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  1. pmvogelalex

    Chichen Itza

    this used to be a popular shore ex. It seems to have dropped off the radar. Anybody knows whats going on? Pul
  2. pmvogelalex

    Crown Princess Incident

    this is the same kind of incident as happened with the hal ship i was on going to alaska in the last night of the cruise , at 1130 pm a sharp tilt sent the piano crashing down the atrium, almost killing 5 folks. It was very scary.
  3. pmvogelalex

    CocoCay lovers

    If its really really hot, you are dehyfrated and are suffering early heat exhaustion and Just dont want to go into the water{maybe water has red tide or other groady things} Royal carib has a very cold , ac hutt thats wonderful to recover in. Thats my favorite area on cococay!
  4. Heres a big hello to the mensan couple from the dc area on april 20th enchantment!!!! [I] know[ its only 4 nights, but what a four nite trip it will be!
  5. pmvogelalex

    Mutany on the Mary

    Nyc to bermuda, 7 days, two hurricanes, disrupted itenerary { 6hrs in Nassau, and 8 hrs in canaveral fl} all the new yorkers were really mad they could not golf in a bermuda hurricane! It was UGLY!!!!! I think that cunard needs to show the pax who makes the law on the high seas.
  6. we took the 10-23 cruise... it was wonderful! The puerto rican ladies do the thong thing! at the pool. The ships doctor said they have 8000 doses of tamiflu and next year, when the bird flu may strike, youll be on noard and protected!