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  1. Thank you, all this information is incredibly helpful! I really appreciate everyone taking the time to share their experiences. I was just so anxious about it, I think we've decided to try going as close to our anniversary as possible then, more romantic that way. 🥰
  2. Hi, my husband and I wanted to do a Trans-Atlantic Crossing on the Queen Mary 2 next year for our 20th anniversary which is on Sept 1st. But that is in hurricane season, and getting hit by Hurricane Irma in Florida makes me not trust my luck. Has anyone taken the trip in hurricane season? Is it easy for the ship to get the forecast and dodge storms? Otherwise winter prices seemed affordable and safe from hurricanes, but I've heard that the seas can be rough in the winter, is that true in your experience? I am prone to seasickness/vertigo though it is helped by medicine and I know it's impossible to guarantee I'd like to pick a time that's the best gamble. I guess any advice for good times to travel. We were going to stay in Queen's Grill so that if I must be sick I can be sick in luxury. Thanks!
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