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  1. Agree with that if you can which is everybody on here use the 111 online not the phone. This has a Q&A on it pretty good really.
  2. Oh well another cancellation then. Glad I've got Whitby booked in July 😁
  3. Sorry to hear this mate, we've had to do the same my COPD and the gaffers Type2 have stuffed us. have rebooked for the same cruise next year. Mean time booked an 11 day trip to Cyprus on the 24th, I'am going away
  4. Just tried to get in to my Manager for the A006 cruise due next week logged in ok but can only get this screen, don't know if it's the usual P&O web gremlin or not but the depature date is now showing 0 days instead of 8
  5. Yes good job well done 👍 Thank you all
  6. grush240


    Sindhu for us plus the odd G&T
  7. grush240


    yep got the mail @ 8, very welcome meds are packed and ready to go put an extra month's worth in just in case. Fingers crossed there are no problems on the previous cruise now.
  8. Just had my mail for our cruise next week, extra £400 OB, plus the new cancellation terms. Seems pretty reasonable to me. FCC to be used by 31/12/2021 for cruises up to end March 2022 is a goodly time frame. We are going unless P&O cancel but can't see that on a reposition cruise.
  9. grush240


    Nothing like sitting with a glass of Mount Gay and a lump of ice watching the sun drop back garden or ship like them all, The gaffer is also a wine drinker likes a drop of Rose but will have the odd Mojito, I have a patch of mint growing especially. We have no intention of cancelling anything either got a month in Spain booked and 2 more cruises this year. Happy Dayz
  10. grush240


    We go on Azura in less than 2 weeks, I have COPD and Angina I'm 68, gaffer has type 2 and Asthma and is 65 we're going and we're not worried, can't do much about it. Looking at the "predictions" we'll probably get it at some point, but despite what the docs say we're both pretty healthy. Angina being the pain if I do too much, chances are pretty good that we will get something like a heavy dose of flu and survive. Glass half full, (hopefully Rum).
  11. A bit of a cool walk round the local park, and a shot of fungi
  12. Gulls doing what they do and Parrots being noisy
  13. Snow in the back garden after Storm Ciara on Monday
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