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  1. I’m actually happy enough to pay a few hundred dollars and go on a different cruise rather than lose the 1300+ we’ve paid as deposit!
  2. We have booked an 11 day Caribbean cruise in December but had completely forgotten about Zika virus :( We are hoping to add to the family in the not too distant future so obviously we can’t go on the cruise. We’ve booked through a US travel agent and a non-refundable fare. My understanding of reading the small print is that we can change to a different cruise - am I right? The one we are looking to change to is less than we have already paid off the December one so I presume we lose the difference? Or can we use it to book drinks package or something? I know my travel agent is best person to call I just won’t get a chance to this week with the time difference and commitments
  3. I cruised at 12/13 weeks pregnant - food wise I had zero appetite anyway, I was so sad not to be able to face anything. I do remember asking for two plain jacket potatoes in the MDR one night for dinner as it was all I could stomach... it arrived with a big pot of sour cream on the side and just looking at it put me off food for the next 24 hours! Pregnancy is a funny thing >.< Also hot tubs aren’t recommended if pregnant
  4. Another vote for Carambola beach club - we had a great day there
  5. I’m not one to take pictures of the ship so can’t help there but if you search the #myindy on Instagram you should see quite a few from the press cruise post-refurb. We also liked the sports bar, it had a nice vibe to it, didn’t feel like the usual cruise ship bar at all. The chips in Fish & Ships were grand, not sure I’d bother with it again though. Grease was very good, well worth going to The new area on the sports deck with swing, climber and hammocks is a nice addition. I’ve often had the issue of not getting a seat in certain bars after dinner/before a show on all the ships we’ve been on. It wasn’t such a big deal this time as we were travelling with a preschooler but it did seem busy
  6. I’d be interested to try Oasis class again - we did it as a TA with bad weather and it was awful. It was so crowded as nobody was outside at all
  7. We just got off Indy this morning and had a wonderful cruise. We commented several times between ourselves on the quality of the food particularly In the WJ. It was very crowded on embarkation day and one other lunchtime when everyone was in a rush to eat at the same time to get to see Grease but otherwise we never had an issue getting a table quickly. I think it was probably one of our best cruises ever
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