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  1. Luggage storage under bed is not unique to Disney cruise ships. Every cruise ship I have been on has space under the bed for luggage storage.
  2. $2 bills while unique could be a major PITA. Yes they are legal US tender but a lot of people are not familiar with them and they aren't accepted in vending machines. While plenty of Caribbean ports will accept USD, they will probably not be familiar with them and could have challenges spending them. One thing I would consider is getting new/crisp money. Lots of foreign exchange booths will give you hassle/refuse to exchange old/tattered money. Before a cruise I try to go by the bank and get new bank notes for tips which mitigates issues with spending.
  3. I would just tough it out at this point. There is only two more days left and it is just going to make things harder if you bring it up. Keep yourself busy with activities. Go for a run on the track, book a spa treatment, go to the cheesy art show, just come up with activities that he is not interested in attending. Mention that you are tired/have a headache and just go to bed early. Deal with this when you get home. As others have mentioned, you should have defined your relationship before embarking on a trip together. You don't have all the facts at this point and just try to enjoy yourself and deal with this later.
  4. While you won't have an assigned waiter or table you will start to gravitate towards certain staff and you can always be asked to be seated in a specific waiter's section. I don't know all the Seabourn behind the scenes magic but they definitely know you and your likes. There is definitely has to be a database that has your preferences because there is no way they remember that I like Nutella for my bread in the morning as well as a Diet Ginger Ale but yet every morning regardless of where I choose to dine they both magically appear at my table. 😄
  5. I would just take an Uber from the airport to the terminal. It should be less than $20 (before tip) from Miami International Airport to the cruise terminal. I don't like waiting on others and would much rather avoid the shuttle buses. Buses are slow and you then arrive with a pack of people at the same time all wanting to check in.
  6. While I agree that having a passport is better that is not a reason to not cruise. The OP is making a generous offer to a friend and/or relative and hopefully one of them will be able to join on the cruise last minute. I wouldn't let a lack of passport stop me from taking you up on your offer. If any of your potential invitees have a serious health issue who may have a higher than likely need of medical evacuation then maybe consider not inviting them. If by chance you end up stranded in a foreign port whether due to medical emergency or due to your own forgetfulness you can always head to the local embassy and they will help get you sorted. Is it a headache? Yes but it isn't like you are stranded forever and will be relegated to panhandling in a foreign country for survival for the remainder of your life. To the OP, since it sounds like they just have expired passports I would recommend that they go ahead and bring those along with the birth certificate and state issued ID. Having an expired passport should help expedite the process if by the chance the worst were to happen.
  7. Why are you concerned about booking flights? Booking flights is very straight forward and gives you so much more control. You also have plenty of time to collect and earn frequent flyer miles or credit card points to cover your flight.
  8. You should be fine. I would also put a few ziploc baggies in your cooler if you are worried about delays. You can always ask them to fill the baggie with ice to tide you over. Once you are thru TSA security there should be no other security check and nobody will care if your ice packs are slushy or partially frozen. The packs just have to be rock solid when passing thru the initial security check point.
  9. As long as it is frozen solid then it is allowed through TSA. I travel a lot for work and like to bring some healthy foods to stock at the hotel and pack my soft sided lunch box with food. If you get your insulin delivered it probably comes in a cooler with the freezer pack. My mom get medications delivered all the time so has loads of the freezer packs and that is what I use. My one suggestion if you use one of those larger freezer packs is to just take it out and put it in the bin separately as it always seems weird on the x-ray. I prefer that TSA not touch my stuff so pulling the freezer pack out and putting in the bin separately greatly speeds up the process. Your other option is to bring solid type foods and just freeze them and make them your freezer pack. Bonus is you can eat the pack as a snack. 🙂 there are loads of things you can freeze like cooked boneless chicken breasts. They work great as makeshift freezer packs. TSA has no interest in your doctor's note and it would be an invasion of privacy for them to ask you for it. You don't mention if you are traveling to a foreign airport but assuming you are just flying within the US then no documentation is needed. It seems like half the country has diabetes (type 2) and if the TSA had to check documentation for insulin the security lines would grind to a halt.
  10. Agree with others that if you pack a 22inch airline approved rollaboard along with a "personal item" you could theoretically have everything you need for an entire week cruise, especially if a warm weather cruise. It may not have all your assortment of choices but you could certainly dress for most occasions. I am a female and will wear my heaviest shoes and clothes on the plane. If you are packing a light jacket or sweater just tie it over your shoulders for the plane. If you are a guy and packing a sport coat for a dress up evening then wear it on the plane. This also helps keep it from getting too wrinkled. I typically have a soft knit black dress that I could easily dress up with costume jewelry I pick up in port for a fancy look but can also just throw on flip flops and wear it as a casual dress during the day. Think about what would be the hardest to replace in a foreign port. I am very picky about swimsuits and while I like to have more than one on vacation, I can always make due with just one that was packed in my carryon. I also don't need PJs as I could always just sleep in a t-shirt or just au natural. I am sure if you explained to your room steward that your luggage was lost that they could probably round up a robe for you even if your room category doesn't include one. Just try to think of the most versatile items you own and pack those in your carryon. As far as toiletries, pack the basics in as small of container as you can for carry on and pack anything else that is "nice to have" in your checked bag. You can also pick up other toiletry type items like extra sunscreen in port. Assuming you aren't doing a Galapagos Island cruise then most common ports have plenty of convenience/drug stores near port.
