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  1. sorry I misread the question:o:o
  2. It's your choice, Any Time or Assigned ,one or the other, you choose your dinning when you book your cruise.
  3. Hey, sorry for your aunt. Yes cover yourself. I would suggest u call some insurance companies, and see how you would have to proceed ,so there are no surprises. Hope all goes well:)
  4. The anytime dinning was in the Chic dining room Ask for Jay Jay, great guy:)
  5. If u buy it, you can drink whatever u want on the Lido on sail away:)
  6. We used FTTF on the Freedom last Saturday, we were placed in a separate area, got on after Platinum and suites, it was awesome. I had to go to guest services twice and used the platinum and FTTF line. I was never asked to show my card till I got to the person behind the counter. We had no issues with other platinum or diamond guests. In fact on my second trip, there was a lady in front of us who was platinum and she had to make a phone call, she made me pass in front of her because she new it would take long, she was very nice. I think that the only people who complain about FTTF are a small minority on these boards, on the ship itself people don't care, there cruising and on Vacation. It's a good purchase if u can get it:)
  7. That's exactly the sequence that was used on the Freedom last Saturday.
  8. Thanks, will get there as planned and will see I guess:)
  9. Hi, were leaving on the Freedom on Sunday. Booked about 6 months ago and it's really cold here, so looking forward to this trip! So we bought FTTF got caught up in all the excitement of it. Anyway I received an e-mail a couple of days ago, telling us not to get to the port before 2 because they will be doing some kind of routine maintenance and boarding will be between 2 and 4 and leaving shortly afterwards. I know from reading the boards that there is a generic e-mail about getting to the port later but normally its at 1:30PM. Today I received a phone call recorded message, telling me not to show up before 2, is this a typical e-mail they send out to avoid crowds or is it legit? I don't mind but what happens to my FTTF?
  10. Agreed, on our 1st cruise we sailed on the Pride and we asked if we should bring our passports with us at the Ports. We were actually told by guest services that we should use our licence or our Medicare cards that have Photo I.D., rather than leave the ship with our passport.
  11. You actually handled yourself pretty good! You had no choice to speak with guest services. The only thing I would have dealt directly with him would be, that he understand that he is NEVER to come into our room and close the door if my wife is in there alone.
  12. We were mid ship on empress deck with a balcony, No flat screen.
  13. Love the pre-paid tips! Besides that, I usually bring along a dozen 8X10 pictures of myself, and I Autograph it for them.
  14. Got ours for the Freedom, 180 days out
  15. No way I could ever sleep on a plane! That said , I also wouldn't take a nap once I boarded. It could be the new thing for Fttf , priority boarding and your room ready so u can nap:)
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