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  1. I am beyond excited by this announcement - we had said we were only going to do one cruise next year and it was going to be on Allure as I've always wanted to try her. We live in Ireland and even though the cruise fare will be a little dearer the flight prices should be a quarter of the transatlantic prices for us so we might be able to squeeze in a second cruise next year after all... I'm voting Anthem, my husband thinks I'm nuts :D

  2. Honestly I wouldn't worry about it - we were on her last May and had a brilliant time, so much so we're going on her again in another 5 weeks! Shes a little older than some of the others but nothing major and honestly the nicest and friendliest crew ever, from the captain right down

  3. Just wondering anyone who has done one of these before at the start of November - when did the weather start to improve to a level where you could comfortably use the pool/sunbathe?


    I'd love to try this itinerary - now I just need to find a way of getting a reasonable one-way flight from FLL or MIA to Dublin - at the moment it's only €100 less than a return :(

  4. Frankie has left the Explorer, and is RUMORED to be going to the Oasis. The Activity Director is currently Kristen/Christine (I apologize for the spelling) Blair aka Mrs. John Blair. Her husband, John is filling in for Leigh, as the CD. Erky from Turkey will arrive on September 28 to assume the duties of Activity Director.


    Frankie starts on Oasis on October 5th, he's currently on vacation

  5. Just checked my phone and we were standing outside calling the car service at 8.43am! There was no queue for us at customs, as we were the only people in the non-US citizen queue. Also we were waiting in studio B for announcements but couldn't hear any so my husband went to check and turned out our group which was down for 8.30am had already been called (this was around 8.15) so we headed off

  6. We're not long back after a 9 night on Explorer (beautiful ship & great captain). We managed self-debarkation ok but we only had one large bag each. There's no compartment for the luggage but they did have a staff member at each door on the shuttle helping people with bags. That was the only step, the rest was ramps/elevators. We had quite a wait for an elevator that could fit us both and the bags - in the end I squashed in with the bags & my hubby ran down to deck 3 to meet the elevator

  7. We were signed up to attend the meet and mingle on Freedom last week but didn't get an invitation with details. As first time cruisers we weren't sure when we should get the invitation and when we went to ask at guest relations we had missed it by 2 hours! It was our own fault I suppose for not asking sooner, lesson learned. It was a shame thou as we're both quite shy and wanted the chance to meet a few people but it just didn't work out

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