonight.
  6. Thanks, I'm doing my single digit dance for the Bliss. We also take the stairs as much as possible so we don't feel guilty about eating dessert. Btw- we have thermal spa passes for the week, did the Bliss upgrade anything from the Escape?
  7. So, overall did you enjoy your cruise? No cruise line is perfect. I will make sure I provide a detailed report with all the questions I have now.
  8. Can u upload them. I'm sure all upcoming cruisers will appreciate it.
  9. Thanks, but maybe I should have stated dailies from March 2019. We will be on the Bliss 3/16 so I am trying to plan accordingly and to make sure my go kart reservations and such don't conflict with other activities that I may want to attend.
  10. Thanks for your responses. Still waiting for updated/new dailes? Anyone... Anyone....????
  11. Thank you! Did you try the milkshakes at Coco's? If so, is it worth the money?
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