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  1. cruisewithbaby

    First Time Haven - Ship Tours included?

    I have no experience with NCL haven but on Royal when we were in a suite last year we are given a free tour of the bridge, there were 4 of us in the cabin and they let us bring my father in law who was in just a balcony room. There was just a card in our room inviting us the next day to the bridge tour and where to meet.
  2. What is the difference? Right now a spa mini is $290 more per person on my sailing then a mini suite. Is it just included access to the thermal spa? It’s my understanding that I can try to buy thermal spa weekly passes for $250 online? There’s 3 in our cabin and 1 is child, so I would just try to by the $500 pass for 2. Making a regular mini more cost effective. What am I missing? We will try for the passes but if we can’t get them it won’t break the trip.
  3. cruisewithbaby

    Coco Cay ~ Ocean View Deluxe Cabana VS Beach Bungalow

    A few more photos...this shows some of the food from the special buffet, also saw my daughter had lamb chops on her plate. That brown thing she is holding is an instrument she got at the market on the island, my son got a wooden crab that they carved his name on. The green wristbands let people know we are in a cabana. We were in a OS suite on the ship so don’t know if that affected our treatment? But they came up and gave us the wristbands when we got there. We did not get priority tender, I think it was totally my fault not understanding that it would be a huge cluster trying to get a tender! That lighthouse with a birds nest was next to us, it was neat
  4. cruisewithbaby

    Coco Cay ~ Ocean View Deluxe Cabana VS Beach Bungalow

    This is my first time loading imagines so I hope it works! We went to coco cay march 2017. This is the cabana. I was Amazing! I’ll look and see if I can find what number it was. There were 4 of us in the cabin, 2 adults and 2 kids but we brought along my father in law from another cabin and it was no biggie. Fresh cut fruit and the water was there with towels and snorkel stuff and 2 floats. The cabana was direct ocean front, with the beach right to the right. I dont remember drinking on the island but there was a private bar and buffet just for cabanas, it was awesome! So worth it. The attendant was great too but we didn’t really ask for anything that I remember. Right in front of cabanas it’s rocks so at first I was worried my kids would want to jump, but they didn’t. There is enough walking space before you get to the rocks. Any questions? It was very close to where you get off the tender. The 1 pic shows a white plastic chair, that is the buffet area looking into our cabana
  5. cruisewithbaby

    Small cabanas on the cay - Great Stirrup Cay

    Has anyone been there recently that has a review of the large cabanas? Which numbers would you ask for and why? How was service?
  6. Is this also the same with shows? I’m going to have to book 3 cabins of shows and meals for family, all under different bookings.
  7. cruisewithbaby

    GSC 1 or 2 cabanas?

    Thanksgiving week not thanks 🤣
  8. cruisewithbaby

    GSC 1 or 2 cabanas?

    We are a family of 12, 2 families plus grandparents:at the time of sail we will have 1 8yo, 1 9yo, 1 10 yo, 1 16 yo, 1 17 yo, 1 30 yo, 4 adults in their 40’s and 2 grandparents. So far I booked 1 large cabana on GSC for our island day. It says it is for 8 and you can add 2 more guests for a fee. We are 12, so we would have to add 4 extra not 2. Is that possible to do, on board? At the island? Do you get a wrist band? I’m toying with do we need a 2nd cabana? Each family get their own and grandparents and the 30yo decide where they want to go. Or will it work out with 1? We will be there thanks week so I am sure it will be busy. The cabana was not cheap $425 after my discount 😮 last year there was only 6 of us, on RCL’s coco cat, and then 1 person stayed on the ship so it was just 5 of us. Also that cabana had a private lunch area and bar and was ocean front; these look to have no separate buffet? I think those were suite only and these anyone can rent? Bc also the last one, there was huge Evian in the cooler and they dropped off fruit plates etc randomly during the day. Long story long, would you get 2 cabanas? Keep the 1 (the same person that didn’t go to the island last time is with us again but says this time she will come to the island so who knows). Any advice?
  9. cruisewithbaby

    Bliss Review & Pics - Dec. 8th - Group of 7 adults

    Loving your review!
  10. cruisewithbaby

    NCL Bliss Mini Suite 9792

    I don’t have any info but I’m sailing in this cabin later in 2019 if you would not mind putting a review on this thread after you sail??
  11. Our sailing has a free WiFi amenity option, what does that actually include?? I’m worried our kids will use it and we will get charged. We have never done WiFi onboard. Bliss thanksgiving 2019.
  12. cruisewithbaby

    Bliss kids club

    Sorry wrong board!
  13. cruisewithbaby

    Bliss kids club

    I’m sure this has been asked before, just can’t find it. We have 3 kids ages will be 7,9,10. Will they all be together in the kids club? Does anyone have the kids club dailies for Bliss?
  14. cruisewithbaby

    What to do at Port Canaveral port?

    We will be docked 1-9 in November, thanksgiving week. There are 12 of us from ages 7-70! We don’t all have to do the same thing. My kids don’t want to do space center bc they see NASA when we visit VA. We would love a dis way day but with just docking at 1, that means get off ship by 3-1 hr drive then have to be back on board by 6/7 means only 3 hours at the park 👎. Last time we just walked around the dock area a little and went back to the ship, trying to avoid that this time as it’s a “bucket list” cruise for some of them.