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  1. Are we getting the cost of the PVP credited since everybody else is getting it for free ?
  2. You all found the YC bypass. When you come down the escalator the crowd turns right to the luggage hall. If you followed those people and if it was busy it would take another 30min. I have talked to YC people who have made that mistake. All the YC bypass is, is that you have to tell them your YC and then they will let you take a direct route to pick up your luggage.
  3. Did have facial in Nov but didn't have facial in Dec or three days ago. All off the Seaside. YC baggage pick up is in a different location. Don't get sucked into the baggage pickup hall with everybody else. Use the YC bypass, may have to show card. If it is busy this will save you 30 minutes. You still have to go through normal customs after you pick up your bags but the YC bypass lets you skip the majority of the wait line.
  4. Looking forward to a report on the Seaside on the Jan 4th cruise in the YC. A month ago the Seaside YC director said the gelato would be gone in January. We have our next cruise Jan 11th. I hope that was bad information.
  5. Currently on Seaside YC and everything normal. I have been told by a YC director that It will be going away but when I don't know.
  6. Mandy was on the first half of our B2B as YC director. She left that position on 2 NOV and then shadowed F&B for two weeks. She should be back in JoBerg now.
  7. I highly recommend Sulekha for a cruise planner, she will still be onboard. We had a communication problem with Buse, spelling might be off. Sulekha was nice and saved us money. You can also request an appointment with a cruise planner at the concierge desk. That way you do not have to wait in a possible queue. Sailing into San Juan is so beautiful and old San Juan is great! I also wish we had a full day. Don't forget about the deck party in San Juan from 9:00 to 10:30. Best spread at the grill all week with good music.
  8. Everybody has their own dog in the flight as in priorities for YC privileges. Losing gelato and unlimited mini fridge snacks is a bigger loss for us than the gain of internet. Dollar wise the announced internet package comes out ahead. We probably only consume $30 dollars of gelato, Its not about dollar savings with these relatively small amounts but the YC overall experience. As far as mini fridge snacks go, yes other types of additional snacks are available outside the cabin but at an inconvenience. Yes, change happens but after having a perk like gelato and then losing it, feels like a loss. Again value to us is in the all inclusive feel that you get in the YC. Being nicked and dime with the possibly loss of the mini bar snacks and gelato is not the direction I would like the YC to go. Unlimited laundry that the RS gets and what we are so used to at Princess would be a gain in the YC no doubt, especially on the longer cruises.
  9. For first timers, the card used in the slot has to be any RFID card. We usually use our last hotel key. The butler will provide a card if you request one. We leave it in the slot for the entire cruise. The junior butler is well aware that just because the indicator light is on does not mean you're still in the room. Of course we always turn out the lights before we leave.
  10. Don't forget deck 16 mid Miami beech for gelato. Its the quickest walk from the YC deck 19 via the Aurea door.
  11. Great, thanks for posting that information. Good chance it will still be available when we get on Saturday. I will miss the gelato when it goes away.
  12. I’m also curious if there are any changes to the mini bar set up and if the gelato is still a no extra cost item? I was told 3 weeks ago by the YC director that gelato will be gone by January from the YC privileges? We will be back on board Saturday.
  13. We are on the same cruise, currently in Nassau. Food is always very subjective. We did two Seaside YC cruses last year and feel the quality of the food in the YC is just as good or better this year.
  14. Currently on the Seaside in YC for B2B that started 26 Oct. The YC director sat with us at the YC deck party for a nice chat. With regards to gelato, it is included now and also for next weeks cruise but she said it will gone before our January cruise. So gelato included, gone, then included again and maybe gone for ever.
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