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  1. Thanks for the picture! This looks bigger than when it is just a sofa? What did they do to it besides put on a sheet and pillow?
  2. Is there something that you can ask for to extend the sofa bed on a mini suite Bliss? Does anyone have a picture of the sofa bed made up for the night? I know they don't fold out like a sofa bed at home would, but does the back pillow come off to give a little more room? Does a board slide out from under the cushion to put the back pillow on to extend the bed portion? TIA
  3. We are 45 days out. If I print my ed odd then decide later to add something, shore ex, spa pass, meals etc can I just reprint the docs and they will be updated?
  4. Does the ultimate WiFi “sell out” ? I just called NCL and the lady said I had to buy the package onboard for the upgrade. But she also said sometimes it sells out! I’m on a thanksgiving week sail and we need WiFi for work all week. It’s selling At $206 online, would it be $230 ish onboard then? Wondering if I should just buy it now at $206? To be safe? Also ncl rep said the price for things like the bottle water package would be the same online and onboard? She also told me to wait until onboard to book spa pass?!? I know those sell out! Any ideas why she was so pushing to wAit until onboard? I said I wanted to buy now and have them charge my acct when we board but she said anything I buy on the phone today would need to be charged today? I’ve heard conflicting info on that.
  5. What time does the booking open on 120 days out? Midnight,7:00am? I’m just wondering when I’ll be able to log in. And when do they accept phone calls, I want to join thermal spa but use OBC not my cc so I’d have to call that in
  6. Thank you. I was assuming the connection inside will be a door we can just unclock on both sides like in a hotel. Yes I was asking about the balcony sorry I didn’t clarify. Ok we will ask when on the ship but plan for a no:)
  7. If you are in a mini suite connection and have both rooms booked will they open the wall?
  8. We are 4 cabins. We booked a cabana on GSC. We are going to have to add the 2 extra person charge so 10 of us can go. I called NCL and they said you donince on the ship. I asked if the other 2 cabins can use their $50 perk towards the cabana and she said to ask at the desk bc it can only be hooked under 1 room. Has anyone tried this before? It’s 4 cabins total so essential we could get $200 off the cost? Or maybe they would just add 2 ppl and erase their credit for the day on one cabin? what ever happens happens and we will have fun but would be nice to use the credits
  9. I have gotten a few price drops before final payment but sometimes when I do a mock booking and it’s cheaper and I call they say it is for new bookings only and other times it’s for all bookings so it depends. Also can anyone tell tell me on tge Bliss what would be the next cabin upgrade to a mini suite connected stateroom? Spa? I think spa minis only hold 2 ppl? We would be looking for an after final payment upgrade for 3 ppl with a Pullman or some type of 2nd bed other than the sofa. Sorry to hijack the thread Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the information! I thought from the description it seemed small when it basically said all there is to do is climb the lighthouse. I actually called Shore ex about something else and got a great person and she told me yes it’s a new offering, she did not sound personal too excited about it! I also asked why are there not many offerings on my trip yet and she said with the whole Cuba change trip they had to scramble to get those locked down and now are working on the next few months so it might be later than normal to see offerings on my sailing.
  11. My shore ex. Website for NCL just updated with about 5 different excursionsvto pesrl island?? Is this a new island, I’ve been to the Bahamas a few times and never saw this listed as a place to go? I’m still waiting for them to come out with pricing for blue lagoon...
  12. Thank you. I think maybe it’s called dolphin swim that does the foot push. Still debating if my kids would want to do that or just the encounter.
  13. Thank you I forgot about hibachi, I know they will want to go there for sure, that we would pay for them bc they love going on land as well.
  14. Thank you! Hoping they will head to the kids club and eat there for dinners that they can, I think it’s only on port days? But I’ll book our specials for 4 not 2 Incase they come.
  15. It’s been a few years since I’ve done NCL. When at a specialty restaurant do the kids eat off the children’s menu for free while the parents pay for their meals? We have the free restaurant dining package For both adults. I know the prepay frat for adults is $19.80pp how does that work if the kids come with us? Also at what age are they considered a child to eat off the kids menu I have a seven and nine-year-old but they were also be a 10-year-old with us.
  16. On our upcoming trip we have 4 cabins. Withou a doubt paying $140pp in grats for the 3 cabins makes sense. But cabin 4 we aren’t sure the $300 is a good deal. The wife spends most of her time in the casino and at most will have 1/2 drinks a day outside of casino. The husband spends his time on the pool deck or relaxing with us but he will probably have 3/4 drinks a day. Should they forgot the “free drinks” perk and just pay per drink? Advice please
  17. 3 kids are ages 8,9 and 10 it will be myself and my sister-in-law taking the children. dads want to stay back on the ship. would you take blue lagoon dolphin or Atlantis dolphin? The excursions for our sale date are not up yet but we would want to go through the cruise line. We will be there on Thanksgiving day if that makes a difference too. Myself and my two children have been to the Bahamas a few times sister-in-law and her child it is their first time ever being there. Advice?
  18. Thank you for this review! In the dolphin encounter do they do the push through the water on your feet? Or is there a chance to upgrade to that once in the water? We want to do this ship excursion with our 7 and 9 year olds but I’m worried if I book the “swim” level and we get there and are scared it’s not worth it but if I book the encounter and they love it I’ll be kicking myself I didn't book the foot push! Also once you have the encounter booked are you free to roam the island and is there anything you need to pay for besides souvenirs and food?
  19. The bed should separate. The sofa; depending on ship, is super super tiny. You could fit a child on it and maybe a tiny adult but not comfy for the week. It doesn’t pull out. My young kids actually ask to sleep on the floor instead! But if you get a balcony room that sleeps 4 there should be a Pullman in ceiling. Still tight for an adult but doable.
  20. I have a free at sea excursion question...we have 4 cabins. When we get to the Bahamas 3 of the cabins want to do the blue lagoon swim. No one in the 4th cabin wants to go and plan to just walk around the port. Would the 4th cabin be able to book the excursion through their $50 credit for someone in cabin 2 to use? Bc all 3/4 will use up the $50 even with one person going so could the /be person in cabin 2 technically use the credit that cabin 4 has? Hope that makes sense.
  21. Following. My kids were interested in seeing Havana on the Nov sailing but heard it doesn’t have much of a story just pretty costumes and dancing so I’m open to hear what is going to happen....if the take off Jersey Boys the adults in our group will be upset.
  22. Also I can’t book until next month when it opens up but online says there’s an 18 percent gratuity added...can I ask why? It’s not a service but a self serve spa right?
  23. Do you know what the hours usually are? I would love to get passes for me and husband and father in law, but most likely I would only be able to get there in the earlier am. husband and his dad would be mid day relaxers.
  24. I would suggest walking to the pirate museum. It’s an easy walk and we did it when our kids were that age. It won’t take up your whole time on the island but you can slowly walk back to the ship.
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