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  1. Fully anticipating exactly the same response......... Can live delay etc etc.... But I just want them to be honest about what expectations can be realised
  2. I sought further advice today 18 May on my refund now overdue on the 60 day wait time having been told a week ago the 60 days did not include weekends and bank holidays. That of course was pure waffle - but I paid the game. Todays advice was given accepting the 60 days time wait had been reached with no mention of weekends, bank holidays etc being of relevance. My call handler was again, extremely polite and explained demand for full refund, rather than the 125% scheme, had exceeded expectation and that extra staff had been deployed to deal. However, there were some who were due and should ha
  3. I cancelled a cruise on 19 Mar 2020 for a cruise sailing 12-26 Apr 20. I have sat thru' the changing time scales for repayment but phoned P&O direct yesterday, 11 May 20, for a general update. I was told very politely that I was using the wrong time calculator in my 60 calculation in that I should not including Bank Holidays, Saturdays or Sundays as P&O did not term these as "working days". I pointed out that I had booked, direct with P&O, on a Saturday and paid on a Sunday and that there was no mention in the cruise itinerary that the ship would drop anchor at midnight on any Frid
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