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  1. Just be advised that, at most of the hotels, even overnight guests (near EWR) pay for parking.....for instance, parking at the Marriott is 44 bucks per night even for a guest.. OUCH....some of the others charge between 15-20 bucks per night...and well, I remember when it used to be free....eek
  2. If you want your car safe and sound, park at the pier.... That hotel isn't the best at all. We don't usually suggest it...first, it's a pain in the rear to get to if you're not paying attention..second there is nothing around...you'll have to go out and deal with the crap show on Route 1&9... Can you try and book at one of the hotels on International Blvd at exit 13A such as the Courtyard or Residence Inn EWR/Elizabeth, the Embassy Suites or as a last option, the Country Inn (that's I think STILL being renovated and has THE. SLOWEST. ELEVATORS. in the world?) Those hotels above are easier to get to and there are some food options right adjacent to them.
  3. Morristown is fine but there can be a LOT of traffic so you want to be sure you have good directions and/or a good GPS and pay attention.....even on weekends......I don't know this hotel specifically but it's near colleges so you should be ok...Morristown is a higher rent district than the lovely EWR area so I think you'll be fine. Other close towns are Parsippany and Hanover....again, lots of humans and cars, so just be advised...... I'd allow an hour to get to the pier...probably less time but again, traffic....especially on Route 78. It's he!! on wheels.....weekends should be better but not always. I have family living in the area so I am up there on occasion...just anticipate that no one else is paying attention, you'll be fine! πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
  4. You're about a month or so too early to even look at rates for next year. We often suggest hotels in the Newark/Elizabeth area on International Blvd like the Residence Inn and Courtyard EWR/Elizabeth and the Embassy Suites or Country Inn. You're better off just getting an Uber or Lyft and going when you want rather than waiting for a shuttle. The ES does have one, and IIRC it's $20 Per Person. ... I can't recall if it is each way or round trip. You need to be choosy in that area as it's NOT like Ft Lauderdale, Miami or Port Canaveral....You should be able to get any of those places in your budget but you're too early. Most hotels start booking 330 days out or so..... Hope that helps.....
  5. So let me tell you the method to my madness.... I originally was looking at rate, reviews and location and I wanted to stay someplace that wasn't obviously a cookie cutter hotel. Chamberlain fit those things. But, I'm eligible for rates at Marriott brands that tend to become available randomly...(or, in the case of Xenia, I HAD enough points til Marriott changed the category, but I digress). I tend to check rates on things almost daily...yeah, OCD. Thus, a great rate popped up at GN the other day and I snagged it before it went away again, and the hotel looks cool, Kings X station will make transit easier and while it's still part of a big chain, and my Marriott status will come in handy, it's sufficiently cool and different that when I wake up, I'll know that I am not in some boring hotel in the USA. Hope that clears up my seeming randomness. And yes, it's still random, but maybe it will make a little more sense. What it boils down to is price, location, reviews (sort of, I don't ever believe 100% of those) and being a hotel that's less plain vanilla. (Interestingly enough, my Dublin choice, the Arlington, has gone UP in price since I booked and I haven't found anything I like better for less! πŸ˜„ ) Thanks again....and if I can eat at my hotel, so much the better-if I need a short nap, I'm not far away! Kings Cross sounds like it's been transformed nicely. I remember NYC from the 80s and yes, Jersey City/Hoboken as well. I worked in Jersey City briefly in the late 1990's and I'm amazed at how cool it has become now so it should be fine. I am used to NOT being necessarily close to things. Heck, I am in New Jersey and will drive an hour for pizza (I don't have to, but for me, 20-30 minutes isn't far whereas for many, it may as well be 2-3 hours!) Sounds like Kings Cross will make things easier for me...now I can focus on figuring out the transit system (which should be easy now that I know where I'll be staying!)