  11. I didn't find it to be stuffy at all. The Med is casual. You certainly don't need a suit and tie. If you want to wear gym shorts, plastic flip flops and rock band t-shirts 24/7 then Seabourn isn't for you but most evenings you will be fine in khakis and a polo for men and sundress for women. I would consider the ship to be mostly smart casual. Below is a video I found online of the "Rock the Boat" party which I think shows how most people dress in the evening on the non-formal night. The other video shows folks during the day.
  12. I would rather take another pair of shoes than a hairdryer. 😄
  13. If I have two cabins booked will they assign them near each other? I don't necessarily need connecting (though it would be nice) but would at least like to have them near each other. It would be almost a $1k more to select our own cabins.
  14. All the mass market lines (NCL, Carnival, RCCL, Disney) are very relaxed on embarkation day. However, I still think it is appropriate to wear presentable clothing in the MDR. I would suggest wearing a sundress (ladies) and knit collared polo shirt and khaki pants/shorts (men) on embarkation day so you at least won't feel weird or out of place. I would stay away from gym shorts, tank tops, graphic print t-shirts so if your luggage is delayed you won't feel out of place even if you officially are allowed in the MDR dressed in such.
  15. I think it would help if you list out what excursions/ports you are looking at doing. There is no blanket statement that is going to answer your question.
  16. Has anyone been on both of these ships? We currently have the Breakaway booked for New Year's but they have extended the vaccine requirements till Dec 31. All the adults are vaccinated but the 11 year old is not. We hope kids are allowed vaccines soon but looking at contingencies. This seems like an older ship so not sure what to think. The Liberty would be more expensive since it doesn't have the included beverage package.
  17. I am really hoping that they open up vaccines to kids under 12 soon. We will be the first in line when available.
  18. I would also check out Seabourn for some Med cruises. I have been on mainstream, premium (Azamara) and luxury (Seabourn) and found that it isn't that much more and sometimes even less to just cruise Seabourn. I have compared prices with cruising in the Haven on NCL to cruising on Seabourn and the prices are either comparable or less. Remember that you will not be nickel and dimed to death on Seabourn. You are an individual and not just a number. No need to wear a sign and sail card around your neck as there is no need to present it at every turn. The biggest draw to Azamara was the late nights in ports. That was really nice. If you are just going to cruise in a regular balcony cabin it was really no better than an NCL room but with slightly better bedding and carpets. The included alcohol was pretty bad. There were only two wines and two beers included. If you are going to pay for a suite on Azamara then you are definitely in the price range for a Seabourn cruise. if you need big shows and tons of entertainment then the bigger "ship within a ship" is probably best. The great thing about the smaller luxury lines is the fact that they call on smaller ports that the big ships just can't get to.
  19. My opinion is that Disney cruises are way more expensive than any other line that I wouldn't want to have to choose between Disney activities and Alaska activities. You are paying a huge premium for all the Disney entertainment that I consider a Disney cruise the actual destination. Unless you just have money to burn I would consider another line for Alaska where you can get much more bang for you buck. We did a 7 day Caribbean and mostly considered the ports as just a minor part of the cruise. Our stops were Key West, Nassau and Castaway Cay. We spent just a few hours in port in Key West and Nassau. Castaway Cay is Disney's private island where we did spend a full day. We loved the Disney cruise but I would never pay Disney cruise prices for a port intensive cruise. YMMV. Based on my research you could spend less by getting two connecting balcony rooms on another cruise line for the same price as to what you would pay for a single room on Disney.
  20. I think you will be fine with your plan. You meet the requirements for a closed loop cruise and having a valid passport (even though less than 6 month left) is a back up plan for getting back to the USA in the event of an emergency requiring a flight back to the US.
  21. Never thought about that. I am just having flashbacks to my cruise on the Disney Wonder where I was toting around 6 bottles for several hours. Disney allows you to carry on two bottles per person with no corkage and I took my 2 bottle allotment plus the 4 bottles that would have been my sister and BIL allotment. There is no drinks package on Disney I was definitely not giving the mouse any more of my money than necessary. 😄 One unique thing on Disney is that they allow you to bring on wine in every port. I can neither confirm nor deny that I stopped at the CVS in Key West for some additional provisions. 😄
  22. I get the wedding ceremony example but I have never heard of folks who book a cruise solely for Nassau. Practically every cruise from Florida ports in Nassau and is one of the most touristy "blah" ports out there. The only reason I may be "upset" about not porting in Nassau is because I needed to use some high speed wi-fi on land. 😄
  23. I only drink wine and have seriously contemplated just bringing on my own and removing the beverage package. It makes even more sense if only one person in the cabin is a big drinker. Even if you drink cheap wines it still works in your favor. Take the Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc that NCL sells for $37 per bottle. My local Total Wine sells it for $9 per bottle so it is a no brainer. The only thing that I am not a huge fan of is having to carry it on board and haul around till rooms are available. It would cost $180 in corkage fees to bring on an entire case but you can also carry off anything that you don't drink. When you consider you pay $140 just in gratuities per person on a seven day cruise then you have to think about the math.
  24. If you only drink wine and don't wish to purchase a drinks package you can also bring on as much wine as you like and pay a $15 corkage per bottle upon embarkation. Just throwing that out there as another option for wine drinkers. If you mix it up between cocktails, beer, wine and soft drinks then the drinks package might be a better option.
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