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  1. That would be age discrimination in my opinion . Many over 70s are healthier than many under 70. Many doctors would not sign such a release due to liability issues. We already pay a premium for insurance which is understandable based on statics. Isn't that enough! And we (our choice) pay a premium for the luxury lines amenities. More than half the passengers on some lines are over 70.
  2. I just cancelled our June 4 Alaska cruise. Oceania should have cancelled it and given a full refund but it still shows cabins for sale! I don't see how they can sail under new Canadian port restrictions. But they only offered a FCC for payment in full due 3/20, which we did not want to invest. My TA had them refund my pre paid tours ( per their policy) and $1,000 of our deposit. They kept the $250 pp fee and said it could be used toward a future cruise.
  3. I agree with Floatplan. We are booked for the two week Alaska in June. So far all we have been offered is to make final payment by March 20 and offer to cancel later and get a FFC. We are in our late 70s. We don't want a FFC. WE just want our deposit back plus the money we paid up front for tours. My TA is going to check with them. No news about cancellations yet. We also have the same offer from Regent for a Sep. crossing we booked. I would rather lose the deposits than make any final payments at this time.
  4. Recently returned from a cruise on the Surf. Great service , food, etc. as always. But as much as we love the Surf we will not fly out of St Maarten's airport again. It was bad before but now It was even worse than a zoo..a nightmare is a better description. And I doubt the remodeling will make things any better. All flights delayed. Lines so long and crowded, everyone did not fit into the building. Hours in line to check in. Line to security extended all around the airport. Many missed flights. A few years ago we were on a two week Surf cruise out of Barbados. No problems there.
  5. We did a full day tour ( through Windstar) in Granada. It was very good. Also the tour in Montserrat is fascinating.
  6. We love the Surf but as was mentioned..traveling from the west coast to St Maartin is tricky. We fly to S. M the day before and stay a day after. This year we are going to fly from S.M. to Miami..spend a night in an airport hotel and fly to the west coast the next day. I actually saved enough on air by flying on different days to cover the post cruise hotel charges. Plus we won't be rushed to make connections. We will consider the hotel stays as part of the vacation.
  7. Have you also checked out the Wind Surf. Almost Twice as big (around 300 passengers-probably less on a crossing), an extra specialty restaurant ( Stella Bistro).and a nice large lounge mid ship. You tube has some nice videos of both yachts.
  8. Not aware of any senior deals on cruises. If you are retired it is easier to find general or last minute deals because you are not limited by sailing dates. Maybe you might find shore excursions deals from independent shore excursions but probably not. As seniors ( over 75) who cruise a lot we usually prefer the ship tours for the security provided. Don't know about the specialty restaurants as we only cruise on small ships where they are included for everyone.
  9. Aloha razer..we are also booked in the Westin but only one night. Spending a post night in St Maartin and a night in Miami on the way home. It is really hard to get good west coast connections from St Maartin . Also got better flights that way. The difference in cost will pay for the hotel night. Go figure ! By the way...we relocated from San Diego to Arizona a few years ago. Forgot to change our profile. Have some great Canadian friends in Vancouver. We have been to Montreal twice on cruises..a beautiful city. We spent a lot of time in Maui. San Diego used to have a direct flight. Been s
  10. Love the Surf and are booked to go next week. We loved the Pride's East coast cruise and transition to Puerto Rico last year and also the Legend in Alaska. Would not hesitate to book again ...but only after the refit is done !
  11. Thank you but most of us are aware airborne ( and most of the other supplements) advertise falsely but I figured a little extra Vitamin C before the cruise wouldn't hurt. I don't consider the boarding rules oppressive at all. Just hoping we don't catch colds on the way .Planes are not the healthiest of places and the only way we can cruise on the Surf ( which we love) is to fly somewhere. We are seniors and always get travel insurance in case of emergencies on a cruise. Happily I am glad we have never needed to use the insurance. And many of us have allergies..if we didn't go anywhere when we
  12. I got mine yesterday...four exactly the same. I guess they want us to pass them around ??
  13. We are also on the Feb. 18 cruise. We are also doing a pre day in Cozumel. We have not been out of Arizona since September. We were on the Pride NY to Montreal in Sept. ( Great cruise ! ) Never been to the far east. I am also anxious about getting mild flu ( had our shots but they are not 100% protection) or common cold symptoms. It has been an unusually cold winter ( almost down to freezing at night) . Taking lots of airbornes. But I will be anxious about the temp check until we are aboard. Hope to see you there razor.
  14. Years ago, our first several Caribbean cruises we flew from the west coast to Florida. We had our air booked by the cruise lines ( RCCL and HAL when they were around 1000-1500 passengers. ) They flew us to Florida the day before and INCLUDED a hotel room and transfers.. AH..the good old days ! Now we pay extra for a hotel room the day before even if it is a short flight. I consider it part of the vacation cost. But if you are confident to go the same day good luck. Odds are all will be fine. But I know if we tried it something would go wrong or I would be miserable worrying until we go
  15. A lot depends on the itinerary. Most lines give you a walking tour in the morning, then free time or they might move to another port in the afternoon. I remember days of cruising past lovely vineyards growing up the sides of hills and castles on hill tops. You don't need a balcony but it is really nice to have a full door you can open. My suggestion is to check out the web sites for the different lines. We were on Viking the first time ( before they expanded) and Avalon twice.
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