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  1. Our grand baby is coming with us and would love to play at the beach. We don’t want to pay all inclusive prices that Carnival is offering for their excursions for a 4 year old?!? We have been toCozumel 11 times and never really ventured very far from the port. We wanted to find a less crowded beach so she can actually play and not feel like it’s too crowded. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. From what I understand one person 100,000 and they divided the other hundred thousand between the other 49 players. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. We just got off the Carnival Breeze that was having a $200,000 Slot Tournament & $100,000 BlackJack tournament going on. This was our first cruise where we played more than just a $100. We both ended up with a combined 2500 points on our cards. Just curious if anyone knows what level of play gets “Casino” Cruise offers? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Just curious were you able to find an independent travel insurance that will insure you "after booking?" I was going to do the same thing you did but when I contacted 2 different companies they told me I needed to book the insurance with them the same time me I booked the cruise? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. We did the Build a Bear last week on the Freedom with my granddaughter. Yes it was in Camp Ocean as a Parent/Child Activity that they did on the 2nd day and last Sea day on our 7 day cruise. We missed the first one so we were very happy to find out we had another chance. The Camp Ocean staff had several "Build-a-Bear's" different animals & outfits set up on a table for the kid's to choose from. My granddaughter picked the Lion & wanted the Pirate outfit. We paid $25 for the Lion (that comes with a Carnival t-shirt) and $8 for each outfit. They gave us the build-a-bear box filled with stuffing, a star & angel for us to "build the lion." We all enjoyed the experience very much and would recommend to anyone that might be interested.
  6. Thanks again everyone for the beach info. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Did you go on a port day for a cruise? Was it part of an excursion or did you hire a cab/driver to take you there from the port?
  8. There are some really funny/cute Family Reunion T-shirt Sayings at this website - https://www.inkhead.com/blog/35-funny-family-reunion-t-shirt-sayings/#.WBt2ZC0rKUk
  9. Thank you! Punta Moreno sounds and looks beautiful - from the pictures that I saw. I'm actually the photographer in our family, so at least one shot will be on a tripod/timer. :)
  10. We really want to take our family photos in Cozumel with their beautiful beaches and that amazing blue blue water in the background. What is the perfect beach (and not too crowded) to have a little family photo session in Cozumel? We know that we are not going to have the beach to our selves, but are hoping if we get off the ship early enough we won't have to deal with too many people getting in the background. ;)
  11. Thank you all for the information! I know she will love it! Can't wait only 3 more days!!!
  12. Maybe in Progresso - Several years ago on the Ecstasy we backed into the port - so if they are still doing it the same you probably will have a front row view. Cozumel we have docked in both directions before (nose in and nose out) so you have a 50/50 shot there.
  13. Good Morning Y'all, We are bringing are son, daughter in law and 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter on this cruise. I'm wanting to get some input/information from any of you that have used the "Camp Ocean" for ages 2-5 before. I know there is some sort of Parent Orientation in the beginning of the cruise, but I just wanted to give my son/daughter in law a heads up on the requirements/rules. I couldn't find anything on Carnival's website that goes more in depth about the program. One major concern is that our granddaughter is not fully potty trained - Is that a deal breaker? She is an only child and never been in a daycare environment before - do we need to bring her shot records? These are a couple questions I've been thinking about and I know somebody out there can help me. Our daughter in law is a Stay at Home Mom and granddaughter is an only child (so far) so she doesn't get much interaction with other toddlers. She loves going to the park and getting to play with new "friends" basically any little boy or girl she meets at the park is her "friend" - so I think this experience will be wonderful for her and give mom/dad/mimi & poppy some much needing fun adult time too.
  14. I somewhat agree with you, but on the alcohol thing - Carnival's mark up is ridiculous - they are charging 400% or more for a bottle of wine! So I can understand why some people might smuggle booze. We bought a couple bottles of Fetzer Merlot while on board and paid over $30 per bottle with the gratuity included. We both enjoyed it so we looked for Fetzer Merlot after the cruise. I found the exact same bottle of wine at Wal-Mart for $6.97! Not on sale/clearance, normal everyday price - same thing at Spec's $7/bottle.
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