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  1. They filed for Reorganization under Spanish Law. Here is the latest on it. It is in Spanish though but Chrome Translator works great.
  2. Not sure what Royal is doing here with the Grandeur OTS but she was scheduled for her farewell cruise on March 26th 2021. Many of us had it booked and then cancelled many moons ago. After this cruise she was to move to Pullmantur. Read here Due to what is going on right now not sure what Royals plans are.
  3. I can not find that this has been posted. So pardon me if it has. For the longest time the Eclipse has been hanging around San Diego. Checking on her today I see she in fact left there some time back and then onto Honolulu and onto Manila with an arrival of Dec 28. On her way to get crew?
  4. Almost all of the cruise ships on the west coast have visited San Diego on and off during covid19 to get supplies and in some cases fuel. HAL ships appear to be doing their bunking in Panama but supplies elsewhere. I don't take the posting of the above times as anything special. The same thing has happened almost every 2 weeks in Florida for the ships stuck there.
  5. Grandeur OTS was to have her last cruise on March 26 2021. She was then to move to Pullmantur. There were a bunch of us booked on that cruise but cancelled some time back due to covid19. Currently Royal has no cruises available to book for the Grandeur OTS. So the question is is the Grandeur still going to Pullmatur?
  6. Being a pilot here in Canada I would rather Captain Flath be the pilot of the Search and Rescue Chopper if I ever went down. 😉
  7. I was stationed at CFB Comox the morning the call came into Comox to scramble all available aircraft. I can tell you that when the crews returned and talked in the mess to my fellow pilots it soon became apparent how they had just pulled one of the greatest rescues of all time. No loss of life! Captain Gary Flath did some thing that day that is still talked about today. Captain Flath was getting low on fuel and talked to the Flight Engineer on board to calculate the fuel to the second and time to return to land. The reason was they were getting down to the last couple of crew in the life
  8. I have been on the Millie twice since refurbishment and no it did not get updated as per say. The carpet was replaced and part of it was made into the Library. Part of the reason was the Lounge was used to feed crew/workers while the dinning room was being redone. The Millie also fell behind during her refurbishment and things had to be hurried to get her out on time. This was very evident in cabins on upper decks.
  9. When the PVSA was changed Sen Inouye fought hard for this amendment to not be adopted. It was only allowed when all the exceptions were put in place. He wanted to protect jobs in Hawaii and hotel space. We all know not much has changed with hotel space in Hawaii. The amendment now forms part of the PVSA As we know things have changed over the years as far as who does what jobs. I live in Canada and when I grew up I picked Berries etc. That work is not done by the younger generation today it is done by the SE Asian community. The same would be true in much of the USA as to who clean
  10. The next cruise is now cancelled. Remember it is already Dec 10 in Singapore.
  11. Correct NO Covid 19. False Positive.
  12. Over the years I have written several articles on the PSA and the difference. As the PSA stands now the POA can NOT makes trips between Hawaii and the mainland. When covid 19 first started there was talk by NCL of doing Alaska cruises out of Seattle with POA because she was US Flagged and thus could miss Victoria. That was when this part of the PSA came into play. This idea was soon shot down. Yes NCL started with 3 ships in Hawaii but there was a lot more to the whole issue of those cruises out of Hawaii. If you remember the Norwegian Wind did 10/11 day cruises around Hawaii but
  13. There is great news in all this the Passenger has been tested twice since the initial test and both tests are negative. Goes to show what a false Positive test will do. Singapore Cruise Society
  14. There is great news in all this the Passenger has been tested twice and both tests are negative. Goes to show what a false Positive test will do. Singapore Cruise Society
  15. I have maintained this 60 days since last May and I have been told I have do idea what I am talking about. The first major hurdle is getting planes back into the air. They are needed to get crew back to the ships then the passengers to the ports. Many International flights have been cancelled since the start. Many of my fellow pilots have been furloughed and will require to take their "type" course over again. This is roughly a 4 week process. The planes themselves have to be brought out of storage. Early on Boeing and Airbus said there is NO manual for short term storage. I sus
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