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  1. When we arrived in Venice on 6/14 and stayed at the Hilton Molino on Giudecca, the River Countess was moored rights across the canal where the collision took place. You could clearly see extensive damage. it was moved on 6/17 before we left on our ocean cruise.
  2. We have been in Venice for several days staying at the Hilton Molino Stuckry. this hotel is directly across from where the infamous collision happened. we could see the boat clearly and up close. Today, a tugboat came and finally towed her away, I imagine to finally be repaired.
  3. We are on the last full day of our cruise from Amsterdam to Basel. We are docked in Breisich and will not be going to Basel by boat. They will take us by bus tomorrow. The water level is too high to make it safely under the low bridges. The new boarding passengers will be bussing from Basel to board the boat to Amsterdam.
  4. We are practically right behind you out of Amsterdam on June 2. Keep posting updates.
  5. Bradpole, Thanks for your review, ideas and insight. I found it interesting and valuable and your pictures are fabulous. Can't wait for our trip starting on June 18th.
  6. Thank you for this advice. I did book this tour through Viator. Looking forward to it. Although our third time in Venice, we have never done this.
  7. Your review is priceless. Thanks for the insightful comments and tips.
  8. Notamermaid, Thank you for you ongoing comments. We board our cruise in Amsterdam on June 2 and are hoping for some mild weather. It has been a long winter for us.
  9. We are boarding in Venice on June 18 after spending almost a month traveling around Europe. I am very interested in hearing your thoughts. Thanks for writing.
  10. I think you may have to forego your running while on the Nile, just not practical. The hotels in Cairo have very nice gyms.
  11. Thank you all for your great advice. When we sail in June we will do bike riding, hike, Heidelberg, Colmar, Strasbourg and Speyer. Will heed advice and book bike and other alternate tours upon boarding.
  12. Hi travel nut. Which cruise are you on? We are boarding in Amsterdam on June 2nd. We are thinking Heidelberg, the bike ride. Colmar, Strausberg and the hike. That's all so far.
  13. Is there anyplace where you can actually sit outside, weather permitting? Nice that there is a covered area but sometimes like to be out in the fresh, open air.
  14. Thank you notamermaid for keeping us up to date. We are sailing with Uniworld, Amsterdam to Basel in very early June. I am hopeful that all will still be well at that time. Will keep checking
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