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  1. Haha! Didn’t hear about Epic. Will check it out.
  2. I have a Fantastica balcony. Will this permit me to dine in this secluded, cozy area? Thanks!
  3. I have mostly sailed with NCL. A total breeze compared to this company. Average phone wait for me has been 40 mins. I cannot get in the website as I typically have because the page thinks I’m a different nationality than I claim to be. Called. They have no idea how to help. If this company has any hopes of running with the big boys, they’d better make some changes... and stop crashing the ships. Horrifying..,
  4. Sounds like Americans will stay on the ship? I’d be bummed.
  5. Interesting about the cc kiosk. Sometimes, the desk gives you a choice of just depositing cash in an account. An option? Thanks!
  6. I’m currently reading that all ships are keeping their itineraries to Cuba until further notice. Sounds like they are playing hardball. A bit of arm wrestling in support of the customers and their interests. I like it! Headed out on Monday. Good luck!!
  7. I think MSC is scrambling right now. News just came today. Politics...ugh!
  8. It appears as though our cruise next week might be the final trip to Cuba. Prez just banned travel starting May 2.
  9. Hey Cincinnati Fan! ( I just moved from Cincy after 31 years) I’m going to the ship next Monday. I can report back. I think I saw a terrific pool area for your younger child. I think the older one may not find much. Bring a good book🤪 sometimes the crew is always helpful. Maybe they will have fun ideas. Never hurts. Maybe a trip to the bridge? You never know:)
  10. Oh no! Staying on the ship is not an option . I only chose this ship due to the two days in Havana! I’ve been to all the Mexico ports..... Just wanted to anticipate costs.
  11. Thanks for some valuable info here! I’ve cruised many times, but have a quick question about Cuba. Do we have the choice of paying for an excursion OR a $75 fee? Or does everyone pay the $75 and then choose to go on an excursion or not? I don’t mind paying the fee, but it will help me determine my budget. Thanks!!
  12. So sad to hear the poor review. The thermal spa is my one favorite place to relax. I’ll let you know. Heading out of Miami on 4/22.
  13. Thanks to all. My TA is out of the country. MSC is no help. Bummed about the fact that they cannot help me get on their site. They are also telling me that they cannot touch a reservation created by a TA. Yikes. I just wanted to make a small change that would actually allow them to have a few more of my dollars. My booking number is solid, so that’s not the issue. I’ll try the middle name route. Thanks!
  14. I’ve been trying to log in to my MSC account for next weeks cruise for the past two weeks. I’ve called MSC twice and just get “Yes, we know there is a problem. But because you reserved with a travel agent, we cannot help you.” Anyone having same log in problem? Resolution?
  15. Has anyone experienced the thermal spa in the Armonia? Thoughts?
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