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  1. NOT THAT I WILL GET A REPLY.... but I emailed the excursion department for MSC as I could not get a direct phone number for them. One of my questions was about the different locations of the cabanas. On other cruise lines, you get to see a diagram and pick out the cabana you want. We held a YC beach front with absolutely no info on it. Do you just walk up to the first available one ? Do they assign you one when you get onboard? Also, I asked how many YC cabanas and how many non YC cabanas. On most cruise line islands, there is a VERY LIMITED amount of these. I would recommend anyone even thinking about it....hold one. You can cancel later if you change your mind & get a refund. The fact that they let people like myself, who have not even approached their final payment due date, hold them is of concern. Also, with the price gap so large, you will have YC people book the non YC cabanas, yet that cannot be done in reverse.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a phone number you can use BEFORE your cruise that goes directly to excursion specialists ? Seems if you ask something to the people at the main MSC phone number they do not have a lot of knowledge about excursions.
  3. Our cruise is 9/26/20 on the Seaside. We have not paid in full and will not for a couple of months. But, we did have to pay in full for the cabana. Did not mind because they said we could cancel up to a week before sailing. The cabana does show confirmed on our booking. That is good for us but do NOT like the policy in general. I know there is a limited number of cabanas. People can book them & hen cancel which would take them out of inventory. Especially since you do not have to pay for your cruise yet ! Also, there was no map of the layout of the cabanas like some other cruiselines have so you can actually pick the one you want. It is just ocean view or beach & I guess they will just assign one at random when we get there.
  4. I would assume now. We got an email from MSC on Novmnber 7th so held a cabana. I assume there are not many of those. Our cruise is the last week of September. Go to their website and look under 'manage your booking'. It will be listed under excursions.
  5. Seems quite a difference in price. Is it just location or is there a difference in the actual cabana between the regular area & yacht club ones ? Also, does anyone know how many cabanas there are in each area ? We went ahead & booked one for next September because an email went out to book internet, excursions, cabanas, etc. So I thought a lot of people might go ahead & book them. You can cancel up to one week before so some of them might just be held up by people that are not sure.
  6. I have already booked a YC cabana for our cruise next September. Very disappointed with the picture. Does not even look like there would be room for a lounger.
  7. We were on the Seaside in October and not only was gelato free at all sites but also the incredible crepes.
  8. ALTHOUGH THIS DOESN'T SEEM TO MAKE SENSE.... I loved the YC cabin we were in last month. We have never booked through directly with the cruiseline, so while onboard, I went to my internet TAs site and held the same cabin for next September. That offer came with free gratuities and $625. OBC. I later went to see the booking agent onboard because I had a question. She said to let her handle the booking and she would give me an additional $200. OBC AND I would be able to keep my agent. I was really skeptical but let her do it. She used the booking number I had held the cabin in and did some things in the computer. I had to sign a paper allowing her to do this. The booking number changed but everything stayed the same but showing an additional $200. OBC from MSC. When I got home I called the internet agency and they said it was all there and they still had the booking. Made no sense to me ....but I sure would do that again !
  9. Pirate night ???? Been on the Seaside twice in the last year & did not know they even had one... guess that says a lot about the participation :O)
  10. Do not know if actually more seafood or just a limited menu.. My husband does not do seafood either. We are older and like are food more traditional. Their menu is very fancy. Not saying that is a bad thing as it appeals to many. There is an every day menu that is simple. So on our last Seaside cruise...we checked out the menu in the main dining room. The menu for Italian night was right up our alley, so we inquired about it. Seems all you have to do is inform the YC concierge that you want to eat in the main dining room that night. He calls down & you are all set. You have to enter on a certain deck. My husband had a wonderful soup and chicken parmesan just the way he likes it. Marinara sauce/.breaded chicken patty with lots of melted mozzarella on top, spaghetti on the side. I know this sounds like a typical dish you would get in an Italian restaurant but NOT in the yacht club restaurant. Even though it has been just over a month, I cannot remember what I had although I remember liking it. My memory is stuck on the appetizer, fried calamari rings. I almost ordered a double portion because it is my favorite but did not. Good thing because they brought me at least triple what I would have gotten on any other ship. They were fantastic. Again, I guess that would be considered to 'common' to be able to get in the YC restaurant. AND they had Italian music and the waiters did a parade, something you will not see in the Yacht Club. Although some say you just tell the waiter what you want while in the yc and they will get it for you...that is not so. They want 24 hour advance notice. If you insist, they will but the kitchen is on a different level AND they have to have someone fetch it for you. Not fair to them & if you think your dish will be hot, think again.
  11. We considered waiting until getting on the ship & asking the butler but did not want to take a chance. My husband has a severe problem in his sinus cavities & has to use a prescription rinse every day. This is mixed with distilled water so you can see why we brought our own.
  12. DO NOT COUNT ON GETTING DISTILLED WATER ! We were on the Seaside last month. We were in the yacht club in the ROYAL SUITE, have a BLACK CARD and filled out the SPECIAL NEEDS FORM ahead of time.. We were informed by email we would not be provided with distilled water & to bring our own. It also said to be sure the seal on the bottled had not been broken or security would take the bottle. So....we brought on a gallon ourselves.....thought it was a bit petty we had to do this. All other cruiselines we had been on provided it for us.
  13. Sorry your fracture seems so bad. I had a stress fracture to a bone on the top of my foot 4 weeks before our cruise earlier this year. I had to wear the most horrible boot that went almost up to my knee. It was heavy and made bending my ankle impossible. I never would have been able to handle the cross country flight. I got a boot off amazon that only covered my foot. It was very sturdy and allowed me to get around the ship quite easily.
  14. I had never heard of Liquor 43 before, That is why I bought a bottle onboard the ship because I was not sure if I could get it at home. On the ship, I actually took a shot of it back to the cabin in the evening.
  15. Thank you very much...It will be OUR signature drink for the holidays :O)
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