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  1. We are booked for round New Zealand and then all around Australia for Feb 2021. I doubt it will happen. Sent cancellation request to my TA 6/28. Has yet to be cancelled by them. They said not to worry they are going through requests by sail date order.
  2. I really miss reading everyones blogs and posts from their trips. When I wasn't traveling myself, I could at least live vicariously through peoples postings. Can only wonder when they will return.
  3. Yikes! We re booked our 5/4 British Isles cruise to next year 2021 same time. Cruise is fully paid for. We decided last week to just cancel the 2021 cruise and requested a refund, don't want anything else, no FCC or other credit, just our monies paid. From what I am reading here seems like I won't see any cash until maybe August sometime. Just ridiculous.
  4. I also had EZAIR for a May 4th cruise. I had been ticketed. I canceled the air on February 27, when things were starting to heat up, paid a penalty of 770 and after multiple inquiries to TA and Princess am still waiting for the 3500+ to be refunded. I did turn it over to AMEX with all the supporting documents. They have taken the charge off my bill and are pursuing it with Princess. I did re book the cruise and move the excess cash to a May 2021 cruise, even paid a 200 penalty/change fee. I am know thinking of cancelling that cruise but will wait until things settle down a bit
  5. Cruise date 5/4/20 EZAIR cancelled 2/27/20, was ticketed, paid $770 penalty. Still waiting for refund of 3400+, turned it over to CC company. Rebooked cruise for May 2021 on 3/3/2020, paid 200 change fee. Bought insurance. Made request for FCC. Have not seen anything yet. Probably will end up cancelling the May 2021 cruise but will wait until everything calms down...if it ever will.
  6. I re scheduled my May cruise for 2021. I had EZAIR and did early ticketing I cancelled the air on 2/27, paid a hefty penalty. Then rebooked the cruise for next year. I made many subsequent inquiries both to my TA and direct with Princess regarding my 3400+ refund. I finally turned it over to AMEX with all the supporting documentation. They have refunded the money to my card and are handling it now.
  7. If you book EZAIR and elect early ticketing and have paid in full, can you keep your air reservations if you cancel the actual cruise?
  8. I did today call AMEX. They are now handling the whole thing. I had plenty of documentation to support the request. Although I did book through a TA, AMEX will be dealing with Princess direct. I am relieved because I was tired of time and energy spent on phone calls and emails. I understand that Princess is dealing with a tsunami of calls and stress, but I am happy it is now in the hands of my credit card company and they took it off my bill. See post 37 for details.
  9. I cancelled my ezair on a May 2020 cruise on 2/272020. Paid a 770 penalty. I then rebooked my May 2020 cruise for May 2021. It is paid in full. I am still waiting for my ezair refund of 3,541. Tomorrow will be 1 month. I can't get a straight answer from the TA or Princess. I did my part and rebooked a cruise. Not getting any FCC or anything else. Just want my air refund.
  10. Where is the Volendam headed? has it aborted it cruise?
  11. We just rolled our May 4 British Isles cruise to next year same time. it was more about our planned 3 week travel to Italy prior to the cruise, that we are also re booking, than the cruise itself. better luck next year
  12. We used SPB in every port on our Baltic cruise, highly recommend! im sure they are all good but this is b our opinion
  13. China just reported over 14,000 new cases of the virus. Apparently changed how they are reporting.😳
  14. I too have been checking. I was surprised that the blog seemed to end abruptly. Hope all is well and that she will post a recap soon.
  15. We are on the Sky, last sea day going toward Ft Lauderdale. just this minute the Crown passed us going south on the starboard side Both ships saluted each other with their horn blasts. Fun to see
  16. We are on the Sky Princess and we are on Princess Cay right now. They are taking drink orders by hand on paper so there is something wrong with the computers. absolutely gorgeous day here, will spend a couple hours and then return to ship.
  17. We boarded early as Platinum and went immediately to the Sanctuary. There was a line. they take in 1 party at a time to reserve. After waiting about 25 minutes those waiting were told nothing left for sea days and only cabanas. There must be a better way. We are on B2B so will go up first thing on turnaround day. Hopefully will gave better luck,
  18. We switched from that cabin to a regular mini. Although these cabins are a but wider than the normal mini, the couch is partly across from the bed so it seemed cramped to us.
  19. I have always used Safari on my Mac to access with no problems. Now I can’t get in. I get the”We are having issues” message. Phone rep told me to try another browser. That is ridiculous. Why should I have to change. it is their problem to address
  20. Got to the sign in page, further than yesterday...but could get no further to manage my bookings, Very frustrating. Called Princess, they don't seem to be aware of a problem. Told me to change browsers. That's not a solution.
  21. Still cannot sign in to the Princess website.
  22. Take it easy and heal yourself. Recovery is never easy, having had 2 knee replacements in July. i know you are motivated and what a nice journey to help speed your healing.
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