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  1. Actually a bit bummed. When we booked the Seaside for last year in a YC3, it included a free cabana on the island. Of course that cruise was cancelled & they pushed our booking forward to this September. The ship was changed to the Mereviglia & it does NOT include the island cabana. I think they are very expensive.
  2. Live in Northern California. We were supposed to get our 2nd shots tomorrow but just got an email cancelling the appointments. Seems NO new shipment of vaccine has arrived & they will 'get back to us ' ! BUMMER !
  3. Really no benefit that I know off. Straight across credit. On our original cancelled booking last year....they gave us 125% FCC not to take cash. We used that to book this years cruise. When we just moved this years, I asked if they would do the same. That way we could get a category higher cabin but they said no. They do not 'upgrade' FCC. Have you tried to move your cruise to one of the exact same cost ?
  4. They KNOW it is cancelling. I think it is to their advantage to deal with reasonable requests for moves right now. Can you imagine how deluged with calls they will have when they 'offically' announce the entire season is gone.
  5. I would be concerned about your balcony. Sometimes if you our on the very front of the ship, your balcony is not usable when the boat is sailing. We had a front cabin once & made the mistake of opening the door when the ship was sailing. EVERYTHING in the cabin blew around.
  6. We chose a cruise & category that was basically the same price so no extra money was needed. Cannot imagine a 'down payment' unless your new cruise was more expensive. That is why we went for the Caribbean cruise. Our Alaska last year was cancelled & the FCC from that booked this years. The first Alaska cruise of next year is more expensive. We were not going to lay out anymore $$$ to them. If this keeps up, we will either be to old to travel or they will go out of business !
  7. I am sure he probably did, does not really matter to me. I got a straight across booking with no extra $$$. Regent does not do many domestic cruises. I do not want to go to Seward so that left out Alaska for next year. My husband did not want to go on the Navigator so we were left with only 2 or 3 cruises in the Caribbean....which I love. I picked out 3 other cabins on the Splendor which were all taken before I could get one I wanted. I am really glad I made the move. Like the regent lady told me....can you imagine how many people will be looking for cabins next yea
  8. That is the same cruise we were on. After I reading about Canada not letting ships dock this year, I started doing research on other domestic cruises for next year. We are older an I cannot bear the thought of an international flight. Looking at deck plans for other cruises, I called Regent to check on some of the cabins that had slightly bigger balconys. I was surprised most were already booked. The lady said they were getting a lot of bookings as people were moving their Alaska cruises from this year. So I emailed our TA & gave him a date for the Splendor & asked
  9. Our May Alaska is cancelled along with the rest of the season due to Canada closure of ports. We switched to a March 2022 Caribbean on the Splendor
  10. We do that on 'Italian Night' It is not really celebrated in the YC dining room. In the main dining room there is lots of Italian music & the waiters parade. I also prefer their menu !
  11. We booked an F2 on the Splendor for next March. I know it is to early for us to book excursions but my husband wanted to see the list anyway. I told him it would probably be futile to plan anything even when we can sign up (although we will). It is a sad thing to say but I would not be surprised if some of those tour operators would be out of business by then. I find it hard to believe our poor travel agent is still in business. Our last year Alaska cruise was cancelled & now this years. I know they do not get commission if there is no cruise.
  12. Even in the U.S. it is going to take a very long time for all to get vaccinated. We are in our 70's and just were able to get an appointment for our first shot at the end of this month. That means March before our 2nd. Most of my friends have not even been able to get appointments for their first yet. Who even knows what month those under 65 (not first responders) will be able to start making appointments.
  13. This original posting was soooooo optimistic. Our cruise is not until the end of September & I am worried about it going !
  14. California recently opened up to 65 & older. My husband & I both got appointments for this Thursday for the first vaccine shot. They did not say say which manufacturer it will be. I really do not care.....just give me the shot :O)
  15. Just waiting for the official cancellation of our May, Alaska cruise for this year. It was booked with FCC from last years cancelled Alaska cruise.....so I know the possibility of getting cash back is nil. I am going to see if we can get a straight across deal from this cruise to a concierge balcony suite on the Splendor in the Caribbean next year. Hope they go for it.
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