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  1. Dare I hope that our refund for Cape Town to Southampton may arrive soon? Like you we will still be waiting on a UK travel agent for the remainder of the holiday. The travel agent also told us up to 90 days from when we filled in their refund claim form (May 19th because we were not asked to complete one before then) even though we have confirmation from them that we asked for a full refund on March 26th. We are so sick and tired of the goal posts being moved at every opportunity that we raised a CC section 75 claim last week.
  2. Credit card claim submitted today for repayment from a U.K. Cruise TA for our Cape Town & QM2 voyage. If Cunard do eventually send us a cheque for the QM2 part it would be very much appreciated but ultimately the contract we entered into was with the Cruise agent so we've submitted a claim for the whole package (flights, hotel and QM2) that we were sold.
  3. Another lesson is never book through a TA. Ours completely ignored our email request for a full refund on 9th April but acknowledged our online form request with a 90 day wait from the form filling date (last week). And no the TA didn't tell us we had to fill in an online form. I found it by accident after Googling the TA's website. Hope you've not got the same TA as us.
  4. Have you not read #242 from Hattie The Host? I suggest that you do because some people need the money now due to being in a financial situation that they didn't expect to be in. Not everyone is in a position to provide Cunard with an interest free loan.
  5. I was replying to the arrogant assumption "that I doubt many on this board are in need of urgent cash in anycase. Cunard needs your money more than you do Fact.". You have no idea how urgently I, or anyone else on this board, need our cash back. You have also made the assumption that I expect priority over all the others. No I don't expect any priority but I do expect Cunard to return the money that I saved up hard for. Unlike Cunard I don't have billions of assets in the bank. They are legally obliged to return my money within 14 days of cancelling the cruise but are asking me to
  6. You speak for yourself. My cruise was cancelled. I'm entitled to my money back. Cunard have had my money since November last year and they haven't fulfilled their part of the contract. Simple.
  7. For UK people the CMA are looking into companies that are flouting the law and failing to refund people for cancellations due to Coronavirus. We booked a package through a UK cruise company and have just filled in the CMA form to notify them of the company concerned. The CMA don't act for individual cases but they are prepared to put pressure on companies flouting the law. https://www.coronavirus-business-complaint.service.gov.uk/
  8. We were booked on the QM2 1st April cruise. Flight, 5 nights CT hotel and cruise all booked through TA. I received a Cancellation email from Cunard on 15th March saying that they would automatically credit our account with 125% FCC. On 20th March our TA sent us a Cancellation Notification but with no information about FCC or refunds. Through this site I found a link to the 'Forfeit of FCC' on the Cunard web site that they asked anyone who wanted a 100% refund to fill in regardless of how you booked. Last Thursday (26th March) the form was filled in with an 'up to 45 day' refund p
  9. Can anybody clarify what amount of FCC we would be entitled to. We would like to make an informed decision regards cancelling completely or accepting their offer of 125% of the value of our cancelled cruise (M009). Our cruise was booked as a 'cruise and stay' through a TA. Our booking confirmation says that the contract is between us and Cunard with our TA acting on behalf of Cunard. Neither our TA or Cunard are taking calls but neither do I want to phone them knowing they've got better things to be doing right now. Will the FCC be 125% of the total package value or will they sep
  10. We were due to sail on the same from Cape Town and have received the same email. We don't want a FCC we just want our money back. Cunard won't allow us to use the FCC against any of the 3 cruises in 2021 & 2022 that we've put deposits on so why would we want another cruise. We've booked the only cruises that were of interest and have no time this year even if travel restrictions are lifted to take another cruise. Fortunately we had booked through a TA so it is in their court to refund us under their ABTA insurance. We will be lodging a claim through our own insurers and the cr
  11. For goodness sake it's just a means to get from A to B. My mum was 84 and flew from London via Singapore to Auckland for her granddaughter's wedding and in economy too. She's 92 now and lived to tell the tale. She had no problems with flying. If you got ill on board ship they would offload you and medivac you home so you'd have to fly then. Take me a chill pill.
  12. Don't rush to come back here. It's total madness. Like the world is about to end. We're stuck the wrong side of the world as well. But that's because although we're UK resident we have NZ residency and decided to treat ourselves to the Cape Town voyage on QM2. Have to go into isolation if we go back to family in NZ. Bonkers !
  13. Can't you just book a flight home and claim back the cost?
  14. Just read a tweet from a passenger on QM2 in Fremantle. They aren't allowing anyone new to board but they are allowing the passengers to get off and back on again in Fremantle. How crazy is that. As you say they can't guarantee they won't come into contact with Covid-19 in Fremantle. https://twitter.com/klasact1/status/1238624255316824078?s=21
  15. Cunard aren't preventing over 70's from sailing. It's the UK Gov that's advising UK nationals not to travel. We read that to mean that our TA should cancel our booking because they can't send us against Foreign Office advice. A full refund (less admin costs) should be forthcoming. Fingers crossed 🤞
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