  6. Both of these can fit my budget in November. Currently booked at Hotel Xenia but would Great Northern be better? I only have 2 days and I'll probably do a HoHo bus, a Thames river cruise and possibly revisit some places that I want to see. Robo-touring at its finest! I also must find a good spot for Sunday roast so if anyone has some suggestions there...I don't mind a short tube ride but Sunday is really my only full day though I'll be landing, likely at LHR, fairly early since I am planning to book an 8:30-9AM flight from DUB. (Yes, I am indecisive....I've changed hotels in Dublin and London 10 times already... oops---that's why I book cancelable reservations..) (LCY was mentioned elsewhere on CC but I sort of fancy flying Aer Lingus, just one of those things I've always wanted to do-I'm kind of a kid when it comes to planes and airlines....😎) I know that rooms in both, especially GN, will be small but I plan on seeing as much as I can so I don't think I'll be in the room too much. Thanks bunches!!
  7. By the way, the proper, IATA 2-letter code for Southwest is WN. SW is actually Air Namibia.....
  8. Southwest may or may not change prices, you'll have to look. But, IMO that Tuesday-is-the-best time to buy thing is fake news. Why?? Well look at it from a revenue management standpoint...if a zillion people all look at airfare at 3 AM on Tuesday, the demand will spike, HENCE the automatic revenue management systems will see this spike and raise the fares. Book when you are comfortable with the price and check WN's website often. You can reprice if the fare goes down BUT unless you've booked the refundable fare, you'll only get a flight credit and that's only good for 1 year from the date you buy the tickets. SO if you bought them March 1, 2019 and get a price drop, the funds MUST be used, and TRAVEL COMPLETED by March 1, 2020. Hope that makes sense....
  9. Plenty of parking either in the garage or the adjacent overflow lot...no problem.
  10. I'd never think that! πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ Thanks for the vids.....
  11. Normally about 330 days out. BUT the Superbowl is in Miami on 2/2/20 SO a LOT of people may well stay longer....it's peak cruise season anyway, PLUS all the football hoopla, expect things to still be crazy expensive....
  12. Sleep?? What's that?? Especially the night before a cruise! That'll never happen!! Thanks bunches.....and I'm fine with saving money. I'm not a huge fan of buses as a rule, but I think I'd be ok.....it'll be exciting!
  13. Those hotels are not that bad actually. You can take the shuttle over to the airport or you can hop on the bus which I think still stops by those hotels..(that said, I've never taken it...I think Carol 138East is the expert on that) Hmmm......there is no long term parking unless it's by EWR and honestly, having seen most of the off site lots, I'd only go with the Parking Spot. Ahh, Atlantic City eh? Where are you staying?? The Borgata and the Hard Rock are the nicest. Ocean is good too..Hard Rock is gorgeous but it's LOUD..... Parking in NYC is probably the easiest and then you could just stay with the Hilton Penn and park there for the couple nights. You could try Jersey City though you'll still have the parking expense. Let me think on this.....I'm thinking maybe Weehawkin and take the ferry? Hmmmmm
  14. I could use another cup of coffee! Thanks for the advice..yes, that's the Chamberlain I was referring to. Thanks for those links as well. I am OK with a longer train ride, I'd get to see more πŸ˜‰ I suppose, but the bus might make the most sense, especially after 4 days of touring and travel......I was thinking of staying an extra night in London and just taking Cunard's transfers BUT I sort of fancy seeing the ship arrive so I'll head down the night before. (Plus hotels in Southampton are considerably cheaper!! :) ) I may fly from DUB-LCY as advised elsewhere on CC though I sort of want to fly on Aer Lingus as opposed to CityJet, thus I'll likely arrive at LHR. (Just a silly thing I've always had in my mind and the price from the US to DUB is substantially higher than it is on AA or UA, so I'm not taking them across the pond, but I digress) Now to find someplace for Sunday Roast....even if it involves a short taxi or tube ride!
  15. Not to hijack but I have a similar question. I am pretty sure I'll be at Hotel Xenia in Kensington OR the Chamberlain (leaning to Xenia as it looks to be closer to a few tube stations, please correct me if I am wrong.) Looking to head to Southampton the day prior to my QM2 sailing in November. I'd like easy and convenient. It's just me with 2 suitcases, a tote and whatever else I manage to acquire over 4 days total in London and Dublin.... I'm not opposed to a private car service transfer but would like to keep it in the Β£100 range or less if possible. And hauling the luggage up and down steps is really not a good option. Thanks for any guidance...(see Simon, you get to help me now!! πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ )
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