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  1. I will be in port in January from 8-6 and the cruise line has two excursions that don't appeal to me. My original plan was to to take the Spencer tour Jalousie/ Sugar Beach Break. However, they are not taking reservations and read a few poor reviews. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a plan B. I really would like to swim under the Pitons. So maybe a catamaran tour?
  2. This looks really nice. Celebrity does not offer this. Do you remember the name of the company?
  3. If anyone is going to Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski I would love a review. They opened this year and charge $100 for a day resort pass. Wondering how much a taxi is to and from? How bad was the drive with all the switch backs 🤢. I hope they make it through the pandemic with them currently being closed.
  4. I found Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski and they have a day pass. I think it is new. Looking for a activity to do in 2022. If anyone goes I would love to hear how it is. https://www.kempinski.com/en/dominica/cabrits-resort-kempinski-dominica/services-facilities/day-pass/
  5. Anyone know of a good resort day pass? Bonus points if it includes transportation. Not big into spas. Beach, Pool and food we are looking for. All I have found is Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski for $100 + transportation. From the pier it is 1h & 10 min away .
  6. Thank you. I always ask to have it emptied. Didn't realize it wasn't fridge but a cooler. This will be my first drink package 🙂
  7. One additional thought. The items in the mini fridge ( can of soda, bottle water etc) in the cabin are not included correct?
  8. I have never gotten a beverage perk before but looks like it would come with my cruise. Would I be billed 20% on each drink for gratuity? I don’t drink much and would mostly get daily special drinks, piña colada etc. Classic beverage does not include specialty teas correct?
  9. What was your favorite Concierge Cabin on Edge and why?
  10. If I sign up for Frndly could I watch the channel while on a southern Caribbean cruise? I know my Hulu account won’t work in Europe and was wondering if it would be the same set up.
  11. I would like to try this on the Equinox with my iPad. From the pictures I have seen online it looks like the TV pop out a little so it should be relatively easy to plug in the HDMI cord. You would also need for the iPad a Lightning Digital AV Adapter ( not generic version) for a iPad. Not so sure about " Power up TV using the button on bottom right....". Thought i would have to bring a universal remote. If anyone has any pictures of how to do this with Equinox cabin I would appreciate it. You also would need a WiFi plan with the ship to use Netflix, Hulu etc. app I think the WIFI is onl
  12. I was wondering if anyone has taken the Celebrity Shadowfax Champagne Lobster Cruise. How was it? Was there enough time to see everything? How many people aboard? How long was the excursion?
  13. I am debating booking a Excursion with with Celebrity. Once I book it will they automatically zing my OBC? Can I cancel the excursion if I change my mind and/or the price drops? What will happen to my OBC then?
  14. Thank you everyone for your positive feedback on the Jalousie/Sugar Beach Break. I am thinking of booking it. I see he does not take credit card and takes $10 PayPal deposit. How does this work with Paypal? Is the rest due in USD currency?
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