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  1. My gut says they'll go to 100% vaccinated cruises first, concurrent with litigation if necessary saying their ships, their rules, their livelihood. I hope they do not suspend again. Too many interested parties have way too much to lose. Again, this is from my crystal ball.
  2. Got an email for August 7th as well! Dear Guest, We look forward to welcoming you aboard the Celebrity ApexSM for your 7-night Greek Islands cruise vacation. Before we set sail, we have some important information to share regarding our itinerary. Celebrity Cruises has been working closely with health and government authorities, in each country we sail from, to outline a clear path for cruising with new health and safety measures. As we return to service, we are continuously evaluating all itineraries and the status of travel conditions around the world. At this time, ou
  3. From Celebrity's consumer site just now, revised as of today: While Ashore On-Your-Own Tours are permitted in Athens, Santorini, Rhodes and Dubrovnik. Celebrity Cruises curated tours will be required in Mykonos. Nothing updated for my sailing as of yet. I guess that will happen later today.
  4. There are good ones, and bad ones. I had one years ago who refused to admit she was incorrect (remember the ever changing fuel surcharges??) Long story short, I called Royal, told them she was wrong and could prove it, they spoke to me, and gave me OBC for the difference in price. (The TA had 5 months to adjust her invoice to the correct fuel surcharge price. She never did. Not my fault but I had to pay it or risk the cruise being cancelled. Her big company should have just used Royal's confirms). Needless to say, I stopped booking with her. Now, if my TA makes a mistake, she c
  5. I'll be happy with whatever itinerary we sail...as long as we sail! I start traveling 2 weeks from tomorrow so crossing my fingers!!
  6. They do work on Sunday! 😄 And you're welcome. Again, they were showing up, and able to be booked. Generally, if something isn't available, the TA site will say that.
  7. People were thinking Ovation of the Seas. Usually using the full name of a ship is a good idea so that people don't get confused.
  8. Your TA is wrong as I may or may not have access to the same information 😉 and looking RIGHT NOW, one way from EWR to Cape Liberty is 27.955 PP or 55.90 round trip. Tell them to go look again. I would post screen shots but I don't think it's a good idea as I don't want to piss off anyone at CC. If they were not offered, the check boxes would be grayed out. When they click the box, it will say waitlisted (it always will) until flight information is entered. Now, I could be incorrect but the fact that they are available to add in Royal's TA site leads me to believe t
  9. They haven't opened bookings past April 2023 yet. Usually 18 months out so give it time.
  10. I'm in Central NJ and have sailed and/or flown from BWI often. I've left my car at the Hyatt Place by the airport, and a couple others, maybe the Courtyard and Fairfield Inn. I've also used one of the off-airport lots, Fast Park & Relax. I had zero issues anyplace. AND I've also taken Amtrak from Trenton to BWI Rail station. Then hopped onto the free shuttle to the airport. All are pretty easy. Actually the train is nice since you don't have to drive!
  11. Exactly what NJ Horseman said. I've stayed in all of them and prefer the Residence Inn, Courtyard or Embassy Suites to the other 2. The Country Inn has the world's slowest elevators and was being renovated for longer than it takes to build a hotel, lol. It's fine but not my fave. And I've never liked Extended Stay America as a brand and haven't stayed in one for a while. Just be aware that the mall is outlets and if you need something that you've forgotten, chances are you will not find it there. though you could Uber/Lyft to Target (probably 15 minutes away in Linden, give or
  12. According to Marine Traffic, she's headed to Coco Cay. Perhaps she'll transfer crew for repatriation and hang out in the Coco Cay Anchor Club.
  13. I was able to get TAP, after 6 weeks and countless twitter DMs, including sending them the link to the DOT ruling about refunds being required for flights THEY cancelled, that operate to or from the USA, to refund my clients' tickets. Not sure how long it will take but they finally agreed that we're right and they have to refund the money. Persistence and knowing the rules pays off.
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