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  1. It can work to your advantage. My Premiun Economy PHL-DUB (a week before I sail) was approx $525. To buy it from American directly would cost $3500+, so in my case, it worked out very well.
  2. Philly is really an easy drive and/or amtrak ride away from the EWR area. WN is pulling out of EWR for business reasons, they don't really have a lot of ops there. Plus, I've flown them from EWR and it sucks in more ways than one. Don't get me started on EWR, ugh. I'm an hour from there, an hour from PHL and 2.5 or so from BWI. I'd rather fly from BWI even though it's twice as far away, but I digress. You can drop a rental at EWR and Uber to the pier, then repeat. Or just book another airline and save your Southwest points for other trips.
  3. UA flights should all operate from Terminal C. IMO, I wouldn't take a 44 minute connection, too much could go south fast, even if the weather's perfect. EWR often has arrival/departure delays. I''d like at least an hour connection. Is 44 minutes the minimum connect time? Probably. Is it in actuality a good thing? Nah!
  4. It's still under construction here and there but as long as you stay to the left at the toll plaza, you'll avoid going through town if that makes sense. (no detour per se but when I was there in May, some construction was going on once you were off the ramp)
  5. The Marriott Waterfront on Aliceanna Street in Harbor East is fabulous. And there's a HUGE starbucks around 1-2 blocks away ish on President Street...THAT too is awesome as it's a reserve store with all kinds of other cool drinks not offered at a lot of places. A CVS, Whole Foods and a wine store are easily walkable. Uber is around 15 bucks or so to the pier. For a quick, yummy lunch, the Harbor East deli has GREAT food at decent prices and you get a lot for your money. I agree with a previous reply...the Harbor East area is WAY nicer than the Inner Harbor. It's newer and more upscale. Also, IMO it's safer (please don't flame me, I'm in Baltimore a LOT). I actually walked to the 24 hour CVS one night at almost midnight when I was really sick and needed cough medicine. I walked fast, but didn't feel unsafe. (There were a lot of people out and about leaving restaurants and the movies) I've dined at both Amicci's and La Scala in the last year or so and they're both pretty good, though food is really subjective. You'll get other responses for that question too.
  6. It depends on the rate. I just tried to do this. Some rates allow name changes but some do not, which is why you've gotten conflicting info
  7. Most all the hotels have park & fly rates and SOME will drop you at your terminal if you ask, though not always. The EWR Marriott full service will likely be very expensive as their daily parking fee for overnight guests is around 40 bucks. The Courtyard and Residence Inn Elizabeth/EWR have park & fly rates, as does the Embassy Suites. The Courtyard often has flight crews staying and if you get on a van with them, there's a good chance that you can get dropped at your terminal though YMMV. When I last stayed there, I was dropped off at a terminal. That said, the monorail is pretty easy to use.
  8. I suggest the Courtyard Elizabeth. The CP is really not in the best area and the EWR airport location is sort of difficult to get to and as you know, there's nothing around. (Alternately you could check the Residence Inn and/or Embassy Suites, all on International Blvd, at Exit 13A just south of EWR. ) Honestly it's going to be fairly costly to leave the car for 30 days. You may want to entertain using the Parking Spot (there are 2 locations. There is also SPOT which is near the others but the reviews aren't quite as good)
  9. The Renaissance is sorely in need of a redo and the last time I stayed there, I wound up walking out. Long story, I am titanium for life and the service was terrible, staff was rude and the hotel really is not looking that nice in public areas. All 3 hotels charge for parking. I'd go with either the CY or the Residence Inn. You can book a rate at the CY that includes breakfast. TBH, look at rates vs points. It may make sense to just pay for the room and use your points for something more interesting.
  10. Yes Uber from the Embassy Suites is possible...figure around $35 or so. You can use Lyft as well. If the hotel arranges a cab/car service, the cost will be more, around $50+. Incidentally most of the shuttles in that area (the hotels by the ES) are run by the same shuttle/limo service so you;ll be fine. I'd call a car service like Carmel Limo or Dial 7 for a quote to NYC from the pier. Uber/Lyft can go, I THINK, never tried, but it might not be that big a savings.
  11. Park at the port and be done with it. Safe and convenient. Plus no farting around waiting for shuttles.
  12. Who books with TAs?? People who don't want to spend 90 minutes of their own time on hold with cruise lines trying to fix stuff, that's who books with TAs. And people who want service. And people who want the advice of someone who is trained, a member of CLIA, preferably with top certification...and people who don't want their cabin for their honeymoon to be a connecting cabin because the future cruise sales agent wasn't paying attention. How's that for starters?? 😄 😄 😄
  13. 9 or 9:30 is probably fine. There is sort of a "cell phone" waiting area along the side of the road. Express walk off guests will likely start around 7 or so. Thus, 9 or 9:30 should be good. You can probably guess a little better when the debark tags are distributed and you can see what the latest time is for all guests to be off the ship. You can maybe email to confirm with the car service on the last day, or even call them as soon as you dock.
  14. There really aren't any hotels that are really close to the pier in Brooklyn. I'd probably stay where 138 suggested and then get a car service like Dial 7 or Carmel Limo to the pier.
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