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  1. This is always a problem with community property. I would never dare argue with a perosn about anything, be it a chair or umbrella, theater seats, dining table, whatever. Even when you're in the right because you never know what kind of person you are dealing with. It's never worth the risk. It's my ovservation that there are a lot of nuts on cruise ships.
  2. Can anyone tell me how they were selected to participate? I have always wondered how the Mr. and Mrs. were chosen. Thanks!
  3. I'm thinking the rules were different from ship to ship. I enjoy remembering those 'good old days' traditions.
  4. Yeas ago, HAL had an interesting and fun way for passengers to 'break the ice'. On the first day of the cruise, and for the duration, two passnengers were secretly chosen to become Mr. Holland America, and Mrs. Holland America; they not could not be related. The rest of the passengers would ask eash other "Are you Mrs. (or Mr.) Holland America?" and the passengers who correctly identified either one got a prize, which may have been a free cruise; my memory is not clear. The game was never announced, to my knowledge. It was in inner-circle kind of thing, I guess. You either knew of it, or you didn't. There were some funny reactions by the passengers who weren't aware that the game was taking place, as you can imagine, a stranger approaching you to ask if you were Mr./Mrs. Hlland America! Does anyone remember it?
  5. I would like to see Hal's list. Can you say where it is? I have a hard time trying to navigate the HAL webiste. Thank you. 😊
  6. As far as calling it a tip, a gratuity, an incentive, or whatever, I think it should be called what it is, and that is just another charge, so call it a charge.
  7. Ohh, but the fountain Coke is soooo much better. So sweet. You can add your own ice.
  8. I love fountain Coke and usually buy two cards for a seven day and more for a longer sail. I couldn't find it for this year's 7-day or Dec. cruise, or 2022 49-day. I'm hoping they may offer it a little closer to the cruses, but that's just wishful thinking. Hate to lose such a good deal.
  9. I was playing one of the Buffalo slots and wasn't winning on a 60-cent bet so I played the $1.80 bet and with my first pull, I won $3,000.00. I put it all back in the following three weeks, so my gaming paid for itself on that cruise. I've found that all the ships' casinos pay pretty regularly, but there's no rhyme or reason to it that I've ever figured out I just have fun playing, win or lose.
  10. Does anyone remember when there was a Formal Rental Shop? One could eliminate an entire suitcase by renting formal wear. Everything was offered, for men and women, inclulding shoes.
  11. We stayed on a similar cabin and it was one HAL selected. I was worried about noise more than privacy. I was happy to find there is NO noise from the elevator. The privacy issue didnt' concern me because I never wear anything less than my normal 'cruise casual' when I sit outside, and on that particular cruise it was really too hot to sit outside for most of the trip. We just recently selected cabin 5100 on Zuiderdam (for our 2022 49-day sail to Hawaii and the South Pacific) because of the fabulous mid-ship location.
  12. I see on this board that some cruisers book online. For twenty-five years I have booked directly through HAL with whichever agent answers the call. Is there some reason people prefer to book online? (I hope curiosity doesn't kill this cat.)
  13. Having read the many responces to this thread, I wonder what other nicities can possible be taken away from us. I understand that HAL has to make a profit, but I would gladly pay more to have some of these things reinstated. I fear we probably haven't even seen the end of the cutbacks though, now that Covid has reared it's ungly head again. (I live in Florida, so we're getting hit hard recently.)
  14. Thanks for the heads up! Will do!
  15. How I miss those spectacular shows when the dancers all wore glorious costumes, the stage settings and lighting top nothc, and accompanied by a live orchestra. My last few cruises, on gala nights , entertainment consisted of the small cast doing what appeared to be calisthenics, backed up by piped-in music, with no costume changes. Other entertainment was nature films (that I've seen already on my tele, at home) with two musicians playing along to piped-in music. I've come to expect very little now, so any improvment would be a welcomed surprise.
  16. With all the changes being made on a daily basis, it's impossible to predict what rules or traditions may be effected. Everything is subject to change. There WAS always a complimentarty wine tasting for the highest ranked Mariners (4* and 5*). As far as which side to choose, if you're asking about the best views, it's impossible to know ahead of time. Even the captain isn't sure ahead of time exactly where the ship will be docked, or anchored. If the ship is anchored, it floats around the anchor, so the view is constantly changing.
  17. Great deal! I also book flights through Flight Ease and have saved thousands over the years. I book all travel related things through HAL. They assume responsible for for canceled flights, etc..
  18. I didn't say you couldn't. I said you shouldn't. apples and oranges.
  19. I never send anything back. I've worked in too many restaurants to send something back. I just leave it, and eat somehere else, as is always an option on a ship. If you're in the habit of sending things back, then you haven't seen what I've seen in those kitchens staffed with overly sensitive chefs. They don't like that. They get even in ways you can only image.
  20. Sounds to me like a glitch in the system, on who's end, I couldn't guess. I would try to call HAL directly and see if they have a solution. Not everyone has a computer, and HAL is aware, so there my be an alternative way to submit your paperwork.
  21. Exactly. Let's roll with the punches.
  22. I never ask for any variation of what's on the menu. It takes too long to get it. After all, it's not going to be my last meal (I hope) and there's always the buffet and the room-service menus to choose from later. If I don't want tomato on my salad, I just pick it off. I know the dining staff doesn't appreciate substitutions either.
  23. Hoping our Dec. 12th to So. Caribbean will sail. It's our little 7-dy that will push elevate us up to the 5* (which I talk about alot, I know). All we can do is hope for the best and roll with the punches. 🥰
  24. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these photos and information! I wish I was there. Have a wonderful time and be safe!
  25. I need 7 more days so I can sail the 49-day Hawaii tripo as a 5* mariner. Several weeks ago I booked a full fare 7-day cruise to So. Caribbean on Nieuw Statendam, with no special offer. The cabins offered were not great, so I chose the best of the worst, a balcony on the 8th deck, very forward, and right under the Spa. I decided yesterday that I would pay more for a better cabin. (LIfe is short.) The HAL agent offered me a balcony, smack-dab mid-ship, on the 5th deck, with only cabins above and below, at NO EXTRA CHARGE. It's a really big upgrade. I have no idea why that happened, but I'm just so excited about it, I needed to share here on CC.
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