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  1. 6/18 departure? We’ll see you on board. We are in a penthouse veranda.
  2. We are here right now on the River TOSCA. arrived in Cairo on 2/2 after the pre trip on Jordon. it was cooler in Jordon, although Petra was warm and comfortable.. it’s not shorts weather here on the Nile but you don’t need a jacket. It has been perfect weather for touring, We just docked in Aswan and spent the morning on the top deck enjoying the sun.
  3. Barb and Roy, enjoy this epic trip! We are starting our Middle East ttip in Dubai tomorrow and then on to Jordon and Egypt. Deb and Ray
  4. Kelly, not sure of your operator as it was all booked with Uniworld. We will be leaving late next week so should have more information when we return. i will share them.
  5. We will be leaving on 1/24 to start our journey to Egypt via Dubai, Jordon (pretrip) and cruise. We chose Uniworld. Have used in Europe and wanted the all inclusive option. Will report back after/during the trip. I wonder how the new ship will be...I might have delayed for a year...but truth be told, I am really ready for this trip now.
  6. So you stay at the 4 Seasons Nile for the first 2 days and then at the 4 Seasons Giza for the last 2 days. I Did not notice that change on the itinerary.
  7. We did this trip post cruise with Princess. Our cruise ended in Rio so it included 2 nights in Rio prior to the falls. We loved this part of the trip and Princess did a great job.
  8. Yes, I will be sure to share. I am ready to give back...I learned so much from others on this site.
  9. Wow! Enjoyed your review. Really gets my juices going for our January trip starting in Jordon and then onto Egypt for 2/2/19 start. Can't wait.
  10. Great to hear you had a wonderful trip in the hands of Uniworld. Our trip is approaching. 1/29 in Jordon, starting in Cairo 2/2/19. Uniworld, here we come.
  11. So happy to travel along with you again! Must be nice to get a dose of sun and sand before hitting the holidays. Enjoy!
  12. Following. This topic is of interest to me as well. We are considering the SS package for our ocean cruise.
  13. diet, as you cruised in January and February an you share what your average weather was like. We will be doing Petra pre cruise tour starting 1/29/19 and then starting in Cairo 2/2/19. Was planning on mostly warm weather clothes but now not so sure. Thanks
  14. Hope you enjoy SE ASIA, we sure did. it will be a busy time for you. Looking forward to your Dubai report as we are headed there in January on the way to cruise the Nile.
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