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  1. After 10 Windstar cruises we have only encountered rude passengers once. And wouldn't you know...they were a group of media or TAs traveling for free.
  2. We are also on the Riviera sailing from Miami Dec 03. It would be the first Riviera cruise out of Miami after the TA. We booked last Sept. because of the "fully vaccinated" policy. Got a good deal but getting cold feet. Have not received anything from O yet. At present cut off date to not have any cancellation penalty is Aug. 04. Final due Sept. 04.
  3. Been on 10 Windstar cruises. Got a free upgrade on the surf once. Same cabin but top level. On the Pride..twice we were offered ( by e mail) an upgrade to a french balcony cabin for a fraction of the original price. Took it and was well worth it.
  4. Been on Oceania twice and have two more booked. Didn't get an invite either. Maybe they know we also cruise on Regent and Windstar and are not faithful. Just joking. I would guess the selection was somewhat random.
  5. One of our reasons for sailing on Regent is they take care of everything. All we have to do is get to the airport on time. Used to like planing our itinerary years ago to save a few $$ but in our senior years like to be pampered which Regent does beautifully. Quite often, esp. in Europe the upgrade to concierge is well worth it for the included hotel stay alone. Lovely hotels, nice pre cruise breakfast. Some places Regent will have a free shuttle from the hotel to local sights. Don't mind the bus ride and we can chat with other passengers while waiting. It is usually short plus we don't have to worry about the luggage. Don't need to rush to be first on board.
  6. Great...Hope you have a wonderful trip. We also had our first french balcony on a river cruise. I think people that are used to the balconies on the larger ships are disappointed as they expect to be able to sit out there. Sorry, only enough room for your feet. But that is all you need to get a better view and take photos from the balcony. And you don't get the subtle sounds and fresh air of the ocean through a window. If you are someone who spends most of your time on the pool deck the upgrade cost is probably not worth it. But it is nice to be able to get up and go outside in your PJs. if the mood suits.
  7. We experienced a Pride french balcony (pre stretching). Even though it was narrow you could stand outside and see up & down the length of the ship. It was great for taking photos from our room. And the fresh air was nice. I've booked one again in 2022. I would prefer having the sitting area by the balcony instead of the bed although have never experienced the reverse.
  8. We booked 28 March 2023 crossing on May 28th. But had to wait until mid June to get conformation for a post cruise tour in Lisbon. Don't know why the web site only goes until April 2023.
  9. Oceania (also under the NCL banner) is stopping there in Dec. too. We are booked on that cruise in a penthouse suite for the first time ever. We are staying in our lovely penthouse and will watch the tenders depart and arrive back . We can always go for a dip in the pool.
  10. Same here..having been to many empty island beaches in Hawaii and the Carib. , a developed Cay would not be enjoyable for us. Can't see spending $$ for a cabana just to have shade. Our cabin is lovely. Hubby doesn't even want to go ashore.
  11. Nice video.pretty beach...but notice the absence of crowds..In some shots..only one lovely young couple. I guess everyone else is still waiting for their tender.
  12. Back in 2000 on the old Westerdam, in the Carrib. on Half Moon Cay the waiters waded into the water with a champagne tray, wearing a tux top, and we took pictures being served in the beautiful turquoise water . It was a cute photo op. I doubt they will be doing that on Regent or Oceania but you never know.
  13. I understand that Norwegian's big ships stop there. We are booked on Oceania in Dec.They just cancelled a stop in the Dominican Republic and changed it to GSC too. They are not all inclusive ..the food is included on the Cay, but the drinks only if you buy their package. The cabanas are available for rent. I wonder if Regent will include any as a tour choice? You should get more info on their web site for your cruise. Since NCL , Regent & Oceania are all under the NCL brand it makes sense. Don't know the reason for cancelling the DR.
  14. Tours were very important to us as we were on our first med cruise (Voyager) which was port intensive. Glad we got the concierge level with advance choices. Got every tour we chose and they were all very well organized. Also, having never been to Italy, the hotel package was also important to us. If you are a frequent European traveler and these things are unimportant, the other suites are the same and equally spacious and comfortable. Only difference may be location preferences.
  15. We had planned this cruise as a substitute for two cancelled crossings on Regent . Didn't care about the ports. We all still don't know if all the ports will be open. Hopefully by December things will be closer to normal. Had our shots but still nervous about testing and flying. Hated flying even before covid. Need to make a decision by Aug. to not have a cancellation fee. Things are starting to look better for the industry. Wish they would leave it up to the cruise lines as to require all passengers to be vaccinated.
  16. I agree the private limo is a good idea..but I differ with you on one matter. We were on a bus to Civitavecchia but it was a pleasant trip and nobody was "schlerpping along all their bags". Except for our carry ons Regent took care of all the luggage. Maybe you were on a different cruise line.
  17. We've been on the voyager twice in the Med. Booked concierge because we were new to Europe and wanted the hotel overnight & transfers. If you are already in Italy and don't need the hotel, the deluxe veranda suites are the same. If you are on your own, the port is quite a distance from Rome.
  18. On the Voyager there was an Espresso maker in concierge level.
  19. Me too, but not for breakfast. Maybe we should petition them to keep it in stock.
  20. yum..I am booked on the Splendor but not until 2023. ( my 2022 cruise on the Voyager was cancelled.) Luckily I also managed to book a cruise on Oceania for Dec. Hope it goes. I am starving.
  21. I am on the Dec 3 cruise and don't really care where it it goes..as long as it goes and the cruise is somewhat "normal". It will be our first post covid vacation.
  22. When we are on vacation I prefer a casual sit down breakfast in the main dining room. Most of Regents tours allow time for a nice breakfast. When offered we will opt for a later tour time. We have always had good service and menu choices ( you can only do so much with breakfast) . Never had any luck with room service for breakfast. Never sure what time we will get up!
  23. How was the trans Atlantic? Haven't done one yet. We were scheduled for three different ones on Regent. All were cancelled. Now we are on the Splendor Miami to Lisbon with a post cruise land tour. It was supposed to take place next year but the itinerary was changed. Now we have to wait til March 2023. If we last that long.
  24. We must have been on one of the last cruises before covid shut everything down. Returned from 2 weeks on the Wind Surf Feb 29, 2020. Have you been on Oceania before? I assume you are on the Riviera. We sailed with them once...Alaska cruise & Denali land tour on the Regatta ( 684 passengers) in 2017. It was great. Also did Alaska again in 2018 on the Star Legend. The Riviera has 1250 occupancy if they fill all the cabins. Largest ship we will have been on since 2010 ! Hope we don't get lost!
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