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  1. I believe I canceled on March 3rd for my May 24th cruise (paid in full). Yesterday I received reimbursement for my steakhouse reservation. Hopefully, the rest of my money is on its way.
  2. No, I didn't call the accounting department because the day I was supposed to call, Carnival came out with their plan for resuming operations. I figured it would be next to impossible to talk to anyone. I was told to just call the regular number and say you want to speak to someone in the accounting department. I was thinking of calling on Monday but at this point I'd be surprised if I got a refund before the 90 days is up.
  3. No I canceled my cruise on March 3 and I haven't heard a word or received an email.
  4. I just got off the phone with them. The woman I spoke to said she's been working there for 6 years and doesn't understand why my booking hasn't been moved to processing (or something like that). I was told I need to call the accounting department on Monday because I'm at 14+ business days at this point. The woman who answered my call was really nice and I didn't have the heart to complain about lack of emails. I'm Platinum with Carnival and I'm a little annoyed that I haven't received one Covid-19 email or a cancellation email. I know I'm on their email list.
  5. No. I never got a refund or confirmation. I, too, am getting worried.
  6. Canceled online on Monday. Have not received a refund for anything including steakhouse and prepaid gratuities. I haven't been getting *any emails from Carnival even though I'm signed up to receive them.
  7. I canceled my upcoming cruise on Monday. I never received a confirmation email and I haven't received a refund (my cruise had been paid in full). When I try to access my booking on Carnival's website, it's no longer listed.
  8. I booked direct and never received a letter.
  9. I just canceled my cruise in May from NY to Bermuda. I'm middle aged and healthy but I have zero desire to be quarantined. I think I'm done with cruises for the foreseeable future. I need a new hobby.
  10. I get a cabin with a balcony and I'm usually up by 5:30 a.m. I do my wandering around early in the morning:)
  11. I've never once paid any attention to who the CD is but I tend to avoid crowds.
  12. Please give a review after your cruise. I've been debating taking a solo cruise out of NY and I'm a total introvert.
  13. Definitely ask early and don't let them forget. I was at the top of the list but for some reason, they skipped my name. They tried to tell me it was too late when I asked again but I insisted that the divider be opened. Someone came within minutes.
  14. Loving your review! I'll be sailing on the Glory in November. 2nd time on the ship but first time visiting New Orleans.
  15. I've only felt moments of queasiness during one cruise but the seas were particularly rough. I've experienced mal de debarquement syndrome after most cruises.
  16. There is no way that Carnival is going to take the time to examine a bunch of pills. If you're old, have health problems or take supplements, you're going to be packing pills.
  17. I eat food off my floor if it isn't during shedding season. Picking dog fur off a tasty morsel crosses a line for me. I'm rarely sick (knock on wood). Also, I tend to believe that if you go searching for problems (ie; watching how other passengers behavior) you're going to find them. I tend to remain in a vacation haze until I'm forced to go back to work.
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